Matt Woods Birthday Session

One of our fallen homies, Matt Woods aka Bald Eagle's birthday is coming up on January 15, so we thought we'd have a skate session / pizza / bonfire / beers in his honor. We'll be doing it the day after, Friday 01/16 at SPoT, and any donations to Boards For Bros gets you in for free. Also, all admission fees from that day will go to Boards For Bros to help raise money for our yearly skateboard give-out in December. Matt's family and friends will be here and we hope you will too. Full details here.

Zaturdays With Zitzer: The Josh Stewart Interview

Cold Day in Hell, that’s the location Josh Stewart chose to put on an Insta post of him and Aaron Herrington at the TWS Awards this past week. The caption reads, “Still trippin”. You should be able to guess he’s referring to: his “Video Of the Year” Win for Static IV and V.
Click here to read the whole interview.

Photo by Allen Ying / 43 Magazine

Nike SB Free drops tomorrow

The much anticipated Nike SB Free will be dropping at 8am online at If you want to see them in person, you can come by our shop if you're in the area - it opens at 10 am.

This shoe is inspired by a barefoot feel on the board and has the footbed cushion to last all day while you are jumping down stairs. The suede upper of the shoe will withstand the abuse it takes on a daily basis. Don't sleep on these. Photo: Alex Sherrer

TOA Escape From New York tour invades Miami

The Theories of Atlantis Escape From New York Tour continues down into Miami, with stops at some local hot spots along the way. Frank Branca tagged along and got these photos of the trip, as well as some footage which you'll be seeing in a full edit on their site soon. Check out Frank's photos here.

#tbt: pat duffy's questionable part

Everything is open for debate, but if you ask me to pick what I think is the most influential video part of all time, without hesitation, I’ll tell you it’s Pat Duffy’s debut part from Questionable, the first Plan B video released in 1992. I’m not trying to argue that there aren’t parts you might like better, or that Gonz’s part in Video Days isn’t more organic and in tune with skating’s roots, or that people haven’t moved away from the rail chomping type of skating that Pat helped pioneer, but…

When this part came out people were still dinking their trucks on 4 stair rails, and after it they were inspired to do what Pat did, but it took skating in general the next ten to 15 years to really match any of it. Those facts, mixed with Pat’s “who me?” attitude, his ten stair back lip in the rain, the variety of what he was capable of, and the perfect choices of Primus and the Doors to encapsulate the ambiance of it all, make this a one out of a million type scenario. The skating here forced us to rethink what we might be able to do on our own skateboards, while creating an instant legend. And yes, Pat really is a Terminator.

-Paul Zitzer

Instagram @SPoTTampa