SPoT Life X Zaturdays: Damn Am LA Road Trip

THERE IS NO ROOFTOP BAR at the Stay on Main hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The receptionist checking us in made that clear, or at least made it clear that there was something very strange about Milligan asking about it. She seemed surprised, embarrassed, amused? We’d find out why later, and none of us liked the answer. Well that’s not exactly true, I liked the answer but that just proves there’s something a little bit wrong with me. Read the whole story.

King of the Groms presents: King of the Ams!

Just a reminder that the homies over at 3rd Lair are bringing the King of the Groms contest to SPoT this weekend for King of the Ams. Today is open practice and then tomorrow we go right into a ripping bowl and street Qualifiers, followed by the Semis and Finals on Sunday. Contest starts at 9am each day and there's gonna be some pretty sick custom "Florida" awards given to the winners. Check out full event details here and we'll see you out this weekend when the King will be crowned!

#TBT: Brian Delatorre "Welcome to MIA"

Hard to believe this part can already be thrown back to, but it’s been four years since Josh Stewart took his hiatus from filming the Static series to squeeze in some love for MIA. East Coast skate videos are famous for having a certain aesthetic, but this one of the videos that can be credited with creating a look and feel more in line with the South East style. The overall vibe makes you want to be a part of their scene, and no part has a better flow than Brian Delatorre’s does, a true Miami OG. And to top it off, it was the MIA part that pretty much opened the door to his spot on Habitat. So yes, it’s worth a few minutes of your time.


With our first Damn Am Select Series in the books, it's time to turn our attention to the next stop: Atlanta. Hazard County Skatepark is on board again and we always love ripping their course, as well as the outdoor bowl. If you skated the contest in LA and you enter for ATL, you are already in the running for Damn Am of the Year, which means you can ALSO qualify for the SLS 2016 Pro Open. Talk about setting the bar... Email to sign up and get full details / schedule for the weekend here.

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