2016 Damn Am Costa Mesa: How Alex Midler Won - SPoT Life

After 7 years of skating Damn Ams all over the country, Midler put it all together in glorious fashion at Volcom HQ for his very first win, and this is what it looked like. He’s also now prequalified straight to the Tampa Am Semi-Finals.

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2016 Damn Am Costa Mesa: Qualifiers - SPoT Life

Sure it’s only a 30 cut, but to stand out among 115 other skaters takes more than a few random tricks. You have to kill it, with style, and then finish with a bang. And NOBODY did any of that better than Zion Wright. Check the edit.

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Damn Am Costa Mesa 2016 - Qualifiers Photos

Another day of Damn Am ripping is in the books and these kids lit it up during Qualifiers yesterday. We've got the full SPoT Life episode coming soon, but for now check out Bart Jones' photos and get ready for some intense Finals runs today in Costa Mesa.

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2016 Damn Am Costa Mesa: Best Trick - SPoT Life

The Damn Am returns to Volcom HQ where it all started back in 2001. And to celebrate, the SPoT crew breaks out the flat-bar-of-death for the Independent Best Trick contest, where surviving is almost as good as winning.

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Damn Am Costa Mesa 2016 - Practice & Indy Best Trick Photos

Our away team hit the West Coast this weekend for Damn Am Costa Mesa, presented by Volcom. Over 100 Ams hit the concrete at Volcom HQ for practice and the Independent Trucks Best Trick contest, which was insanity. Check the photos for proof.

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