Street League Announces Women's World Championship

Another milestone in skateboarding history: Street League announced yesterday that it will be welcoming a Women's Division into the 2015 SLS Super Crown World Championship on October 4th. You'll be seeing names like Leticia Bufoni, Vanessa Torres, Lacey Baker and more ripping it up for a shot at the crown and a $30,000 purse. If you can't make it out to this, we will be showing the live webcast at The Bricks that day at around 2pm ET. The whole contest is going to be insane, so don't miss out either way. Go read the full article over at and get ready to watch history being made.

$3,000 Best Trick Contests at Damn Am NYC

With Damn Am NYC going on this weekend, we had to raise the stakes even higher with two (yes, two) Best Trick contests to fatten your wallet with. We've got $3,000 cash to hand out for bangers: that's $1,500 on Friday at 50 Kent and another $1,500 on Saturday down the double set at LES. So start brushing up on your laser flips and switch heels because they do pay off. Full contest details and schedule are here and don't forget to follow us @SPoTTampa for coverage all weekend.

6th Annual SPoT Skate Cruise Photos & Video

Time for another year of cruising around Tampa, hitting local skate spots (or making our own), and stopping at some favorite chill places along the way. This is SPoT Skate Cruise 2015. Thanks to PBR for hooking it up this year and to everyone who came out. Check out a sample of the madness we got into... See photos.

SPoT Product Watch: Format Skateboards

Format is the newest offering from Permanent Distribution. If you're not familiar with Permanent, they're the domestic distributor for such great International brands as Pass-Port & ButterGoods. Format is the in-house brand from Permanent and is currently their only domestic deck offering. Started in 2014, Format has steadily been adding to their team and now have 4 riders, including Tampa locals, Chris Jata & Nick Zizzo. The team will be featured in an upcoming promo video called "Monolith [for Meandering Minds]", but in the mean time you can check out the 8 minute teaser for it over at Format's Vimeo page.

The first drop of decks just hit the shop and available online here. Stay tuned for more from Format! More photos.

Upcoming Video Premieres at SPoT Ybor

While the away team is at Damn Am NYC and Woodward West the next two weeks, we've got a couple of super rad video premieres happening here in Tampa. Showing September 18th is the "8AM" Video, featuring parts from Deluxe (Krooked, Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Anti-Hero) Warehouse workers. More details on that one here. Then on September 25 is the screening of "Insight", a video by Christopher James and featuring South / Central Florida rippers such as Jimmy Mastrocolo, Travis Ehrlund and Derek Mclean, to name a few. Go here to see the trailer and more about this's gonna be a banger. Both of these will show at SPoT Ybor next to The Bricks, so come on out, get some grub, and watch some skating. Easy as that.