#tbt: pat duffy's questionable part

Everything is open for debate, but if you ask me to pick what I think is the most influential video part of all time, without hesitation, I’ll tell you it’s Pat Duffy’s debut part from Questionable, the first Plan B video released in 1992. I’m not trying to argue that there aren’t parts you might like better, or that Gonz’s part in Video Days isn’t more organic and in tune with skating’s roots, or that people haven’t moved away from the rail chomping type of skating that Pat helped pioneer, but…

When this part came out people were still dinking their trucks on 4 stair rails, and after it they were inspired to do what Pat did, but it took skating in general the next ten to 15 years to really match any of it. Those facts, mixed with Pat’s “who me?” attitude, his ten stair back lip in the rain, the variety of what he was capable of, and the perfect choices of Primus and the Doors to encapsulate the ambiance of it all, make this a one out of a million type scenario. The skating here forced us to rethink what we might be able to do on our own skateboards, while creating an instant legend. And yes, Pat really is a Terminator.

-Paul Zitzer

Theories of Atlantis Invades Tampa

We had the pleasure of spending the first weekend of 2015 with the Theories of Atlantis crew during a stop on their Escape From New York Tour and they didn't disappoint. There was a demo on Saturday at SPoT, a Going Pro party for Yonnie Cruz that night at the Bricks, and a downtown Tampa sesh on Sunday. Check the edit of the whole weekend below and then go see all the photos right here. Thanks for stopping by, fellas.

FLBMX STOP 2 is this Saturday

SPoT is proud to be hosting the FLBMX Stop 2, presented by Profile Racing. Contest is this Saturday, starting at 10am. These dudes come through every year and kill it, so come join us if you can. Full details here.

A Case of the mondays: Sea Monster hardware & rolling papers

FSEC club member and best dude out, Austin England has been blowing minds with his artwork for years, and now he's got a new hardware / rolling papers company called Sea Monster. AlBow's been homies with Austin for a long time, so we'll let him tell you more about it.

Zaturdays With Zitzer: The First Rule of Skateboarding is...

I want you to picture a skateboarder showing up at the plaza in a car full of rollerbladers, then strapping on his helmet, pushing mongo over to where you’re skating and trying to hard flip the stairs right after you bailed one. Nothing is considered cool about this scenario. Now, I have yet to see an actual rulebook about skateboarding, but despite our best efforts to pretend otherwise, we’ve laid down enough rules to fill volumes. And it’s okay, even Fight Club had rules and those dudes were anarchy personified. Click here for the full article.

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