Tampa Am 2015: Sunday Night After Party Photos

After the awards are given out and the champagne cracked, it's time to clean up and go home, right? Wrong. It's time to go out and party off a long weekend and that's what we did. Chaz Miley (@gonzthedog) took his camera out to The Bricks in Ybor and caught some of the night life. Rumor has it that a SPoT employee got another SPoT employee's face tattooed on their ass...maybe a photo of it will turn up somewhere on Instagram or here on the site.

Tampa Am 2015: Finals - SPoT Life

We say it every year, but this was the best Tampa Am to date. If you didn't catch the live webcast from Sunday's Finals, here's what you missed.

Tampa Am 2015: Sunday Semis and Finals

Tampa Am 2015 is in the books and skateboarding's future just moved up another notch. These dudes ripped all weekend, and even the guy who got last place was still doing some mind-blowing tricks. Huge thanks to every single person that helped us out, and - we say it every year, but - all our sponsors who came through. Without their support, it just couldn't have been possible. Make sure you check out Bart Jones' photos from Semis and Finals yesterday and keep an eye out for the full SPoT Life episode coming your way later today.

Tampa Am 2015: Here’s How Aurelien Giraud Won - SPoT Life

Congrats to Aurelien Giraud from France on a practically flawless run. He's taking home first place in Tampa Am and a trip to the 2016 SLS Pro Open. Here's how he did it.

Tampa Am 2015: 23 Year Anniversary Party Photos

After the scores were announced and Best Trick awards were given out last night, it was time to get the booze flowing and start the SPoT 23 Year Anniversary Party. Converse and Transworld shelled out $6,000 cash for tricks on the concrete course outside and ATL hip hop artists Reese and Key got everyone turned up for the night. Right here are the photos to prove it.