SPoT Product Watch: Nike SB Ishod Wair Dunk Low

Ishod Wair is without a doubt one of the greatest skateboarders to date and 2015 proved just that with the 5+ video parts he put out. 2016 has started out great for the young professional as well with the debut of his own Nike shoe the "IW Dunk Low".

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Zaturdays: Shred Butt Shocker EXPOSED!

Max Schaaf is cooler than you are, cooler than any of us are. He’s got that signature no nonsense SF attitude thing down to a science, and he can talk all he wants about how he’ll “try” to be cool around people like Julien Stranger or Jason Jessee, but that just reinforces the coolness. Max is a champion, a 90s legend, and now we learn he’s also responsible for one of the greatest Tampa Pro moments of all time.

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#TBT Brian Schaefer In Think's "Damage"

Founder, CEO, president, and captain of the Skatepark of Tampa ship Brian Schaefer is world famous for supplying skateboarding with some of its all time greatest moments ever, again and again and again, but I’m pretty sure most people don’t realize how rad he actually is ON a skateboard.

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SPoT - Best of GoPro 2015

With two epic contests in the books this year, and a new Tampa Pro right around the corner in March 2016, our partners at Street League put together one hell of a highlight reel, filmed entirely using GoPro HERO. Enjoy.

Crews Clashing in January

Every year, we invite some southeast shops to come to our house and skate head to head in Clash of the Crews. On January 30th, we've got a solid list of teams, including Island Water Sports, Westside, MIA, Redbeard, Aqua East, GSZ, Plus and BC Surf & Sport, just to name a few - and the whole thing is hosted by Vans once again. There's still some spots open, so email if you're down to rip. Check out photos and video from last year right here to see how we do it.