The Top 10 skateboard graphics of 2014 (in my opinion)

I wanted to put together this list of my 10 favorite skateboard graphics that came out in 2014 (in no order of preference). Some I picked for their message, some had a good story behind them, and some for the simple fact that I just love the artwork. Take a look and decide for yourself. Click here to see the list.

Clash of the Crews 2015 presented by Vans

Less than two weeks left until our Shop vs Shop contest, Clash of the Crews, presented by Vans hits SPoT. Check out some carnage from last year's contest and make sure you get your crew signed up by emailing Full details here.

GX1000: 2014 Mastertape

If you haven't seen Thrasher's GX1000 Mastertape yet, you're missing out on an instant classic. No music, just skating, reminiscent of the Rubbish Heap days, and some of the best filming out. Plus some insane footy from the likes of Al Davis, Yonnie Cruz, Chris Jata, Jereme Kibbs, Jimmy Lannon, James Coleman, Wes Kremer and more.

Matt Woods Birthday Session

One of our fallen homies, Matt Woods aka Bald Eagle's birthday is coming up on January 15, so we thought we'd have a skate session / pizza / bonfire / beers in his honor. We'll be doing it the day after, Friday 01/16 at SPoT, and any donations to Boards For Bros gets you in for free. Also, all admission fees from that day will go to Boards For Bros to help raise money for our yearly skateboard give-out in December. Matt's family and friends will be here and we hope you will too. Full details here.

Zaturdays With Zitzer: The Josh Stewart Interview

Cold Day in Hell, that’s the location Josh Stewart chose to put on an Insta post of him and Aaron Herrington at the TWS Awards this past week. The caption reads, “Still trippin”. You should be able to guess he’s referring to: his “Video Of the Year” Win for Static IV and V.
Click here to read the whole interview.

Photo by Allen Ying / 43 Magazine

Instagram @SPoTTampa