zaturdays: chris cole, movie star

“With a guy who is so supernaturally talented as Chris Cole, he could be skating in a clown suit and still fucking, you know, still get put on.”
-Adam Lough, director of Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story

We here at SPoT have known and loved Chris Cole since back in those glorious days of neon XL tees and swishy pants, and we couldn’t be more excited about the news that he’s getting his own movie, Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story. Read Paul's Interview with Adam Lough here.

lakai spring roll this weekend!

This weekend we are hyped to have Lakai in town again for our Spring Roll all ages contest. Ronnie Sandoval, Jon Sciano and Riley Hawk should be getting into town sometime today, so we're gonna go skate with them and show some of that good Florida hospitality. Come join us tomorrow if you're in the area and see what our All Ages contests are about, great skating, good people and the full SPoT experience. Full details and schedule can be found here. Hope to see y'all tomorrow!

Vans Propeller Global Premiere

This week, we headed out to LA to catch the World Premiere of Vans 1st skateboarding video Propeller by Greg Hunt. While in town, we stopped by to see the homies at Sole Tech, Skate One, Matix and more. Check the photos and a run down of the trip and premiere here.

Damn Am Select Series: LA

Shredders! Get ready because the all new Damn Am Select Series is only days away. Our entire crew is headed west to LA next week to kick off the first of seven stops. We’ve got Lincoln Skatepark locked up for May 1-3 and we hope to see you there. Industry bros, skater moms, aspiring pros, whoever, come on out for the kickoff of what will soon be known as the best damn year of the Damn Am ever, where we’ll be qualifying the top 12 into Tampa Am, plus giving free airfare and a Semi-Final Golden Ticket to the winner. Let the battle for those Street League Pro Open spots begin! For registration and more info, click here.

#tbt: Neil and Claar in Speed Freaks

Neil Blender influenced skateboarding as much as Mark Gonzales. At least. He’s responsible for the lien air, the Coffee Break graphic, forfeiting a contest run to paint graffiti…he’s an artist, an enigma, and one of those tall dudes with awesome tall dude style. He’s also known for having some of the most glorious handplants ever. Oh, AND he pioneered half the lip tricks we all still do today. Or try to do. Pretty much just your run of the mill super genius. Steve Claar wasn’t quite all that, but he still ranks on the old timers’ lists as having one of the greatest frontside ollies on the pipe. In a tragic turn, he lost one of his legs due to a staff infection after his pro career was over. I’ve heard he still skates. Together their part couldn’t NOT be a classic. Two greats, skating the way we should all try to skate. And with the Dinosaur Jr. soundtrack it’s almost like you’re watching an Alien Workshop video. Three thumbs up on this. Gearing up for getting down indeed.

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