SPoT EOTM July 2016 / Cigar City Video Screening

Time to turn the spotlight on an employee who's been killing it all month and honor them with a skate session, BBQ, award ceremony and cap it off with a video premiere. This one is another Josh Stewart classic, filmed right here in Tampa: Cigar City. Come join us - you could end up in one of our edits.

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Zion Wright: Magnified

Zion Wright blowing minds again...this time at the Big O in Montreal. Go ahead and watch this one a few times. Repost via Thrasher.

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SPoT Product Watch: Vans Kyle Walker

Our Vans flow-bros Eric McKenney and Sam Bellipanni took Kyle's shoe to the streets for some wear and tear tests on the new Kyle Walker shoes, available now in-store and online right here.

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Zaturdays: Signature Accessories

Sometimes they’re blatant gimmicks, sometimes they can be more like a physical manifestation of a flamboyant personality, but they tend to get our attention regardless. I’m talking about those signature accessories that bring a specific skater to mind the moment you see them. Here are just a few classic examples from over the years. Tag me in on any others you come up with.

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SPoT On With Gage Boyle

We caught up with Gage Boyle during Damn Am Volcom in Costa Mesa last month to find out what he's been up to lately. Hope to see you in Chicago for the next Damn Am stop - August 12-13, 2016.

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