damn am 2015 select series

Skaters, Team Managers, moms, etc., we’re hyped to announce that the 2015 Damn Am Select Series is finalized and ready to go. This year we’ve lined up seven stops across the country with the first one going down in LA less than two months away. Read more.

Zaturdays: Is Vert Cool Again?

In the late 1980s, names like Gator, Hawk, Hosoi, Grosso, Mountain, and Cab were the biggest in skateboarding. They were vert skaters, and vert skating was cool. The bowl scene had recently died a harsh death so they’d all been forced to transition (pun!) over to the pipe. But then around 1990 that whole Rocco thing happened. All of a sudden it was Koston, Jovantae, Carroll, and vert followed in bowls’ footsteps and shuffled out the door. A 1993 Slap magazine cover said “Vert? really!” It had become that rare. Read more.

Kelvin Hoefler confirmed for Tampa Pro

The names for Tampa Pro from team Brazil are rolling in and first on the list is Kelvin Hoefler. If you've seen Kelvin skate, you know he's a beast on the rails and has super clean rollaways, so we're hyped to watch him this year. Check out his "Green Card" part that just dropped on Thrasher a few days ago and you'll see what I mean. And don't forget to get your tickets to witness him in person here. Live webcast at Streetleague.com.

Nike SB P-Rod 1 QS Re-release

For years now Nike has been re-releasing iconic shoes from their past. They first started to do this with the classic Jordan and now they are bringing back a classic in the Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 1. This is Paul's first ever Pro shoe and it will be released on the 10 year anniversary of its debut. Read more.

#TBT: tony trujillo "in bloom"

Summing up Tony Trujillo is easy: he’s a straight up high octane tranny chomper who’s not afraid to jump on a beastly rail and to back it all up, he’s got a beautiful frontside flip that he can do just about anywhere. That said, he’s one of the more surprising names to see on the list of Tampa Pro winners. The year was 2003; his run was all rock and roll, wild hair, and ripping flow. No switch big heels. Sometimes energy trumps the flips and dips. Read more.

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