Zaturdays: Amateur Advice

There was a time when I was a sponsored amateur skateboarder. Eventually I became a pro, and like I’ve said before I use the term “pro” loosely. But I went around the block a time or two and learned some things along the way that you aspiring future pros might want to listen to, so hopefully you can be a way better pro than I was.

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Inequality Video Premiere in Ybor City

Filmed by our homie Jean-Luc Vida, "Inequality" has been in the works for about 2 years and features full parts from SPoT employees, team riders, and locals Derick Glancy, Eric McKenney, Yonis Molina, Malcolm Seaman, Uncle Sam Bellipanni, Markus Jalaber, Cory Foster and many more. Come watch the FREE premiere tomorrow night at Centro Ybor 20 theatre!

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Go Skateboarding Day 2016 Coverage - SPoT Life

Another great Go Skateboarding Day, with the help of DC Shoes. We started out downtown, broke a few traffic laws, handed out some cash and made it back to SPoT to finish out the day. Check the highlights.

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#TBT Brent Atchley Elementality

Anyone who can flow on DIY concrete like Brent, or who has invented an almost entirely unique way of moving through space like he did deserves our praise, and probably a whole bunch of product endorsements. And it’s easy to forget that his street skating is great too. Here’s his part from 2005’s Elementality.

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The Bricks & SPoT Ybor 6 Year Anniversary Party

On July 9, we're throwing a party to celebrate the anniversary of our restaurant / chill spot - The Bricks, complete with music, skating, art and everything we're about. There will also be a sidewalk sale at our second shop next door to The Bricks - SPoT Ybor. Check out the one we threw last year if you want an idea of how we get down. Vans will be in the mix too and giving out free stuff, so don't sleep!

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