Tampa Pro 2014: Day One Nightlife & Welcome To Town Party

Thursday night of Tampa Pro 2014 is the Welcome To Town party. Most of the pros that are here head down to Ybor City to check out the infamous nightlife, including an art show at The Bricks and some serious pool hustlin' at Reservoir Bar. Check out some photos here.

Tampa Pro 2014: Day One

Yesterday was all about high-fives, warm-ups, set-ups, turn-ups, handshakes, and hugs. Welcome to Tampa everyone...it's gonna be a rad weekend. Check out the full article and some photos of day one of Tampa Pro 2014 right here.

Guess who's coming to Tampa Pro? #6

If you aren't stoked enough already for this weekend, here are four more reasons you should be at Tampa Pro 2014: Theotis Beasley, Mark Suciu, Peter Ramondetta, and Trevor Colden. Don't forget, you can still get tickets through Will Call or at either shop.

Guess who's coming to Tampa Pro? #5

Holy sh*t, there's only 3 days left until Tampa Pro 2014 and the names keep rolling in. Here's Brian Anderson, Vincent Alvarez, Evan Smith, and Dan Plunkett. Damn...I can't wait to start seeing some of these dudes around the park. Shipping for tickets is done, but you can still get them through Will Call and at both shops.

Throwback Tuesday

In honor of this weekend, I decided to look back at an old Tampa Pro contest 15 years ago. Ed Templeton was ripping, Vert skating was alive and well, and Koston was still killing it as usual. Enjoy.

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