Zaturdays: Your "Best" Picks

So last week I asked your picks for the Best Things about Skateboarding. And what do you know, you answered. Not quite at the level of excitement of a Pokémon Go but still. Since I failed to reply to anyone I decided to do it in this week’s Zaturdays, which took forever btw. You sort of owe me now, but thank you for playing along.

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Andalé Bearings Wheelie Dope Contest Tomorrow

Tomorrow night at 7pm, Andalé Bearings is bringing their Wheelie Dope contest to SPoT. Yep, it's time to focus on those manuals, kids. I can already think of some people that are going to crush this thing. Winner gets a trip to LA to compete in the Pro Finals and probably your mug in a video or two. Come join us and see who takes it.

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#TBT Bobby Puleo V5

WARNING: There are no switch big heels, 20 stair rails, or manuals to any kind of flip out depicted in this video part, and there never are when you’re talking about Bobby Puleo. It goes all in on cellar doors and is another in a string of classics from our favorite underground skate hermit.

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The Bricks & SPoT Ybor 6 Year Anniversary Party Coverage

6 Years of partying rolled up into one night and you know it's gonna be lit. Bands, beers, BBQ, art and skating: all the things that make up our chill spot - The Bricks, and our second shop in Ybor. Thanks to Vans for making it happen and thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years.

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Best Foot Forward

Tomorrow at 3pm, we're proud to be a host to the Best Foot Forward contest, presented by Bones Bearings. It's an amateur contest that's FREE to enter, and is designed to help give ams more exposure on a global level. Bottom line is that there will be some great skating and you should come check it out.

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