Zaturdays: 21 Years of Winners

So Tampa Am has happened 21 times so far and the list of winners, with only a couple of exceptions, is a who’s who of professional skateboarding celebrity. I was at just about every one of these shindigs, paying my dues as they say, and I noticed some things along the way. What follows is a rundown on the entire gamut of winners since the very beginning. Take it for what it’s worth, which admittedly isn’t much. Read more.

LRG "1947" Video Premiere at Muvico Ybor

The long awaited video premiere of LRG's new video "1947" is coming to Tampa on October 30, at Muvico Ybor. Come join us if you can...there's going to be some serious parts dropping from Tom Asta, Miles Silvas, Rodrigo TX, Felipe Gustavo, Trent McClung, Carlos Ribeiro, Jack Curtin, Chico Brenes and Tommy Sandoval. Full event details are here.

Alien Workshop "Bunker Down" Video Premiere at The Bricks

Come join us at The Bricks / SPoT Ybor for the premiere of Alien Workshop's new video: "Bunker Down". Featuring AWS team riders: Joey Guevara, Frankie Spears, Paul Liliani, Max Garson, and Brandon Nguyen. Full details here.

#TBT: Ryan Decenzo Forward Slash

Just like it is with music, a lot of remixed skate video parts come up short and have us going back to the originals. This remix of Ryan Decenzo’s part from the Darkstar video Forward Slash is an exception. With four tricks on Clipper, a switch fs three down Carlsbad and a million other hammers, this cut gives the tricks the love they deserve. Of course Ryan is also a past Tampa Am winner [2008] so we’re partial, but can you blame us? Dude kills it. Yeah Ryan!

Pro Course Construction 2015 (Part Two)

Time for another check-in with the Pro Course construction. This time, there's a little more evidence of what's actually going into place. We still have free skating until the work's done, so stop by and skate the concrete course, the bowl or kiddie course, and say what's up to these hard-working dudes that are building a better SPoT. See photos