#TBT Pat Burke Radio Television

We need a status update on Pat Burke. Please chime in if you know what’s been doing. Either way, Slave’s Radio Television video had a unique vibe and at the time it looked like it might help Slave become the next great company. That never happened. Still, Pat had my favorite part in the video for the sole reason that he looked like he was having the most fun. True he was hanging on for dear life on most of his tricks, but it worked for him. Pat and Slave deserve better than whatever they got, but what are you going to do about it. Nothing but re-watch the part probably, and that’s okay.

SPoT Product Watch: PS Stix Circle City Floral Print Decks

If you know the name Paul Schmitt, you know that he's a mad scientist in the skateboard-making world and has a reputation for producing some of the best shapes in the industry and working with companies like Fucking Awesome, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Mother, Toy Machine, Hockey...the list goes on. If you DON'T know his name, consider yourself educated. We're proud to be working with Paul again on this new board for Summer, the floral print deck. In two sizes: 8.25" and 8.5". More photos here.

Back to School Bash presented by etnies

We know you don't want to hear about school already, but c'mon...this is a skate comp! Come join us for our next all ages contest in August, presented by etnies. Full details / registration / division info can be found here.

Damn Am Select Series Chicago 2015: Semis, Finals and Best Trick Photos

There was one major storyline going into the third stop of the Damn Am Select Series that went down in Chicago over the weekend, and it’s what we at SPoT have been referring to as the “Battle for Damn Am of the Year,” like some WWF Main Event type of thing. Dashawn “The Destroyer” Jordan and Yoshi “Bolts” Tanenbaum, each with a 2015 win in his pocket, would be going at it in the Windy City to see who would take the lead. Read more.

SPoT Life: Damn Am Select Series Chicago - Semis, Finals and Best Trick

The third stop in our Damn Am Select Series from Chicago wrapped up yesterday, and it was Micky Papa that came away with his first win in the series. That puts him in contention for Damn Am of the Year and a spot in the Nike SB SLS 2016 Pro Open. Check out some highlights from Semis, Finals and Best Trick and join us for our next stop in Costa Mesa.

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