Tampa Am 2015: Friday Qualifiers - SPoT Life

Yesterday's Qualifiers went from 0 to 100 as soon as the announcers said "go". Dudes like Kane Sheckler, Rob Wootton, Paul Hart and Brazil's Lehi Leite (who won the first Golden Ticket of the weekend) came out swinging and didn't stop even after the contest was over. Check out some highlights in this episode of SPoT Life and Bart Jones' photos right here. Don't forget to tune in to the live webcast today and tomorrow starting at 11AM ET and follow us on social media at @SPoTTampa.

Tampa Am 2015 Welcome To Town Party Photos

After practice was over, it was time to welcome everyone to Tampa with a ripping Bowl Jam, art show, free booze and high fives. Check out photos from last night's first after party at Tampa Am 2015 and stay tuned because it only gets crazier from here on out...

Tampa Am 2015: Practice - SPoT Life

Here we are at our 22nd Annual Tampa Am contest and it's unbelievable how many people are already here ripping and watching. Over 200 hungry Ams figuring out the course and tightening up their lines, with a lot of them from different countries. Here's our first SPoT Life episode from the weekend and Bart Jones' photos. Coverage of last night's party and art show coming later today.

#TBT: Jack Olson Tampa Am 2013

With today marking the official kickoff to the 22nd Annual Tampa Am, it seems important to note that of all the winners of the Am since 1999, every one of them has turned pro except for the last two. And it’s only a matter of time. Jack Olson is one of those recent champs, and he’s coming to skate the Am again this year. So in a shout out to his return, we’re throwing it back to his winning run from 2013. You think he can do it again? Our guess is that he can. Welcome back Jack, and good luck.

Tampa Am: Who To Watch

The kickoff to Tampa Am 2015 starts today, with open practice and registration pretty much most of the day. After the park closes, we'll all be heading to The Bricks in Ybor City for drinks and high-fives to get everyone acquainted. The amount of Ams skating this weekend can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you're a newcomer to one of these events, so Street Leauge helped us out by putting together a "Who To Watch" section on their website. This isn't a star player list by any means...it just gives you an idea of who's been killing it during all the Damn Am contests this year and has the potential to place high at Tampa Am. For all we know, someone completely unknown could come out and win it...you'll just have to watch to find out. For now, head over to the SLS site and watch some incredible skateboarding.