2017 Tampa Am Open Qualifiers - SPoT Life

When you start with 150 skaters from across the globe, invite them to the legendary Skatepark of Tampa, and tell them only the top 10 will advance to the next round of Qualifiers, the only thing left to do is sit back and watch the shredding ensue. And you can see the best of it right here.

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2017 Tampa Am Open Qualifiers Photos

Yesterday’s Open Qualifiers at Tampa Am 2017 was like a cattle call, with over 250 hopeful young skaters trying to break into today’s heats. With all these skills and only the top 10 advancing, the judges definitely had their work cut out for them.

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2017 Tampa Am Practice - SPoT Life

Skaters from 20+ countries are on the annual pilgrimage to the Skatepark of Tampa for Tampa Am, now in its 24th year. And with 100 kids on the course at a time, all trying to dial in their hardest tricks, there’s only one place to see it all up close and in HD, and that’s right here, on SPoT Life.

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2017 Tampa Am Practice Coverage

Yesterday’s practice at the 2017 Tampa Am was lit! Today starts open qualifiers and there were so many entries we had to shut down registration. Catch the live stream Saturday and Sunday at 12pm - download the ETN app right here to watch (no subscription necessary).

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Andrew Schoultz Paints The Pro Course

Milwaukee artist Andrew Schoultz is no stranger to taking on big jobs... he took Art Basel last year to an unreal level with his custom-painted skate obstacles, and has painted everything from a Tesla to a retired CIA Jetstar spy plane. So it only made sense to hit him up to paint this year's Pro Course for Tampa Am / Tampa Pro.

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