SPoT Product Watch: DC Shoes

DC Shoes has been killing it with new products lately, from the release of Evan Smith's Pro shoe to teaming up with legendary skate mag, Big Brother. You can check out this newest line and all DC products right here.

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Zaturdays: Tampa Pro Before the Internet

Today’s example of pre Internet contest coverage takes us back to the 2nd Annual Tampa Pro, from the September 1996 issue of TWS. It was 8 pages long, with 5 vert photos, 4 street photos, 1 street sequence, 1 outdoor bowl sequence, and 8 random portraits/lifestyle photos. Here’s what you would have gotten from it.

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FL BMX Contest This Weekend

If you show up today to skate and see a bunch of dudes flying around on bikes, don't's not the apocalypse. Every year we host the FL BMX contest for our pals with pedals and they'll be here January 15-16. So while they're taking over, you can come skate for free. Contest info can be found at the link below.

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#TBT Jeff Pang Mixtape

Skatepark of Tampa loves Jefferson Pang. That’s just one of the reasons we bring him in to announce Tampa Am and Tampa Pro whenever he’s able to make it down. He holds it down in NYC to this day where he works for DC and still kills it. See you at the Pro in March Jeff, in the meantime we’ll be watching your part from Zoo York’s Mixtape.

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Matt Woods Annual Birthday Session

Matt Woods ruled and we want you to help us celebrate his life and birthday by coming to the park and having a session. This Friday, January 15, we'll have free skating all day at SPoT in honor of Matt. There's practice for a BMX contest the next day, but Matt wouldn't let that stop him and neither should you. He was also a big supporter of Boards For Bros, so bring a donation if you can. See you there.