Shaqueefa Mixtape Vol. 3 Official Trailer

So hyped for the next joint from Shaqueefa squad, featuring our homies Jereme Knibbs, Chris Jata, Scotty the Body, Piro Sierra, Robby Kirkland, Dave Cruz, Jimmy Lannon, Manny Rodriguez and more. Release date coming soon, but for's the trailer.

The Bricks & SPoT Ybor 5 Year Anniversary Party

This will mark the 5th year since Brian Schaefer and crew opened up The Bricks and SPoT's sister skate shop in Ybor City, FL. The idea was to host bands, art shows, DJs and after parties during Tampa Am, Tampa Pro and other Skatepark of Tampa events, and have a fully-functioning restaurant with great food and run by great people. We're still doing great things in 2015 and can't wait for 5 more years. Come help us celebrate with a badass Block Party, courtesy of Vans and with help from our friends at SubAp! Full details here.

Photos and Video From Go Skate Day 2015

It was hot as hell, but we powered through another Go Skate Day and this one was the best yet, in my opinion. Starting from SPoT Ybor, we skated down 7th ave to Ghetto Gap, gave out some cash for tricks, hit the Ghetto Banks and then made it back to SPoT, where there was free food and beer, plus more prizes for best trick. Check out the full video and thanks to DC Shoes for all the support! See photos

Vans [Rowley] Solos Wear Test

Uncle Sam is super hyped on the new Vans [Rowley] Solos and you can tell from this wear test around the park last week. We'll let the video speak for itself... Make sure you pick up a pair in-store and online.

Video: Frank Branca

Zaturdays: The Intelligent Design of Skate Videos

The evolution of the skate video has been talked about to death. At first, it seemed like the classic video was going to be replaced with a pay-per-part formula when Shane O’Neill came out with that 99 cent Berrics shocker, and then P-Rod released Me, Myself and I on iTunes for $2.99 shortly after. Nobody liked where things seemed to be heading but the consensus was that “Hey, the Internet is changing everything and videos are no exception.” The only real question seemed to be how much we’d end up having to pay to watch parts in the end. Read more.

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