Theories of Atlantis Escapes from New York

Back in January, the Theories of Atlantis dudes decided to take a break from the cold and came down to Florida for ten days, with a jump off at SPoT. We were stoked to have them in town, especially because longtime homie Yonnie Cruz had just turned Pro. After the trip was over, they took all the footage and put it together in one amazing video. Presenting the Escape From New York Tour...

A Case of the Mondays: Converse

On this week's Case, we're taking a look at Kenny Anderson's 3rd pro shoe for Converse, the KA3. Converse came through big time and helped us out with finishing our new Concrete Courtyard recently, so make sure you show them some love. Don't forget Tampa Pro is right around the corner (March 20-22). Get your tickets here.

Tampa Pro Party / Cement Jam

Anyone who's been to Tampa Pro will tell you that it's 50% skating and 50% partying. I'm sure that second part is probably a higher percentage, but you get the idea. In any case, the night time parties this year will not disappoint. One thing we've never had during a Tampa Pro is our new concrete section (finished earlier this year), and if our 22 Year Anniversary Party was the gauntlet, then I better bring a clean pair of underwear for what's about to go down at Tampa Pro March 21st. Get your tickets here and come check out music by Patman and Robin (Pat Duffy & Rob Welsh), a Misfits cover band and more. Plus, Converse is bringing $5000 to the table for a Cement Jam out in the courtyard. Check out some of the highlights from Tampa Am last year, when Grant Taylor, Ishod Wair, Justin Brock and others came to break the cherry on our new favorite part of the park.

Zaturdays: SPoT Goes to hollywood

I’m super good at spotting celebrities. Hey it’s Carrot Top! Unless I’m crazy…there’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Isn’t that the mayor? All real sightings by me. And the more time I spend in LA the better I get at it. Read more.

SPoT On with James Coleman

James Coleman is one humble human being. Our latest SPoT On proves exactly that. In this episode, James talks about some new video parts coming out, the GX1000 Slam, the Clash of the Crews stripper, and more.

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