January First Fridays / The Flat Earth Video Screening

Ty Evans lends his creative eye to another larger-than-life skateboarding video, featuring some seriously heavy ripping. If you haven't had a chance to see this yet, we're holding a special screening January 5 right here at SPoT. Check out the trailer and full details on how you can watch.

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Merry Christmas From SPoT!

Merry Christmas from all of us here at SPoT, especially SPoT Santa aka Derick Glancy! Have a great Holiday everyone!

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Zaturdays - Yeah Ian Craig!

As promised, here are the much-anticipated answers to last week's Zaturdays match-up game. And a huge shout out to Ian Craig in St. Louis, Operator at Key Impact Sales & Systems, Inc., who out of the hundreds (thousands even!) of Zaturdays players was the only one to get all 26 correct.

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TBT - Yonnie Cruz Static IV

We’re throwing it back to the Static series for the second week in a row, this time it’s OG SPoT kid Yonnie Cruz’s part from numeral IV. Here he hits up a slew of East Coast spots, from NY to Miami, and does the tricks to back up the hype.

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Zaturdays - Game Time!

For this week's Zaturdays, Paul Zitzer put together your classic match-up game, skateboarding style. It's easy... match up the image with the skater it represents. So like, if there was a picture of false teeth and you saw Andy Roy's name, you'd know they go together. Got it? Ok great:

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