SPoT Product Watch: C1RCA Footwear

C1RCA footwear has been a big supporter of our Damn Am series, beginning in 2015 and our Valentine's Day Massacre All Ages Contest next weekend. We welcome back their newest line, with pro models from Windsor James, Jimmy Carlin and David Gravette, and hope to do more with them in the future.

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Zaturdays: Kyle Berard, Former Champion!!!

Kyle Berard was the first person to win both Tampa Am and Tampa Pro. If anything, that might be his claim to fame as a professional skateboarder. It could be worse. A couple things you should know about Kyle: He’s ATV, not just a ‘crete skater, and he was famous for being able to do kickflip front boards every try before that craze came and went. He looks Nor Cal but he’s an OG East Coaster and the nicest dude ever.

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Yelawolf Returns To Tampa Pro This Year

The first big news of Tampa Pro 2016 just dropped on us yesterday and it's this: Yelawolf will be back again this year, performing at SPoT for the Saturday night Tampa Pro Party, along with a ripping Converse Concrete Jam. In case you're like "who the f**k is Yelawolf?", here's a quick history:

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AYC Goes to Hawk's - SPoT Life

Schaefer and Zitzer were in LA last week for the TWS Awards where they presented the 2015 Damn Am of the Year award to Yoshi Tanenbaum, who you might recall won three of the seven stops last year. And while they were there they met up with the AYC crew for a session at the TWS Park and then headed over to Tony Hawk’s house where they got to skate with him in his backyard bowl.

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#TBT Pat Stiener Static III

Pat Stiener is one of our favorite dudes at SPoT. He’s another OG Tampa head that became an amazing skateboarder and went on to do big things. These days he lives in NYC and holds it down with our boy Stewart at TOA, but he comes to town at least twice a year because we bring him back to judge every Tampa Am and Pro.

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