spot life: tampa pro 2015 moat race

It's the messiest, gnarliest and most sketchy part of any Tampa Pro: The Moat Race. Many have tried and many have failed. I think we have enough shoes stuck down in there to open up a whole new shop. This year Rob Hoovis brought out the drone/quadra-copter-cam thingy and flew it over everyone for an entirely new perspective. Check it out.

Video by Kevin Perez, Frank Branca, Rob Hoovis

Spring Roll All Ages Contest - presented by Lakai

Our annual Spring Roll all ages contest is coming up fast, so get registered if you want to skate. This year, Lakai is coming through again proper with their team riders, Ronnie Sandoval, Riley Hawk and Jon Sciano. Who wouldn't want to skate with these dudes?? Registration is open to anyone and you can sign up right here. Check out full division info and times on the details page and we'll see you then.

Zaturdays: Frontside Boneless? Yeah, Maybe You Shouldn’t

There’s a saying: just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It can apply to anything from drinking bucket loads of beer to getting free product from wacky sponsors. It also fits for tricks, including our beloved frontside boneless, which, invert craze aside, is the one I’ve noticed suffering from the most overuse these last couple of years. Read more.

spot on spots on Ride channel

It all started with one vert ramp and a crusty little warehouse... 22 years later and we're still going strong. Get the story of how Skatepark of Tampa got its start from the people that helped make it happen. Check out Ride Channel's mini-doc about us called "SPoT On SPOTS".

#TBT: Bobby Puleo, Static II

Bobby Puleo is one of those dudes that you either love, or hate. I know because every time I mention that the little guy with the T-rex arms is one of my favorites, it elicits either excited agreement, or a look that could be best described as total disgust followed by “Puleo?! He sucks!” Read more.

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