Clash of the Crews 2015 presented by Vans

Time for another shop vs. shop battle at SPoT - the Clash of the Crews presented by Vans is coming soon. Get your squad together and email if you want to skate. Don't wait because spots are filling up quick. Check out the full event details here and let the carnage begin.

A Case of the mondays: Fucking Awesome

This is it - FA World Entertainment has finally hit our shops and we're stoked. Check out the first batch that's already flying out the door on this week's A Case of the Mondays.

Zaturdays With Zitzer: Defending Your Shred

A friend, who I’ll call “Joe” to protect his good name, manufactures skateboards for a living and told me about the time a few years back when some investor type guy told him he was going to start making plastic boards “like they kind from the ‘70s.” As the story goes, after hearing him out Joe declined the opportunity to get involved, but didn’t quite have the heart to tell him that a fortune would undoubtedly be lost on the venture. Well long story short, Penny boards sold by the shipload load and Joe realized he’d missed out on the opportunity of the millennium. Who would have guessed? Click here to read the full article.

The TOA Demo is tomorrow at SPoT!

We are impatiently awaiting the arrival of Ben Gore, Kevin Coakley, Steve Brandi, Yonnie Cruz, Jimmy Lannon, Piro Sierra, Dane Brady, Josh Stewart, Justin Eggeling, and Brendan Carroll, who are all in town this weekend for the Theories "Escape From New York Tour". They'll be making a stop at SPoT tomorrow at 1pm for a demo, then that night we'll all be heading to the Bricks in Ybor for Yonnie Cruz's going Pro party. As a bonus sidenote, GX1000 just released a new part on Thrasher, featuring clips by Yonnie and Brendan, as well as Ol' Dirty Al Davis and a handful of the GX squad. Check that out below and then click here to see what we have planned for the whole Theories weekend.

throwback thursdays: duc and john in rubbish heap

In the new issue of TSM, Daewon Song says that Duc and John’s part from Rubbish Heap inspired him “to just push down the streets and hit whatever was in the way.” That’s a little surprising because Daewon never ended up skating much like Duc and John. I know how you are though, with no link on the page you probably didn’t make it a point to see whose part he was talking about. That’s what we’re here for, finding links.

Rubbish Heap was a video from World Industries that came out in 1989. It included Rodney Mullen’s last real freestyle part, a tre flip on the Beryl school bank by Jeremy Klein, a 10 year old named Chris Branaugh who is famous for quitting skateboarding because Rocco allegedly ruined it for him, and early footage of spots like Venice beach and the Santa Monica Courthouse, plus the only Spike Jonze song I can think of ever hearing. But back to Duc and John, they were not overly cutting edge, but whatever they’re doing in this video was enough for Daewon to notice, so it’s gotta be worth a look. And sorry about the horrible quality of the footage, but hey, that’s VHS.

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