#TBT: Kris Markovich Right To Skate

Kris Markovich is famous for company jumping more than just about any other skater: Element, Blind, Prime, Hollywood, Given, Color, 101, G&S, Foundation, he rode for them all, and those were just the board brands. But he’s also famous for never putting out a weak video part. He’s a little dude who made it work for him, full speed ahead, charging everything in his path, and the first to kickflip Carlsbad. This part from the Union wheels video is just one of many great parts he put out. If you like it you should do a search for some of his other ones and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Back To School Bash 2015 presented by etnies

Our last all ages contest of the Summer, Back to School Bash heated things up last Saturday, with kids young and old throwing down for the top spot in each division. etnies hooked it up big time and flew Matt Berger and David Reyes down here to help fuel the stoke. Those dudes killed it and the kids were hyped. Here's a recap of how it went down. See photos

Video: Giovanni Fournier

Anthony Schultz and SPoT Skate the NB# Box

The homies at New Balance Numeric were nice enough to send us this sick-ass wallie / ledge / box thing to skate and we were happy to abide. No description needed here, just watch team rider Anthony Schultz, along with SPoT dudes Andy Johnson, Josh Eckert, and Chris Reitz tear this thing up. Thanks NB#!

Street League's Instagram #TrickOfTheYear Contest

Think you've got a trick that could stack up against P-Rod? Or Nyjah? Or anyone for that matter? Well now you can post it up for a chance to win a custom $10,000 obstacle, courtesy of California Skateparks delivered right to your door. Confused? Check out the video below, then go to Streetleague.com and start posting! #TrickOfTheYear

SPoT Life: Damn Am Select Series Costa Mesa Day 3

After beating over 100 ams from all around the country, the top 12 went all out for the rip fest of the year in Costa Mesa. The hubbas and quarter pipes at the Volcom HQ provided the ultimate setting for the fourth stop of this year's Damn Am Select Series and in the end, it was a Brazilian mini shredder named Watson Mass who smoked the vets in his first ever Damn Am appearance. As always, we couldn't have done it with out our sponsors, so thanks to them and thanks to you for coming out. See photos.