SPoT team at grind for life lakeland

Last Saturday, the SPoT team, myself, and our local Jitts loaded up the van and headed to Lakeland Skatepark for the first stop of the Grind For Life Series. Read the rest and check out more photos here.

Guess who's coming to Tampa Pro?

We're hyped to announce the first round of riders that will be here for Tampa Pro 2015: David Loy, Chris Cole, Mike Vallely, and Danny Renaud. Make sure you grab your tickets here if you don't want to miss these dudes. You can also check out the full weekend schedule right here.

New Website Test Drive

Our new website is being sent out to about 5% of the general public now for testing and feedback. We want to know what you think, so hit us up at connect@spottampa with any comments, criticism, jokes, etc. and we'll use them to make improvements.

The Old Man Bowl Jam Blue Plate Special

Getting invited to skate the Old Man Bowl Jam (OMBJ) at SPoT is a little bit like the offer of a 10% senior citizens discounts at McDonalds or Big Boy. Sort of a consolation prize for sticking it out so long. In the case of the OMBJ, you must have at least 25 years under your belt, which in my world is spring chicken territory. Read more. Results here.

Video: Frank Branca

A Case of the Mondays: Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop just made a comeback not too long ago and we've got the first round of decks. Luke Pallone takes us through the new line, including some classic graphics to sweeten the deal.

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