SPoT EOTM Party / Holy Stokes Video Premiere

This Friday, we'll be skating, drinking and bbq-ing in honor of our Employee of the Month pick for May. After the awards are given out and we can't shred anymore, we'll be sitting down to a screening of Volcom's Holy Stokes video throughout the park. Round up your homies and come join us.

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Zaturdays: The Artist or the Craftsman

There are two types of skateboarders in the world: Artists and craftsman. Which kind are you? If you don’t already know maybe it’s time to find out.

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School's Out Jam Is June 4th

Time for our next all ages contest here at SPoT: School's Out Jam presented by Volcom. 5 divisions of rippers will take to the Pro Course and show us what they've got. Come join us for an afternoon of BBQ and skateboarding, plus tons of giveaways. If you want to skate, get registered in advance here.

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#TBT Matt Beach Can't Stop

Matt’s part from 2003’s Can’t Stop gives you a pretty good look at how well rounded and amazing he really was, and for all I know still might be.

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Adidas Away Days Video Premiere

The adidas Away Days video premiere has already taken LA and NYC by storm and we're bringing it here to SPoT on May 28. With names like Suciu, Busenitz, Gonz, Baxter-Neal, Puig and more, you know it's serious shit. Plus we'll also be holding a ledge Best Trick Jam out in the courtyard with some free stuff for the bangers.

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