Tampa Am 2015: Best Trick - SPoT Life

Barley grind switch big spin out, crook to nollie 3 flip out, bs overcrook shuv out?!?! It's not a video game...these are the three tricks that won the Independent Best Trick contest at Tampa Am this year. Watch the whole thing here and make sure you don't blink.

Tampa Am 2015: Converse Concrete Jam - SPoT Life

Our third Converse Concrete Jam since the new course was poured and this was by far the gnarliest. Ams going for it from all sides and one of the most brutal slams we've ever seen. Plus ATL's Reese got the party turned up and with free booze flowing all night, you know it was live. Here's highlights from our 23 Year Anniversary Party.

#TBT: Mark Gonzales Video Days

Mark Gonzales is a genius, and I’m not using the term loosely. It’s crazy to think how much of what we’re still doing today, or trying to do, was his idea, from the stalefish to just about any 180 fakie 50-50 you can think of. If you look at where skating is today and think of all the trends that have come and gone in between, you’ll see that this part from Video Days cuts through it all and goes straight to the core of skateboarding. He also boardslides a ridiculous double kink, does one of those fs inverts that helped put Ronnie Sandoval on our radar 20 some years later, introduces Wallenberg to the world (frontside grab!), and ushers jazz onto the scene. All hail Gonz, the greatest of all time.

Theories of Atlantis X SPoT Collab

November 18th was a typical promotional visit to the sunshine state for President John F. Kennedy. It was quite the opposite for the City of Tampa and it’s law enforcement, as this would be the first time a sitting President visited the Bay area of Florida. Read more.

Tampa Am 2015: The Best of Instagram

One of my favorite things to do after Tampa Am is go through all the photos that everyone posted from the weekend. Usually there is some pretty interesting stuff. If you tagged #TampaAm in your Insta posts, chances are you'll see your photos in this compilation. Thanks for showing us love all weekend and can't wait for Tampa Pro. Enjoy. See photos.

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