2017 SLS Nike SB Pro Open Coverage

It took a while to get everyone's photos and clips together from our trip to Barcelona back in May. Schaefer's a busy guy (and so is everyone else for that matter), but we finally have it all, so here we go: a full recap of the 2017 SLS Nike SB Pro Open...and happy belated birthday, Paul.

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SPoT Free Fridays / Lakai Video Premiere Coverage

Some photos from the Lakai "The Flare" Florida premiere right here at SPoT. Huge thanks to Lakai for letting us show this, and big ups to everyone that came to skate, lurk, stuff their faces, crack jokes and watch the videos.

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SPoT Product Watch - Independent Apparel

Independent Trucks might make some of the best hardware in the biz, but their new collection of soft goods is full of high quality products as well. Check the link to see more photos and find your favorite.

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NB Numeric's New Video Tri-Color Exclusive Florida Premiere

We're stoked to be holding the only Florida premiere of NB Numeric's newest video: "Tri Color", featuring new parts by PJ Ladd, Flo Mirtain and Franky Villani. Plus (surprise, surprise) Brandon Westgate just got added to the team, so we're hoping he got some clips. Check it out at The Bricks, July 15th at 10pm.

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Radon hasn't played here since 2008, when the old Transitions venue was still alive and kicking, before it turned into Epic Problem. But you can bet they still draw the same crowd that came to see them in the early days of SPoT.

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