Zaturdays: Where You Buy Your Skateboard Matters

Ordering a super cheap skateboard from some anonymous online seller and getting it in the mail is the BEST isn’t it? So cheap! So easy. You didn’t even have to leave the house. BUT...By doing it you’re killing your local scene, click by click.

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20 Years of Zero Demo & Art Show Coverage

Jamie Thomas and the rest of the Zero squad descended on SPoT a few weeks ago, where they stoked the kids and ripped their way through a heavy repertoire of moves. Then Jamie takes us along on a guided tour of the 20 Years of Zero photo and deck show. Watch and learn.

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TBT Brian Anderson Welcome To Hell

With all the Brian Anderson talk this week, what better time to throw it back to the part that started it all. You’ve heard everyone hyping the Bic’d head, the front blunt down Hubba, the way he’d mad dog spots on the roll up. And it’s all right here: Toy Machine’s Welcome to Hell from 1996. This video put BA on the map, being one of the raddest humans ever kept him there.

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The 2016 Nike SB SLS Super Crown World Championships - Live Webcast at The Bricks!

We're back in LA this weekend for the 2016 Nike SB SLS Super Crown World Championships and we don't want you to miss out. Come through The Bricks in Ybor if you're in the area on Sunday, October 2 - they will have the Finals playing live on all the big screen TVs. Who will take it this year? Well, for starters, Luan Oliveira is a big possibility. Check out his "Best Of" video from 2015 and place your bets.

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Week In Video: Andrew Reynolds, Brian Anderson and Paul Hart

The week has barely started and already some major shit has dropped in the skateboarding video's a few that we're stoked on.

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