#TBT: Bobby Puleo, Static II

Bobby Puleo is one of those dudes that you either love, or hate. I know because every time I mention that the little guy with the T-rex arms is one of my favorites, it elicits either excited agreement, or a look that could be best described as total disgust followed by “Puleo?! He sucks!” Read more.

SPot life: independent best trick contest at Tampa Pro

The Best Trick contest at Tampa Pro is always a mindbender, and this year was no exception. Independent was giving out mad cash for some of the most insane things I've ever seen go down on a skateboard. In the end, Ryan Decenzo won it with a kickflip to late shuv over the entire pyramid to flat...holy sh*t. Watch the highlights below and then go see full results for that here.

Tampa Pro 2015: The Best of Instagram

Every year for Pro, we get a pretty good collection of images from those tiny little handheld computers you carry around with you all weekend. I sorted through some of what everyone was posting and tried to pick out what I thought was the most interesting, funny, and memorable. If you were tagging #TampaPro from Instagram, then you might see yourself in this collection. Don't forget to follow us @SPoTTampa. More photos. Check out all photos tagged #TampaPro here.

SPoT life: tampa pro 2015 Converse concrete jam

Tampa Pro is over, but the coverage just keeps rolling in. Saturday night was a shredfest all around, with music by Patman & Robin and the Misprints (Misfits cover band), and a Concrete Jam on our new cement course, with Converse and Transworld giving out loot for gnarliest tricks. Check out the SPoT Life episode:

Tampa Pro 2015: Sunday Night Party Photos

The Sunday night parties after Tampa Pro are always the best. Everyone's tired from busting their ass all weekend, whether you were skating or not, and it's all about hugs and high-fives, bad decisions and good times. After we shut SPoT down for the night, it was time to go party it up in Ybor one last time at The Bricks and shut that down too. Here's some photos Alex Sherrer got of the night.

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