#TBT: Nyjah Huston

Nyjah is the winningest contest skater of his generation. In 2005 when he was 10, taking the top spot at Tampa Am with an absolutely flawless run got him off to a pretty good start. Kickflip back 5-0, heelflip front board, front blunt shove it, Cab flip over the hip (yeah it was after time but come on, after a perfect run that’s gotta count), no little kids points necessary. Standards have become even higher since then though, so if you have it in your sites to follow in Nyjah’s footsteps, hopefully you’re like five years old and can already do every trick, then maybe you might have chance. If not, well, then lighten up and just try to have some fun okay?

Nike SB Blazer QS X Geoff McFetridge Drops Today

Geoff McFetridge is based in Los Angeles, where he creates captivating illustrations on how the lives of artists and skateboarders intersect. Each of his distinct pieces embodies a different element of a unifying theme: Independence. Find the Nike SB X Geoff McFetridge Blazers available today at SPoTTampa.com/Nike. More photos.

Harvest Jam All Ages Contest

Used to be Tampa Am was the last contest of the year, but since we bumped it up to November, Harvest Jam is it. Unlike Tampa Am, this is our last all ages comp, so go ahead and get signed up if you want to skate: SPoTTampa.com/Contest. Expedition One is coming through again and bringing their team, Chany Jeanguenin, Dylan Witkin and Frankie Heck, so don't sleep. Full contest details here.

SPoT Product Watch: Emerica Collaboration Shoes

Emerica has always stayed relevant within core skateboarding not only because of their iconic team and film projects, but also due to the fact that when they choose to do a collaboration with another brand or person of interest, it always ties back to skateboarding. This Holiday season they decided to team up with brands, individuals, organizations, and even a talk show host. See photos.

Zaturdays: 21 Years of Winners

So Tampa Am has happened 21 times so far and the list of winners, with only a couple of exceptions, is a who’s who of professional skateboarding celebrity. I was at just about every one of these shindigs, paying my dues as they say, and I noticed some things along the way. What follows is a rundown on the entire gamut of winners since the very beginning. Take it for what it’s worth, which admittedly isn’t much. Read more.