Ride Channel presents: Open

Ride Channel put together this rad series of shop videos called "Open" and we got 4th in line. Here's a full Skatepark of Tampa team edit, filmed by Frank Branca, and featuring Eric McKenney, Dylan Perry, Markus Jalaber, Uncle Sam, Clive Dixon, Jereme Knibbs, James Cobb, Alejandro Burnell and Robby Kirkland ripping up the Bay area.

Throwback Tuesday

Danny Brady's opening section from Blueprint's Lost and Found, is one of those perfect parts. The skating, the filming, and the song all line up perfectly. It doesn't hurt that Brady is killing everything in sight, including a lot of never before seen spots.

A Case of the Mondays: Huf Footwear

Get your feet right with Huf's Fall drop 2 line of footwear. AlBow takes us through the new styles and colorways.

SPoT Product Watch: Completes

Whether it's your first ride or your 931st, it has to be on a complete. We have a handful of pre-assembled SPoT private label decks, ready to go with trucks, wheels, grip, and hardware - plus you get a little discount on them. We've got you covered on a custom complete too. You pick out the stuff to make it and we'll put it together - easy as that. Check out some links below and then choose your weapon, because life isn't complete without a complete.

Photos from the florida skimboarder crossover tour 2014

Last Wednesday, we shut the Pro course down for a couple hours to host the annual Florida Skimboard Crossover Tour. What that means is that all these skimboarders basically go run a bunch of contests out of the water and one of them happens to be skateboarding. Our new photographer and filmer, Jean-Luc Vida got some photos of the action here.

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