Beverly Hills That's Where (sigh...) I Want to Be?

Posted on Monday, April 21, 2008 by Rob

Photos: Michael Derewenko and Ryan Clements
Captions: Ryan Clements
Words: Michael Derewenko

This is what it looked like when I was getting mobbed for free product
Ryan "The Munchkin" Dodge is doing a nosegrind while Derewenko is wondering what my deal is
Super-bumpy concrete didn't stop Jereme Knibbs from getting up on this tailslide
The sketchy bank-to-curb is so close to being a proper obstacle, but it's not quite there
I have a question: What the hell is this?
Kids in Beverly Hills are very hyped on free stuff
Out of the bank to bs 50-50 on the railing. I bet that's NOT an ABD for DMFP...
Good thing I'm not claustrophobic
A much better photo of Jereme's tailslide
Big Al looking like he's from Beverly Hills while Jereme, Lako, and Dodge are wondering when we're going back to Tampa
Dustin Eggling - 5-0 fakie
Dylan Perry - bs 50-50
Jeremy Knibbs - front tail
Sometimes on a quest for promotion you're brought to places you'd never expect to end up, and in this case it was Beverly Hills, Florida. On Saturday, April 19th, the Skatepark Team saddled up to ride into the country in the fitting Clem diesel to put on a demo for the groms in the middle of their all ages contest. Yeah, in the middle, they stopped everything to let us cruise around. Nice. Well, kind of nice since the course was pretty harsh and the sun was about 10' over head, but it was still a good time.

I'm curious to know how old this park is and what plumber designed it, and also chose to put it where it is. Due to the interesting obstacles there must be a lot of injuries. Add in the fact that 200 kids skate the park at the same time, with five-year-old girls on scooters flying around, and you have a dangerous situation. The Team had no problem adapting and finding some stuff to skate there, even though I heard some kid say "they're not even trying."

The whole thing was very family-oriented and that's a good thing to see in skateboarding, especially an hour and a half north and three highways away from Tampa. Thanks to Mike Pate and whomever else was responsible for letting us cruise with little interruption and for giving Skatepark an opportunity to represent.