Back To School Bash 2014 Recap

It's time for one more all ages contest before everyone has to start hitting the books again. The level of skating at this one was unreal and it's just gonna get better. Whether you came and ripped or just hung out with your homies, thanks for being a part of it. Check out some photos that Aaron Austin got and Frank's edit from the day here. Results are here.

Hopps "Piro" Summer 2014 Edit

SPoT homie Piro Sierra is officially part of the Hopps team. Here's a sick part they just posted, with some insane footage from around NY and Tampa, (shouts to S. Buggica / Shaqueefa crew). Congrats Piro!

Back To School Bash 2014 is tomorrow

Our Back To School Bash all ages contest is tomorrow here at the park. You can still register by going here, or sign up tomorrow morning at 8am. Check out some footage from last year below and we'll see you at the contest. Full schedule and details right here.

Throwback Tuesday

If you ever wanted to learn how to backside boneless look no further. This video of a 25 year old Gonz skating an old ramp in Oakland is amazing. The style is so fluid and carefree it immediately makes me wish I learned how to skate ramps.

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