Boards For Bros 2014

Well, another Boards For Bros mission is complete for this year and it was amazing. Over 200 boards were given out to kids in the community, wishes came true, and their smiles said it all. A big thanks goes out to Silver Trucks and Mini Logo for their contributions this year, and a huge "hell yeah" to the Woods family for giving us a hand building and handing out complete skateboards, and everyone who contributed to Boards For Bros this year. We couldn't have done it without you.

Congrats Yonnie!

We had to give a big virtual high-five to longtime SPoT homie, Yonnie Cruz on his first pro models for Traffic Skateboards. Yonnie skates like a boss and has a style that is definitely all his own. Make sure you get one soon because they won't last long in our shop. Keep killing it, Yonnie!

SPoT Life: Tampa Am 2014 Moat Race

The Moat Race is always the sketchiest and most anticipated part of Tampa Am, and this year was probably the most intense to date. Pro-Tec and GoPro hooked it up with some Moat POV cameras so we could get a different angle on what it's like to run through doo-doo infested waters while having things thrown at you. Enjoy!

Zaturdays With Zitzer: Flip Phone Skateboards

I heard the really cool kids are using flip phones again. I should say Fred Van Schie heard it and passed it along. I’m not really buying it though and I don’t think Fred really was either. It reminds me of the so-called Norm Core scene. Like, that can’t be for real can it? But the idea of going back to flip phones is interesting in this way: It’s the technological equivalent of riding a shaped board. Click here to read the full article.

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