School's Out Jam All Ages Contest presented by KR3W

Taylor Kirby and Boo Johnson are in town and getting the tour of Tampa right now, but they'll be here tomorrow for our School's Out Jam presented by KR3W. Come join us if you're in the area. All ages contests are always rad and we love seeing stoked kids' faces. We're also doing 15% off all KR3W apparel in-store and online Saturday and Sunday. Check out some footage from last year's event and if you need more details, they're right here.

#TBT: Jason Jessee in Streets On Fire

The origins of blasted airs to fakie and front stales tossed around like nothing can be traced directly back to Jason Jessee. Without him it might have taken us all another couple of decades. When his part in Streets on Fire came out in 1989, sketchy rock fakies were still the set up trick de jure for backward moves, and all of a sudden JJ is pumping method fakies to the moon. This part was so influential that I tried to die my hair gray because of it but it wouldn’t take. And the Jessee style is a pure classic. Pay special attention to the leading arm, elbow out. And those frontside ollies! Jason Jessee was always cutting edge and one of kind. He still is.

A Case of the Mondays: New Balance Numeric

New Balance Numeric is this week's Case, and they're killing it with a solid team and well-constructed skate shoes. Luke drops some knowledge about this brand that doesn't just make running shoes anymore.

Zaturdays: Nothing To Complain About

I’ve always hated listening to old dudes talkin’ about how great things used to be compared to how they are now. “Back in the day we learned to do real tricks like frontside grinds, with style! We weren’t auditioning for the circus.” I’ll make an exception for Grosso whose old guy perspective is crazy entertaining and rife with jewels of wisdom, but other than that, you can save it. The truth is that most of these codgers were never that gnarly, didn’t do airs as high as they thought they did, had weak handlplants etc. Okay, maybe they did good frontside grinds but so does everyone (except me). Read more.

SPoT Life: The Road to Damn Am Select Series Atlanta

You know how we do it; the crew loaded up the SPoT van bright and early to get a head start. This go around we stuffed SPoT Team riders Robby Kirkland, Markus Jalaber, Alejandro Burnell and Uncle Sam Bellipanni into the van along with Tampa locals and friends Jean-Luc Vida and Cameron Hunt. Needless to say, we set ourselves up for quite the weekend of fun. Check out the photos.

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