Cons Triple C's Ybor

For this month's Triple C's, we pushed around the streets of Ybor City to test out the new Sumner shoe with Jack Loktu, Alejandro Burnell, and Derick Wynn.

Video: Frank Branca

SPoT Product Watch: Sleep Skateboards

NYC's Sleep Skateboards have been killing it for a minute now, and we're stoked to finally be carrying them at SPoT. They even put our boy Derick Glancy on, with good reason - the dude rips. Josh Wilson takes you through a few of the latest graphics they have to offer. Check out their latest promo video at

Video: Frank Branca

Zaturdays: Citizens of a Hater Nation

So last week’s Zaturdays was a short and relatively pointless reflection on political correctness or the lack thereof in skateboarding. I’m not PC, but as someone who’s thin skinned, sensitive, and insecure I don’t love being offended any more than the next guy so I generally try to steer clear of bumming people out for no reason. I feel like people work better when they’re met with approval and support, and the more you stir the pot the more hate and disapproval you attract.

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SPoT Ybor & The Bricks: 5 Years Ago...

With the 5 Year Anniversary of our sister shop in Ybor and The Bricks restaurant/bar/chill spot tomorrow, we had to take a look back at how it all started. Check out our little documentary "Building the Bricks" and don't forget to get your tickets to the huge Block Party starting at 3pm. There will be skating, bands, beer, food, prizes and a whole lot more, plus proceeds from ticket sales go to benefit our Boards For Bros charity. Don't forget to RSVP on Facebook here and we'll see you there!

Video by Joe Pelham

#TBT Jeremy Wray "Color"

Jeremy Wray had the best ollie in skateboarding for about 10 years. Not the highest, but definitely the longest / fastest. On a trip to California in the mid 90s we stumbled upon the curb cut at the beginning of his Color part and I had the exact same reaction as the little kid does in the clip, “It can’t be possible!” The only difference being that Dill wasn’t there for a high five. J-wray could also spin a front three better than anyone ever did or does. This part doesn’t have the greatest production quality but the skating makes up for it. Still not sure why Color didn’t survive.