Collegiate Skate Tour 2015

We're stoked to be helping out with the Collegiate Skate Tour this year for their University Tampa Jam at SPoT. Go check out details and see what this series is all about on their website here.

Zaturdays: Heath Kirchart and the Paradox of Rising Expectations

Picasso gets credit for saying that “good artists borrow, great artists steal.” Hopefully the same theory applies to skate bloggery because I’m stealing most of this stuff. Like today’s topic which comes to us by way of the guy who writes Seth’s Blog, which is a blog about I’m not sure what exactly. Regardless, a few weeks ago Seth made a fantastic point about Heath Kirchart. Click here to read more.

rob hoovis's video postcard from SF

Our boy Rob Hoovis just blessed us with another video postcard from his travels in SF last year. Check out 4 days of skating and chilling with Matt Milligan, Elissa Steamer, Alex Tonz Wolslagel, Peter Ramondetta, John Alden, and Frank Gerwer...and of course, Rob himself.

Old Man Bowl Jam coming next week

Next Friday is our 3rd annual Old Man Bowl Jam, which means 25+ skate for free, but it's open to all ages. Time to get your rails mounted and start practicing those carves... It's also Schaefer's birthday weekend kickoff, so come party with us. There will be free PBR for those of age and plenty of other unplanned craziness. Check out some footage from last year's Jam and click here for full details.

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