SPoT On with Brendan carroll

Tampa Pro Is Coming...

Tampa Pro planning is officially underway and we're stoked that it's almost here. I can feel my liver getting stronger already. If you weren't here last year and didn't catch the broadcast, you can check out the full recap here. A whole weekend of partying and insane skateboarding? Yes. Check out the full schedule here and get your tickets here. Here's a teaser put together by Frank to get you as hyped as we are.

A Tour of SPoT Skate Shop in 2015

It's been a while since we did a full photo tour of the SPoT Skate Shop on Columbus, so here's what we're looking like today. Come check it out in person if you're in the area. Click here to take the tour.

Zaturdays With Zitzer: Rodney mullen is a genius, you might be too

I’ve always claimed it takes a genius to change or influence skateboarding in any significant way. Mark Gonzalez, Tom Penny, Hawk, Blender, Daewon, and of course the movement’s posterboy, Rodney Mullen. All geniuses. Click here to read more.

Team Pain Unveils the new zephyrhills skatepark

You might already know that Team Pain has been putting in work on our new concrete courtyard this week, but you might not know that they just finished an all-concrete park in Zephyrhills and it's pretty sick. We're sending some of the squad out there tomorrow for the grand opening, but here's a video that Team Pain and TWS put together of a private session, featuring Chad Poor, John Stowe, Keith Gibb, Chris Blake, Bryan Pederson, and Lake Black.

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