Product Watch - Baker Boys Distribution

We are stocked in the shop and online with new goods from Baker Boys Distribution, including new decks, apparel, accessories from Deathwish, Shake Junt and the Baker Boys themselves. Including a restock of Jamie Foy's Pro model and new graphics from Andrew Reynolds, Jon Dickson and Terry Kennedy. Find your favorite right here or in the shop.

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Tampa Am Registration Is Now Open

That's right - registration for the 2017 Tampa Am is now open. You can click here to start signing up. We've already started the countdown to November 9th and hope you're as stoked as we are to be hosting so much great talent under one roof. Tickets are available right here. Keep checking the event details for updates and we'll see you there!

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Only Two Damn Am Stops Left...

We're heading back to the wilderness at Woodward Skate Camp in Tehachapi, California for the next stop of Damn Am, September 2-3. This will be the second to last stop before we hit NYC for the final throwdown, and then it's Tampa Am time. If you haven't skated one of these yet and think you've got what it takes, sign up here. And as always, if you're not skating the contest, we want you to come join us! Jump on a bus or a plane and come see what Damn Am is all about.

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SPoT Product Watch - New Balance Numeric Fall '17

New Balance Numeric comes correct this Fall with skate shoes that blur the lines between modern functionality & classic style. Check out some product shots, find your favorite right here or in-store, and be sure go check out their newest video, "Tri-Color".

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Ish Cepeda at SPoT For Thrashin' Thursdays

Check out some heat from Ish as he plows through the Pro Course during Best Foot Forward a few weeks ago. Big ups to The Berrics for posting this as part of their "Thrashin' Thursdays" series.

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