Adidas Away Days Video Premiere

The adidas Away Days video premiere has already taken LA and NYC by storm and we're bringing it here to SPoT on May 28. With names like Suciu, Busenitz, Gonz, Baxter-Neal, Puig and more, you know it's serious shit. Plus we'll also be holding a ledge Best Trick Jam out in the courtyard with some free stuff for the bangers.

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Vote For SPoT To Win!

This is's the day to vote for the SPoT Team edit so we can win this year's TWS Dew Tour Shop Showdown! Just go to the link below, look for our edit and hit the VOTE button below it. Then go to every computer you can find and do it again. You only have until May 25 to do it, so don't sleep!


Zaturdays: California Adventure

Schaefer, Adam “Warzaw Factory” Washell, Derick “Glancy Pants” Glancy and I flew out for back to back to back nights of Skate Industry Overdose, starting with the adidas Away Days premier on Thursday, followed by the Skateboard Hall of Fame ceremony on Friday, and finally the Vans Pool Party on Saturday.

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2016 Nike SB SLS Pro Open Live Webcast at The Bricks

Paul Zitzer and Brian Schaefer's thumb will be out in Barcelona this weekend, partying too much and attempting to help out with the 2016 Nike SB SLS Pro Open. Most of you probably can't make it, but you can still watch it live at SPoT Ybor / The Bricks here in Tampa. Check the link below for show times and details and come have a drink with us.

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#TBT Antwuan Dixon Baker 3

You saw Antwuan Dixon’s part in Baker 3 a million times and loved it to death, but over 10 years later it’s time for a refresher.

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