etnies x Magenta

Two French companies, Magenta and etnies combined to release this apparel / shoe collab centered around mutual rider, Koichiro Uehara. Pick up a pair of those right here, and then check out Koichiro in this promo edit, flying around Osaka with ease and dripping style all over the place. You can enter to win a pair of these by getting in our Digital Product Toss. Click here to enter.

#TBT: Heath Kirchart - Sight Unseen

There’s a pretty small handful of video parts that could be in the running for the Greatest of All Time. Duffy in Questionable, Dylan Rieder’s Gravis Part, and Gonz in Video Days come to mind. Heath Kirchart’s part from Sight Unseen is another one that’s a shoe-in for the top three.

I’ve never been able to substantiate the rumor, but word around the street course was that Ty Evans filmed the part, edited the part, and then held the part ransom until someone was willing to pony up 10 grand for it. Not sure about that one, but either way, it was worth it for us if TWS came through. Sadly however, the stunts Heath put down here contribute to his not being a pro skateboarder anymore. He painted himself right into the proverbial corner. And once he added Mind Field to the resume we were left with an exceptionally amazing dude that felt he’d maxed himself out. Can you blame him?

Florida BMX 2015 Skatepark Series Stop 2: Skatepark of Tampa

Things got pretty insane when the FL BMX Series when they stopped by SPoT a few weeks ago. Check out the edit and get contest results here.

Road Trip: Downtown Throwdown, Winter Haven

Winter Haven has this skate comp called Downtown Throwdown that takes places in (you guessed it) downtown Winter Haven, in front of Jessie's Bar, so we decided to load up some talent and homies and take a trip out there to see what was up. Check out the full article here.


Hope everyone has a good day off today in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A lot of you might just be stoked that it's another holiday to skate all day and not have to go to class, but take a second to read this quote by Dr. King, which applies to skateboarding as much as it does to life: "If you can't fly, then run, if you can't run, then walk, if you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward."

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