SPoT Life: Tampa Pro 2015 Saturday Qualifiers & Best Trick

Yesterday's Qualifying runs were furious! Top two highlights in my opinion: Evan Smith's run and Mike V's footplant on the 6ft Q-pipe wall. Check out the footage and Bart Jones' photos and decide for yourself. Don't forget to follow us @SPoTTampa on Insta and Twitter for more and check out the live broadcast of the Semis and Finals today at 11am on

Tampa pro 2015: Qualifiers, Best Trick Results & Semi Finals Heat Sheets

The Qualifiers and Independent Best Trick contest is over and the results are in. Ishod and Shane go straight to the Finals tomorrow with a cool $500 each in their pockets. The top 10 from the Semi-Finals heat sheets will join them along with Nyjah and any former Tampa Pro winners that want to skate this year. Check out the results from Best Trick and Qualifiers and place your bets on tomorrow's champ.

Tampa Pro 2015: Friday Night Party Photos

Last night we took the after party out to Ybor again, this time for an insane hardcore show at Tampa's Orpheum, featuring Coldside, Science (Ed Selego from M.I.A. Skateshop's band), and the one and only NYHC band, Agnostic Front. Check out the carnage and some drunken photos from our man on the scene, Alex Sherrer. Make sure you stick around tonight for the Converse Concrete Jam, Patman & Robin (Pat Duffy & Rob Welsh) and a Misfits cover band. Now which way to the free booze? See photos

SPoT Life: Tampa Pro 2015 Friday Practice

The second day of practice at Tampa Pro 2015 is over and I already can't believe some of the tricks that have gone down. I mean, it's TAMPA PRO, so it's not that unusual, but c'mon... Check out the SPoT Life edit and some photos by Bart Jones of the Industry / V.I.P. contest, how to violate the new course properly, and one hell of an ender by Grant Taylor. Today is Qualifiers and the Independent Best Trick contest, both of which will be playing LIVE on at 11am EST! Read more.

Tampa Pro 2015: Thursday Night Photos

In case you've been hiding in a cave for the last few weeks, Tampa Pro is here and in full force. Today is open practice and the T.M. / Industry V.I.P. contest, which is always interesting. Sunday is already sold out and there are still tickets available for today and tomorrow available in the shop. If you can't be here, make sure you follow us on Insta and Twitter @SPoTTampa for all the coverage. And definitely tune in Saturday and Sunday at 11am for the live webcast at Here are some photos from last night's Welcome to Town party at The Bricks, and the "Moat Definitely" photo show. Don't forget: Agnostic Front, Science and Coldside play TONIGHT at The Orpheum after today's ripping. You can still get tickets at the shop.

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