Nike SB Damn Am Chicago 2016 - Tourist Mission

While we're holding it down here in Tampa, Schaefer, Eric McKenney and the away team are up in Chicago for the next stop of the Damn Am series. The contest doesn't officially start until Saturday, so the boys got some rental bikes, met up with a couple locals, and hit the streets in search of some favorite spots.

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#TBT Damn Am Chicago 2015

Here are some clips from 2015 that SPoT filmer Frank Branca put together to tide you over until we get a bunch more in the next few days. Grant is one of the best parks in the country. If you’re in the neighborhood you should come on out.

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DC Shoes Back To School Bash 2016 Coverage

The kids are headed back to school, but not before we get one more All Ages Contest in the books. The Back To School Bash went all-out, with some of the gnarliest skating we've seen yet at one of these events. See for yourself.

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SPoT Product Watch: Altamont

This Fall season, Altamont Apparel teamed up with two of the most iconic names from 1980s & 1990s alternative music, Daniel Johnston and Sub Pop Records, for a limited one time apparel capsule.

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Zaturdays: Your Turn

It’s the first official Zaturdays “Your Turn.” Tell me what you think matters in skateboarding, and I’ll pick my favorite suggestion and use it for my next Zaturdays column. I’ll be looking on Instagram and in the comments section on the next page for your input. Or better still, take a crack at writing your own Zaturdays if you want.

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