Paul Zitzer and the future of Spot

If you haven't heard already, longtime friend of SPoT and all-around great guy, Paul Zitzer is now part of the team. Paul's already been killing it by helping out with our Damn Am events, registration, organizing, and announcing. Chris Nieratko got to sit down with him recently and get a great interview for the ESPN X Games website. Check out what Paul had to say about working with us and all the things he's helping us out with. Click here to read the article.

A Case of the Mondays: Booze Cruise Edition

Last Friday was our annual Booze Cruise where we basically just get drunk and skate around, hitting local spots and bars along the way. We started off in Ybor, so Al Bow decided to stop by SPoT Ybor and check out the cruiser selection that they had for this Case of the Mondays. Jean-Luc's edit from that night should be pretty interesting, so stay tuned for that.

SPoT Gets a makeover 2014 (part one)

It's the first week of demo here as we get ready to improve the Pro Course again like we do every year. This time we are also giving the Kiddie Course a makeover and there might be some new concrete going out in the courtyard. As always, there's free skating until we're done, so come out and slappy a parking block or two while we make SPoT bigger and better, just in time for Tampa Am. Click here to see photos.

Booze Cruise 2014 (take two)

Welp, time to give this another shot. Our last Booze Cruise attempt got rained out, so we're doing it tonight. Grab your board and come meet us at The Bricks around 5PM. We'll be hitting some local skate spots and watering holes along the way, food at Hooters, then back to Bricks later. The photos at the end of the night usually end up looking like this by the time we're done. Check out the full schedule here and let's do this (again)!

the spot fall clearance sale is live!

The sale is live and going on thru 10/12. Click here to start saving money on tons of great brands.

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