red bull away from the equator series: part 1

In part one of this new series from Red Bull Skateboarding, TJ Rogers, Ryan Decenzo, Madars Apse and Barney Page meet local ripper Farris Rahman in his hometown of Singapore to take him on a journey through Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Chiang Mai – and away from the Equator! Red Bull has been a big part of SPoT events and they keep us all fueled around here, so it's great to see them putting out this kind of footage. Enjoy.

Throwback Tuesday

Chris Pastras aka "Dune" has always been one of my favorite skaters. Dune's part from "Two World Industries Men" is such a classic, it's hard to believe this came out in 1990. Some of the tricks are way ahead of their time, like backside 180 nosegrind down a handrail. Dune's also doing this with style, just check the stance on the back lip on the double sided curb. Enjoy.

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