A Tour of SPoT Skate Shop in 2015

It's been a while since we did a full photo tour of the SPoT Skate Shop on Columbus, so here's what we're looking like today. Come check it out in person if you're in the area. Click here to take the tour.

Zaturdays With Zitzer: Rodney mullen is a genius, you might be too

I’ve always claimed it takes a genius to change or influence skateboarding in any significant way. Mark Gonzalez, Tom Penny, Hawk, Blender, Daewon, and of course the movement’s posterboy, Rodney Mullen. All geniuses. Click here to read more.

Team Pain Unveils the new zephyrhills skatepark

You might already know that Team Pain has been putting in work on our new concrete courtyard this week, but you might not know that they just finished an all-concrete park in Zephyrhills and it's pretty sick. We're sending some of the squad out there tomorrow for the grand opening, but here's a video that Team Pain and TWS put together of a private session, featuring Chad Poor, John Stowe, Keith Gibb, Chris Blake, Bryan Pederson, and Lake Black.

#TBT Gino Iannucci 101 Snuff

Nobody invented style, we know that, but if anyone is going to get the credit it should be Gino Iannucci. Today’s #TBT is from the Snuff video by 101, which in case you don’t already know was the brainchild of Natas Kaupas, another company in a long line of World Industries offshoots. Really Snuff was more of a promo at under 13 minutes, but with ripping parts from a young Jason Dill, a twisted up McNatt, and Pulaski pioneer Andy Stone, it had the weight of a full length and in my opinion was the exact moment when 101 peaked. The cameos of the World Park also earned the production 100 extra cool points. More than anything though, Snuff introduced the world to that Gino technique on the board that we all spent the better part of the rest of the century trying to emulate. Remember this part is from ’93, which is like two years after modern humans crawled out of the caves and began walking upright, so yeah, it was pretty cutting edge all things considered. Oh, and another noteworthy fact, this was the first time I’d ever heard of Method Man or Wu Tang Clan, they had a pretty good run after Snuff too.

Nike SB GT Blazer x Stratosphere Collab dropping Saturday

This Saturday, Nike SB will be dropping its latest #SupportYourLocal shoe inspired by Grant Taylor and Stratosphere skateshop. The Blazer GT represents Atlanta to its fullest with premium leather Georgia stamp on the heel, red clay colorway, and Little 5 Points map insole. Pick your pair up at SPoTTampa.com at 8am and 10am at the park. Click here to see more photos.

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