SPoT Life: Woodward West Damn Am, Qualifiers

Over 100 of the world's best Ams throw down at Woodward West presented by Supra and Matix. Congrats to Austin Lenahan and Miles Lawrence for qualifying in the top two spots which puts them directly into the finals (aka Golden Tickets). Check out some highlights from the day...

Course Demolition / Rebuild 2014

Yep, it's that time of the year again. As we prepare for Tampa Am 2014, we're beginning the demolition of the Pro Course to bring you an all new course. Demolition and rebuild will take place 10/06 - 10/17. During this time, we will also be demoing and rebuilding portions of the Kiddie Course, to bring you an all new experience there as well. While both courses will be mostly unskateable, the courtyard is still available and skating is FREE during the time of demo and rebuild. Check out last year's course destruction and construction below, and make sure to check back here for updates on the progress of the demolition and rebuild of both the Pro and Kiddie courses!

Damn Am Woodward West 2014: Qualifiers & Vert

Some of the first people we met out in LA this time around were a pack of dudes from Denmark who were skating the mini ramp at Brooklyn Projects. After being briefed by Schaefer about the Damn Am at Woodward West, they decided to come out and enter, which they did, thus giving the qualifying round some serious international flare. The Japanese and Brazilian coalitions were also out in force, making communication a little tougher but the skating even better. All in all, the turnout was nuts. 131 people skated in the three-minute, three-man jam format, in an effort to advance to Sunday’s top 30. Click here to read more.

Damn Am Woodward West 2014: Day 1 Photos

Go ahead and form a mental picture of California in your head. The Ocean breeze, palm trees, 12 lane interstates. Now, for the sake of Damn Am Woodward West in Tehachapi, forget all of that. Out here it’s mountains, scrub brush, and, I know it sounds made up, but packs of roving deer and elk. Totally saw them. But then there’s the skateboarding. The final stop of the 2014 Damn Am kicked off with a full day of practice for the well over 100 entrants, who came from everywhere for the opportunity to shred for the gold. And, to quote Iverson, “We talkin’ ‘bout practice?” Click here for more.

The Road to Damn Am NYC 2014

Last Wednesday, the Skatepark of Tampa crew loaded up and embarked on a two-day haul from the 813 to New York City for Damn Am NYC. With a squad of eleven people packed in the van, we rolled out bright and early and were on our way from the Dirty South to the Big City. Click here to read more and check out some photos.

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