SPoT Life: How Wacson Mass Won Damn Am Costa Mesa

Wacson Mass, the little man from Brazil with big hair just came out of nowhere and crushed it at Damn Am Costa Mesa. You might be looking at the next Felipe Gustavo... Here's how he did it. Congrats Wacson!

SPoT Life: Damn Am Select Series Costa Mesa Day 2

The ripping at Volcom Skatepark yesterday was unreal, and that was only Qualifiers. Here's an example of the level of skating that went down. Follow us @SPoTTampa for more photos and clips from Damn Am Costa Mesa.

Video: Frank Branca / Riffty Fifty

Damn Am Select Series 2015 Costa Mesa Day 2 Photos

A whole other round of rippers burned down Volcom Skatepark yesterday during the second day of Damn Am Costa Mesa...and that was just Qualifiers. We've still got today's Semis and Finals (not to mention Best Trick) to go. Big ups goes to Dashawn Jordan and Zach Saraceno on getting Golden Tickets. They get to skip everyone and go straight to the Finals. Keep checking back here for the RIDE Channel edit and more coverage of our last day. See more photos.

Damn Am Select Series 2015: Costa Mesa Day 1 Photos

It's day 2 here in sunny Costa Mesa, CA and we're gearing up for Qualifiers to start today. Volcom Skatepark is the name and Damn Am is the game. These dudes are already raising the bar on what it takes to be Damn Am of the Year, and Street League upped the ante with a chance to qualify for the 2016 Nike SB SLS World Tour. Who's your pick? Check out some photos from practice yesterday and maybe that will help you decide.

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