Tampa Pro 2015: The Calm Before the Storm

It's Tuesday of Tampa Pro week, 2015 and it's pretty quiet around here so far. Right now it's just branding, tightening up, planning, cleaning, and preparing for the best Pro contest ever. I won't spoil all the new additions to the park, you'll just have to see for yourself. Here's a few cellphone photos I got today of how we get ready. Make sure you check out Thursday night's Welcome To Town party at The Bricks, and the "Moat Definitely" skateboard photo show, featuring work by Ed Templeton, Bryce Kanights, Mike Burnett and more. It's gonna be a great weekend - let's do it.

a case of the mondays: independent

Independent trucks always comes through for us big time during Tampa Pro with some sick giveaways for the Best Trick contest, product toss and more. Luke takes us through their new line of hard goods and apparel on this week's Case.

damn am 2015 select series

Skaters, Team Managers, moms, etc., we’re hyped to announce that the 2015 Damn Am Select Series is finalized and ready to go. This year we’ve lined up seven stops across the country with the first one going down in LA less than two months away. Read more.

Zaturdays: Is Vert Cool Again?

In the late 1980s, names like Gator, Hawk, Hosoi, Grosso, Mountain, and Cab were the biggest in skateboarding. They were vert skaters, and vert skating was cool. The bowl scene had recently died a harsh death so they’d all been forced to transition (pun!) over to the pipe. But then around 1990 that whole Rocco thing happened. All of a sudden it was Koston, Jovantae, Carroll, and vert followed in bowls’ footsteps and shuffled out the door. A 1993 Slap magazine cover said “Vert? really!” It had become that rare. Read more.

Kelvin Hoefler confirmed for Tampa Pro

The names for Tampa Pro from team Brazil are rolling in and first on the list is Kelvin Hoefler. If you've seen Kelvin skate, you know he's a beast on the rails and has super clean rollaways, so we're hyped to watch him this year. Check out his "Green Card" part that just dropped on Thrasher a few days ago and you'll see what I mean. And don't forget to get your tickets to witness him in person here. Live webcast at Streetleague.com.

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