SPoT Life: The Blind Crew Shreds LA

Again, when we go to Cali, we always try to take advantage of any "down time" before the Damn Am contest starts to go skate any and all parks and spots in the area. Costa Mesa was no different. No surprise at all to anyone: the Blind team rips. We met up with Cody Mac, TJ Rogers, Bill Weiss and Damn Am of the Year contender, Micky Papa for a day of ripping the Santa Monica Courthouse and Cherry Park.

Video: Frank Branca & James Riff

SPoT Product Watch: Herschel Supply Co.

With everyone going back to school in a few weeks, the one thing you need on lock is a solid backpack, and Herschel Supply Co. always has it covered. Josh Wilson takes a look at a few styles in stock online and in the shop.

Video: Frank Branca

SPoT Road Trip: Going Back to Cali

Our trip out to Costa Mesa last weekend was epic. We always have to try and skate as many different places as we can while we're out there, because why not? Here we rounded up Dakota Hunt, Sam Bellipanni, Treshan O'Shaughnessy and even Frank got some clips at Volcom's public outdoor skatepark while the rest of the dudes were at the contest. Something about skating astro turf that's pretty rad...check it out.

Video: Frank Branca

Zaturdays: A Typical Tuesday (in So.Cal)

Let the record show that I hate the term “So. Cal.” Who even says that? But the larger point here is that in Southern California things are different than they are in the rest of the world. Typical here is anything but anywhere else. It’s like a skaters Fantasy Island. If you like great weather, great spots, and the chance to bump into a former pro at the corner liquor store, well then So. Cal is the place for you. Read more.

6th Annual SPoT Skate Cruise

Time for another SPoT Skate Cruise around town, where we get everyone together and hit some local skate spots, restaurants, and whatever else gets in our way. Grab your board and meet us at The Bricks in Ybor City on September 4th at 5pm for the PBR kickoff. Then we take it to the streets and shred 'til dead (or tired). Here's full details and timeline. See you there!