Zaturdays With Zitzer: Flip Phone Skateboards

I heard the really cool kids are using flip phones again. I should say Fred Van Schie heard it and passed it along. I’m not really buying it though and I don’t think Fred really was either. It reminds me of the so-called Norm Core scene. Like, that can’t be for real can it? But the idea of going back to flip phones is interesting in this way: It’s the technological equivalent of riding a shaped board. Click here to read the full article.

throwback thursdays: donny barley's welcome to hell part

Choosing a throwback part from Toy Machine’s Welcome to Hell is like shooting fish in a barrel. Everyone’s part is more than worthy, but tying it back to Tampa we’re going with Donny Barley, winner of Tampa Am 1996, which not too coincidentally was the same year this video came out. Donny had broken onto the scene only a year earlier in Eastern Exposure III and was on an absolute tear. EE3 may have been more polished, but Donny came correct here with Sabbath, a glass wallride, a caveman doublekinker, some janky timecode footage, and one of the most memorable enders of all time. This part cemented Donny’s name into the ranks of legends.

Clive Dixon Goes to Colombia

SPoT team rider, Clive Dixon had a New Jack in Issue #128 of The Skateboard Mag where his trip to Colombia came up. I remember it because, well, I did the interview. But then a month later TSM ran the article about the trip itself and I thought, “Hmph, maybe his interview should have run with it in the same issue.” But since you can do everything you ever wanted with a website that you couldn’t do with a traditional print magazine, we’ve decided to rerun the part of the interview where he talks about Colombia. Check out his Chalk Talk video below (disable your pop-up blockers) and then read the exerpt, along with Bart Jones photos from that issue of TSM here.

Tampa Am 2014: Sunday Nightlife photos

The Finals are over, the winner's been announced, and the only thing left to do is go celebrate...check out some drunken photos that Alex Sherrer took of the last party of Tampa Am 2014. I already want to do it all over again.

SPoT Life: Tampa Am 2014 Sunday Finals & Best Trick

There were about 10 runs that almost won it all. But there was only one that did, and it came from the 13 year old mini-shredder - Jagger Eaton, who hardflip back lipped the rail on his way to a run that was all bolts. And that's a wrap for another Tampa Am. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this one the best ever. See you all at Tampa Pro 2015!

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