Go Skate Day 2015 - The Ghetto Gap

The Ghetto Gap. Many have tried and many have walked away with their hands looking like raw beef and a ripped shirt. Brian Schaefer Ollied it. That photo there is Ian Gow doing a switch heel down it back in 2007. This year, DC Shoes is helping us give out ca$h for tricks for Go Skate Day, and GG is one of the stops. Check out the full route for GSD 2015 here and start brushing up on your skills... they could pay off.

Jean-Luc Vida's Damn Am ATL Trip Edit

When we do road trips, it's always nice to have an extra filmer along for the ride. So when we went to ATL for Damn Am a few weeks ago, former SPoT employee Jean-Luc Vida brought his VX and got some footy that you may not have seen. We're heading out to Chicago this weekend for the next Damn Am Select Series presented by Nike SB and I'm sure it will be sick. Check the full schedule for that here. Hope you can join us!


Uncle Sam Bellipanni has been stacking clips left and right lately, so it was no surprise when he quietly dropped this video on his YouTube account last week. Featuring Sam, Jereme Knibbs, Cameron Hunt and a few other friends ripping in SF.

Zaturdays: Liquid Swords and Tre Flips

In skateboarding, just like Kung Fu movies, failure is vital to getting better. Think Chris Cole trying to Tre flip Wallenberg. If you make everything all the time, you’re not trying hard enough tricks (With the exclusion of Shane O’Neill maybe). The more we fail, the more we learn. If it takes all day, or all week, or all month, you know you’re getting somewhere. Read more.

School's Out Jam All Ages Contest presented by KR3W

Taylor Kirby and Boo Johnson are in town and getting the tour of Tampa right now, but they'll be here tomorrow for our School's Out Jam presented by KR3W. Come join us if you're in the area. All ages contests are always rad and we love seeing stoked kids' faces. We're also doing 15% off all KR3W apparel in-store and online Saturday and Sunday. Check out some footage from last year's event and if you need more details, they're right here.

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