SPoT On With Jake Wooten

We caught up with Jake Wooten during Damn Am Atlanta at his hometown skatepark: Hazard County and got a few burning questions answered. Glad your head's ok Jake, and we hope to see you in Brazil this weekend.

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SPoT Product Watch: Baker Boys Distribution

The Baker Boys Distribution Spring drop is one of the best product lines we've seen this season. Rowan is Pro, Riley gets a cruiser shape, Ellington keeps smoking, Deathwish gets tagged as evidence, and Heroin sticks with colorful stripes. All Baker products are always in stock and available at all locations, so get ready for that Summer vacation now.

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SPoT Hosts Bro Bowl 2.0 Grand Opening

With the end of a piece of Tampa's skateboarding history comes a new chapter in its community: The addition of the new Bro Bowl / Perry Harvey, Sr. skatepark in downtown. The weather held up and it was a perfect day to break it in.

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Zaturdays: Hawk, Underrated

25 years ago if you did a poll asking who the best skater in the world is, 90% of the vote would have probably gone to Tony Hawk. But since Birdman doesn’t really do too much in the way of contest skating on TV anymore, I’m assuming he’s fallen off in the public’s mind as “the best.” So in today’s Zaturdays I’m shouting Tony out as the still current best skater of all time no matter what anybody did, does or ever will do on a skateboard. Here’s why:

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Bro Bowl 2.0 Grand Opening Photos

The rain threatened, but not even mother nature could keep us from officially opening the new Bro Bowl / Perry Harvey Sr. Skatepark in Downtown Tampa last weekend. It turned out to be a beautiful day of food, music, skateboarding and a coming together of our community to help memorialize a piece of history and add a new chapter to Tampa's story.

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