SPoT 2nd annual Halloween Jam presented by Matix

Last year Matix came through big time for our first Halloween Jam at the park, and this year it's no different. We got Turkey Stopnik and Zack Wallin coming through to shred, a Bloody Bowl Jam, and tons of giveaways courtesy of Matix, Creature, and PBR. Get your costume ready and let's do this thing. Full details here.

Thowback Tuesday

There's a mysterious video that's recently been circling around the internet called In Absentia. For those who haven't seen it yet, it's basically a B-Roll video with never before seen footage of all your favorite Northeast skaters. In other words it's pretty incredible. You should check out the whole video, but for now here's Anthony Pappalardo's part which looks to be around the Photosynthesis days.

the spot fall clearance sale is coming

We are 3 days away from another huge blowout sale here at the park. That means you can get your grubby hands on some really great shoes and apparel for pretty damn cheap. Sale goes live at 12:01AM EST on October 10, 2014, and we'll have a price list for you soon, so don't sleep!

SPoT Life: Woodward West Damn Am, Finals and Best Trick

With a Wild West shootout for first place in the Finals, big ups goes to Gage Boyle for winning Damn Am Woodward West. Gage and Jared Cleland are directly seated in the Tampa Am Semi Finals in December. The Independent Best Trick always brings out the additional bangers like Nate Greenwood’s 180 fakie 5-0 kickflip that gave him the victory. Check the SPoT Life episode below.

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