Valentine's Day Massacre recap

Our first All Ages Contest of the year is in the books: Valentine's Day Massacre presented by Dickies. Love was in the air and so was the smell of B.O. as everyone sweat out the day trying to get their best run. Check out some of the highlights and photos from the day here and full results here.

Video by Frank Branca

Adidas x The Hundreds

The Hundreds Crush Pack x Adidas collab finally made its way to SPoT and the result is super clean. This collection features a limited colorway of the Adi Ease Shoes, a soccer style Jersey, socks and 5 panel strap back hat, and is based around The Hundreds Rosewood Invitational Soccer Tournament. Scoop up your kit while they last!

Photo: Marino Nicastro

Concrete Courtyard 2015 Update (part 2)

The second half of our Concrete Courtyard is officially finished, thanks to the hard work of Team Pain and the support from Converse. Check out some more progress photos of the construction and then get your ass down here and skate it!

Converse Sent Us A cellar door to skate

That's right...Converse hooked it up with this legit grate cover to play with around the park, so we didn't waste any time. Here's how we get down inside and out, plus some of the first footage of our new Concrete Courtyard addition that they helped sponsor. Enjoy.

Video: Frank Branca

Zaturdays With Zitzer: Zen and the art of skateboarding made headlines a couple months back with an article called “20 Things That Everyone Thinks About Skating But No One Says,” which I was tempted to write 20 articles trying to refute. Of all the controversial claims the writers put forth, this one seemed the most offensive: style is more important to East Coast skaters because they aren’t as good. Click here to read more.

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