#TBT Ricky Oyola EE III

Ricky Oyola had last part in Eastern Exposure 3 with 6 minutes that cemented his place as the most influential and well-loved skater from the East for all eternity. Somebody should make a documentary about Ricky…as long as that somebody is Dan Wolfe.

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SPoT EOTM Party / GX1000 Video Screening

Every month, we honor an employee that's been killing it and throw them a shindig, followed by a skate video screening. We call it the EOTM (Employee of the Month) party. Friday, May 6, we'll be showing the highly-acclaimed GX1000 video here at the park, after our skate session, high-fives and award ceremony. If you're not familiar with GX1000 and the videos he puts out, here's a taste. Hope you can join us!

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Spring Roll 2016 Coverage

Another Spring Roll All Ages Contest is in the books and we had a pretty solid crowd, despite the Florida heat. Thanks to Lakai and Crailtap for coming through with the prizes, and thanks to everyone who came out to support. Check the highlights...

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Damn Am Brazil 2016: Finals - SPoT Life

The levels of tech and consistency at the Finals in Santos looked like more like a Damn Pro than a Damn Am. The Brazilians went for it from beginning to end, and here’s a look at the best of it all. Lets just hope this one becomes an annual tradition.

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Damn Am Brazil 2016: Here’s How Lucas Alves Won – SPoT Life

Lucas Alves won Qualfiers and then in the last run of the entire Damn Am weekend, shocked himself and the city of Santos with the greatest ender of all time. Lucas also gets a free round trip to Tampa and a prequalified spot in the Tampa Am Semi-Finals. Yeah Lucas!

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