A Downtown Tampa Chill Cam Dump Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Downtown Tampa Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2008 by Rob

When the AC busts, it's okay to work shirtless. I guess you can go ahead and kick off the socks and shoes, too. Ichabod and Online Guy are getting intimate
There was a carcass toss downtown. Ricky Martin's double insoles didn't work out for him. Take a poop and let's go to The Hub down the street. Here are Ricky's words about this. Robby's going back to make the flick
Dan, get off the crapper and I'll see you at The Hub. It's a lot more fun than a Blue Ten pile-up in between bad traffic
This photo just showed up in my inbox with no message. The subject was "Ollie Grebe At His First Tampa Pro." Welcome to skateboarding, kid. Let's go to The Hub
It's been BMX night every time I end up at the Bro Bowl lately. After that, it's a bike and tall boy pile up at the crusty old Hub
We like to sit on our front porches and shoot out the neighbor's porch lights. Welcome to Florida
There's an old drawbridge downtown that's always up. Matt Selego and I climbed it in the center then he went nuts and walked all the way to the top of the thing. Settle down, Matt!
Look at that towel at the pool downtown. Welcome to Florida. We are preparing ourselves to spend a solid 12 hours down there. Skateboarding is the last thing on my mind right now
The Hub. Wow. Never thought I'd end up here. That's Erm. He's been skateboarding longer than you, but tonight he rolled up on this thing
Nice shirt, Erm. Would you want to ride this across the country? I got invited to go on the Emerica Wild Ride this year in June. They give you a Harley and everything. I've never been on a bike and I don't think I ever will. See you in the ride along photographer van. I suck
Okay, one last photo in front of The Hub. The fruit salad gear is what you rock when you waste your entire Saturday in shorts by the water. Maybe we should be skateboarding instead. That's Derewenko and Matt Selego, shoeless
The fruit salad crew made it to another Gonzo Boccio show. These dudes rip


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