Tampa Am 2014: Thursday Practice

For those of you who are Tampa Am veterans, you know that the first night is one of the best. Everyone is in town, people are just practicing, high fiving, and old friends meet new friends. This year, we added a new dynamic that is the Concrete Courtyard, which is still getting ripped up as I type this. Check out some of Alex Uncapher's photos from the day and stay tuned for our SPoT Life edit coming soon. I'm gonna go check out the Bowl Jam now and stop staring at the computer. See you tomorrow for Qualifiers.

Tampa Am 2014: Wednesday Warm-ups

Wednesday is basically just getting everybody their wristbands who is skating and warm-ups for the rest of the weekend. That being said, most everyone headed right to the new Concrete Course to break it in, and if yesterday was any indication of how things are gonna go for Tampa Am 2014, it will be one to remember. Check out a few photos from last night here, and make sure you get out here tonight for our Welcome to Town Party, featuring a rad art show, Bowl Jam, and open bar courtesy of PBR. Tampa Am has officially begun...

Welcome To Tampa (Am) 2014

We are one day away from kicking off Tampa Am 2014 and the stoke is real. Today is just like any other day; doors are at noon and skating is open to the public (normal admission). Tomorrow is our Welcome To Tampa party at the park, which means a ripping Bowl Jam, and the "Deck the Walls" art show, featuring some of our favorite graphics by Bratrud, Jenkins, Sieben, Phillips, and more legendary skateboard artists of our time. There's also gonna be open bar (for 21 and up), courtesy of PBR. Welcome to Tampa Am everybody...let's do this.

Concrete Courtyard Update 3

After waiting impatiently, here are the finishing touches put on the new Concrete Courtyard. This thing is sick as f*ck! I can't wait to skate it and I know you can't either. Don't forget that this Saturday during our 22 Year Anniversary Party at Tampa Am, Grant Taylor along with Ishod Wair, Justin Brock, Karsten Kleppen, Cory Kennedy, and a few heads from the Independent crew will be ripping this thing apart, courtesy of Nike SB. Tampa Am week starts now and it's gonna be the best one yet... click here for more photos of the new course.

A Case of the Mondays: Nike SB GT Blazer Low QS

On this Case, we're checking out the new Nike SB GT Blazer Low QS shoes. If you're at Tampa Am this year (December 4-7), you will probably see Grant skating in these when he comes to help break in our new Concrete Courtyard this weekend, along with Ishod Wair, Justin Brock, Cory Kennedy, and Karsten Kleppen. Make sure you get your hands on these quick, because they will probably go fast.

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