Converse Triple C's: Downtown Tampa

Eric McKenney, Alejandro Burnell, Treshan O'Shaughnessy and Derick Wynn hit the angles of Downtown Tampa after dark to test out the new version of an old shoe: the CONS One Star.

Video: Frank Branca

etnies Jameson Vulc Wear Test with Josh Wilson

etnies Ambassador Josh Wilson laced up a pair of these Jameson Vulcs and went to work on the Pro Course. The result? Check the photos and write-up right here and then find out for yourself. Pick up a pair.

Zaturdays: Pros of Tomorrow

If you tried to make a drawing representing the path one should take if they’re trying to turn pro in skateboarding, you might as well just scribble all over the page. There are almost an infinite number of ways to come up, but NONE of them have ever been a reliably direct route that anyone could follow and guarantee they’d come out on the other side a professional. Read more.
Bummer for Corey, but if the Street League Pro Open included the LA Downhill he would have been pro right after winning it.

Battle at the Berrics 8

If you've been keeping up with Battle at The Berrics 8, you know that they're down to the final four, and tonight it's going down. BATB is one big game of S.K.A.T.E., with 32 skaters hammering out their best tricks to narrow it down to two. Come join us at The Bricks Ybor at 10pm, June 26 for the live stream on the big screen and see who will take it this year.

Baker Demo at SPoT!

Damn...I don't think Baker has come through here with a demo since 2004, so it sure will be sick to see those dudes. Come hang out with them July 7th and make sure your phone is charged.

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