#TBT: Felipe Gustavo Tampa Am 2007

This is it, the run that started it all for Felipe Gustavo. You know the story: Dad sells the family car to pay for the trip to Tampa, they arrive at the contest only to be told “you didn’t register so you can’t skate,” then after being allowed to practice, Felipe changes everyone’s mind with his ridiculous talent, is put in the contest after all, and goes on to win it. But do you remember the run he took? I didn’t either. Turns out it was incredible. I suggest you have another look at it.

Tampa Am 2014: A Look Back

If you were here for last year's Tampa Am, you remember that 13 year old Jagger Eaton took home the win after battling it out with some serious contenders. This year the stakes are higher, with a spot in the 2016 SLS Pro Open locked in for the winner. Check out some footage from the 2015 Tampa Am Finals and keep in mind that all these dudes have gotten BETTER over the last year. Get your tickets to Tampa Am 2015 here.

Paul Zitzer Explains Why Tampa Am Matters

Tampa Am is a big deal. But why? Well I have some theories. First, the list of winners: Barley, Caswell, Spanky, Sierra, Nyjah, Cody Mac, Decenzo, Gustavo, Luan, and that’s only some of them. Second, the list of non-winners, if you want to dig deep you’ll find just about EVERY SINGLE PRO took at least one crack at Tampa Am. True a lot of them admit to not really being able to handle it, but that makes it even better. Read the rest here.

SPoT Product Watch: Lakai

Lakai Ltd. continues to impress this Holiday season with solid colorways that accent new and old silhouettes. With premium suedes, vulcanized outsole construction, and subtle logo hits, stories like the Riley in Pine, Fura in Port, and Owen Slip-On in Black / Black, it's hard to find a shoe in this assortment that you wouldn't want to wear or skate. Add a premium blend tee or the Camby in Cream and a Black L/S Tee from the Crail Couch Collection and your Holiday kit is sealed up. Find these products and more all available now. See more photos.

Tampa Am 2015: The Nightlife

Everyone knows that the skating at Tampa Am is why most of us come...it's insane. These dudes are hungry and talented, and that makes for great skateboarding. But what happens when the contest is over for the day? Well, if you've never been to an Am or Pro, ask someone who has and they'll tell you that the after parties are just as epic. Bands, DJs, concrete sessions, free booze, free tattoos (this guy decided to get Schaefer's face tattooed on his leg in 2014), Old Man Bowl Jams, art shows and more. This year will be no different. Go to the main Tampa Am event page here and look under the "Nightlife" section for each day to see what we've got in store for you this year. I promise it won't be boring.