etnies Lo Cut Wear Test With Josh Wilson

Recently etnies Ambassador Josh Wilson teamed up with his friends Chase Espinoza and filmer Tristan Mershon and got to test out a pair of the all new redesigned etnies Lo-Cut. They didn't want this to be the normal wear test you're used to seeing so they decided to change it up a bit and make a sick edit of both park and street footage that's all fun. After watching this I'd suggest getting out there and having some fun for yourself as well! See photos.

#TBT PJ Ladd's Wonderful, Horrible Life

In the history of skateboarding there are only two other examples of people coming onto the scene via rookie video parts as hard as PJ did in the Coliseum video: Pat Duffy and Chris Joslin. So like, pretty much once per decade on average since the start of the 90s. There are a couple things that should be said here. First, I’d never heard of PJ Ladd until this video came out. Second, it was a shop video (!), and as far as I remember I’d never heard of Coliseum before I saw this video either. Third, PJ was light years ahead of the times. This part is still my favorite of anything he’s ever done because it was so ridiculous, unexpected, and amazing. There’s a lot of flatground skating, but it’s the best flatground skating ever, and then there’s everything else he does. Minds blown kids.

Damn Am Costa Mesa: A Look Back

We're creeping up on our next Damn Am Select Series stop in Costa Mesa, CA and Volcom Skatepark is the spot. Check out the level of ripping from last year and then prepare yourself, because this year's Damn Am series has been unbelievable so far. If you think you have what it takes to enter, contact and make sure you get your best clips together...this ain't no joke. Watch some highlights from the 2014 Finals and then go peep the full weekend recap here. Stakes is high!

Bakeland: Baker Boys Skate Lakeland

Fresh off burning down SPoT with their demo last week, the Baker Boys set out to Andrew Reynolds' hometown of Lakeland, FL in search of some old spots and new ones. Our lensman Frank Branca was along for the ride and was able to get some photos of the trip. See photos.

SPoT Product Watch: FP Insoles

Welcome to our new segment called SPoT Product Watch, where we'll be taking the guess work out of buying all this new stuff coming through our shop. Josh Wilson gets techy with Footprint (FP) Insoles, endorsed by Jaws, Brandon Biebel, Terry Kennedy, Vincent Alvarez and more.

Video: Frank Branca