Zaturdays: The SLS Pro is Foreign and Fantastico

Working under a harsh deadline for an article he was writing about the Kentucky Derby back in 1970, Hunter S. Thompson turned in what came to be known as the first piece of “Gonzo Journalism.” The story, called “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved,” consisted of Thompson’s drunken recollections of the weekend with himself, not the race, as the centerpiece. In a similar vein as in terms of the deadline and title, but not much else, for today's Zaturdays I give you this: The SLS Pro Open is Foreign and Fantastico. Read more.

School's Out Jam Is Coming...

Stoked to announce that KR3W is on deck once again for our School's Out Jam All Ages contest here at SPoT. Taylor Kirby and Boo Johnson will be here skating and hyping everyone up. If you want to get signed up, you can do that at Full schedule and info here.

#TBT Dylan Rieder Gravis

If this video part couldn’t keep Gravis in business, nothing could have. Filmed as sort of a do over to what he considered a less than adequate part in Mind Field, Dylan teamed up with Greg Hunt in 2010 to set the record straight. The result was one of the most perfect video parts of all time. Not only is the skating without equal, but it offered an early look at what has become that whole Dylan style and fashion thing, which has pretty much come to dominate the conversation around the dude. He kept the vibe going in Cherry and all we can do is hope to see another couple of parts like this out of him.

- Paul Zitzer

SPoT On with Anthony Shultz

We were lucky enough to get Anthony Schultz for this episode to talk about Tampa Pro, his favorite skater, and what's up with Slave skateboards, among other things. Thanks for sitting down with us, Anthony. This is SPoT On. Make sure you also check out Anthony's Firing Line from Thrasher's site a while back, also filmed by our boy Frank.

Video: Frank Branca

SPoT X Krystal Ralph

We are super hyped to be releasing this collaboration with local tattoo artist and longtime friend of SPoT, Krystal Ralph (@devilswrkshop). Krystal has been a part of the Tampa scene for some years now, and recently set up shop in Ybor City, which was the inspiration for this graphic. She can be found at Black Fin, a small shop above The Bricks and SPoT Ybor, putting beautiful illustrations on skin. The "Illumination" collection (which was the name of the original painting this was based off of), includes a black windbreaker with gold foil print on the front and back, a t-shirt with the original graphic in full color on the back and a custom, hand-drawn SPoT Logo on the front, a die-cut sticker with the same SPoT logo and a signature deck. Pick up the whole kit and then go check out the original painting on the wall at SPoT Ybor...then go give Krystal a high-five. See more photos.

Instagram @SPoTTampa