Zaturdays With Zitzer: Last Man Standing

How would you skate if you were the last person living on Earth? Click here to read more.

Nike SB BHM Dunk Lows release tomorrow

A few days out from February, National Black History Month, Nike SB comes through again in 2015 with a Dunk Low for the BHM collection. Click here for more details.

#TBT Menace: 20 Shot Sequence

The urban vibe wasn’t always so prevalent in skating like it is now. The 80s were all punk rock. Skateboarders didn’t wear all that much RUN DMC or Fat Boys gear. It wasn’t until the early ‘90s when hip-hop culture really began to make its mark. And Fabian Alomar, Eric Pupecki, Billy Valdez, and Joey Suriel were a large part of the reason why. Together they made up the Menace team. Menace was Kareem’s company under the World umbrella in the heyday. Due to some legal dispute or other, Menace would morph into All City, and later still City Stars, which introduced us to P-Rod and Mikey Taylor.

But enough Menace history. This #TBT was a section in the World Industries 20 Shot Sequence video from 1995, and it had an impact. With the help of Method Man and Keith Murray it really was OG. Once you got past the extended intro, the Menace crew introduced a whole new type of swagger to street skating in about five minutes. You’ll agree that Pupecki should have had a 20-year career. Look for the Menace Epicly Later’d while we’re on the subject, notice the whole gangster thing wasn’t really an act for these dudes.

The Top 10 skateboard graphics of 2014 (in my opinion)

I wanted to put together this list of my 10 favorite skateboard graphics that came out in 2014 (in no order of preference). Some I picked for their message, some had a good story behind them, and some for the simple fact that I just love the artwork. Take a look and decide for yourself. Click here to see the list.

Clash of the Crews 2015 presented by Vans

Less than two weeks left until our Shop vs Shop contest, Clash of the Crews, presented by Vans hits SPoT. Check out some carnage from last year's contest and make sure you get your crew signed up by emailing Full details here.

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