The Old Man Bowl Jam Blue Plate Special

Getting invited to skate the Old Man Bowl Jam (OMBJ) at SPoT is a little bit like the offer of a 10% senior citizens discounts at McDonalds or Big Boy. Sort of a consolation prize for sticking it out so long. In the case of the OMBJ, you must have at least 25 years under your belt, which in my world is spring chicken territory. Read more. Results here.

Video: Frank Branca

A Case of the Mondays: Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop just made a comeback not too long ago and we've got the first round of decks. Luke Pallone takes us through the new line, including some classic graphics to sweeten the deal.

Zaturdays: Old and Tired

Nobody really likes old people. We blew it by not adopting the traditions of those cultures that respect their elders and cherish their wisdom. We’re all about being cool, and what’s cool about being old? Nothing. Nevertheless, there have never been so many old skateboarders. And unless something drastically alters the course of human kind, like an asteroid smashing earth, there will be even more old skateboarders tomorrow, and even more the day after that. Old skateboarders, the ultimate in dystopian futures, are here to stay. Read more.

Old Man Bowl Jam / Schaefer's Birthday

Our 3rd Annual Old Man Bowl Jam is tomorrow, so wash those pads and break out the dad jeans, because it's gonna be a slashfest. PBR came through with some free beer for 21+ too, so now we have a party. Check out the schedule here...and speaking of parties, it's Schaefer's birthday today, so we'll be celebrating before, during and after the contest. If you can get the mic away from Brian long enough to high five him, then I'm sure he'd appreciate it. As a bonus #TBT today, here's short interview with the bossman himself from our "20 Years of SPoT" feature. Enjoy and HBD BS!

#tbt: eric koston - chomp on this

Eric Koston won Tampa Pro three times. Maybe he’s due for another one this year? Of all the humans in the world who do tricks on skateboards, Koston might be the best. When he cared to he could even 540 on vert. You can look to any of his what, probably 15 plus parts for proof that he’s unreal, but his stuff in Chomp on This is the most entertaining of any of it. Read the rest here and don't forget to pick up tickets for Tampa Pro this year to see if Koston will take it again.

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