#TBT: Tom Penny Etnies High 5

Andrew Reynolds will go down in history as one of those skateboarders who showed us that the rest of us mortals sell ourselves short when we think certain things might be impossible on a skateboard. And if you know anything about Andrew Reynolds, you know that half of his take on skateboarding (i.e. frontside flips) can be traced directly back to this week's #TBT: Tom Penny. I know this because we both met Tom on a trip to Europe in the mid ‘90s and Andrew and I were fanning out on him and studying his every move. At least one of us picked some of them up.

This is Tom Penny’s part from the etnies High 5 video from 1995. It’s filmed terribly, but the Bowie song rules it and legend has it that most of the tricks in it were done within a few tries. The five tricks in the hallway on and over the rail were at San Dieguito High School in Encinitas, CA. People who were there said he skated it for less than half an hour total. The switch flip, switch boardslide down the 13 rail, then kickflip into the street line is one of my personal favorites. That was at Carlsbad High and Dave Swift of all people filmed it, there’s a sequence of it out there somewhere with old Swifty hoofing it down the stairs, camera in hand. Do I need to even mention the kickflip backside ollie to tail revert in Chicken's pool? In my opinion, even at 1:19 seconds, this is Tom’s greatest video part.

13th Annual SPoT Ghetto Xmas Party

It's our favorite time of year again...the Ghetto Xmas Party is this Saturday and we've got enough adult toys and platinum grillz to keep it interesting. If you haven't seen the photos from last year's debauchery, check those out right here. The festivities kick off at 9pm, Booty Shakin' contest is at 1am and there's over $500 in prizes, plus a $100 cash prize to the best ass shaker of the night. Start sculpting your tech beards and cornrows, because this one is gonna be legendary!

Boards For Bros 2014

Well, another Boards For Bros mission is complete for this year and it was amazing. Over 200 boards were given out to kids in the community, wishes came true, and their smiles said it all. A big thanks goes out to Silver Trucks and Mini Logo for their contributions this year, and a huge "hell yeah" to the Woods family for giving us a hand building and handing out complete skateboards, and everyone who contributed to Boards For Bros this year. We couldn't have done it without you.

Congrats Yonnie!

We had to give a big virtual high-five to longtime SPoT homie, Yonnie Cruz on his first pro models for Traffic Skateboards. Yonnie skates like a boss and has a style that is definitely all his own. Make sure you get one soon because they won't last long in our shop. Keep killing it, Yonnie!

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