Spot On's Coming Soon

Our good friend Rob Hoovis was a big part of our digital team all weekend at Tampa Pro. You may have seen him walking around with two cameras in his hand, trying to get that perfect shot. What you didn't see was the behind the scenes interviews with Manny Santiago, Evan Smith, Brian Anderson, Justin Brock, and Jake Donnelly. Stay tuned for five episodes of our SPoT On series coming your way...

Throwback Tuesday

In honor of Static 2's ten year anniversary Tampa native Josh Stewart takes a stroll down memory lane with Paul Shier. They talk about skateboarding in London, internet dating in Egypt, and of course the trials and tribulations of filming a skate part. Check out Paul's part from Static 2 below.

Stop the Presses!!

It has come to our attention that our head judge Pat Stiener's scores for Ishod Wair's last run were not finalized. After entering Pat's scores we have a new winner for Tampa Pro 2014! Our deepest apologies Nyjah Huston for the late notice. We will be in contact about returning your first place trophy. Here are the new results.

A Case of the Mondays: DGK

This week's Case features some fresh and flashy DGK swag, including the full "Fast Pack" cheetah print kit to keep you ahead of the game; plus 5-panel justice, postcard-print t-shirts, and more.

Wit-E Beats Vans Sk8 Hi Review

Vans just dropped a serious new line of shoes and Wit-E is here to give his review of them. Check it out here.

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