The 2nd annual Matix Halloween Jam is tomorrow

The SPoT 2nd Annual Halloween Jam, presented by Matix is tomorrow starting at 4pm. Matix team riders Zack Wallin and Turkey Stopnik will be here, as well as Red Bull team riders Joey Brezinsky, Alex Midler, Felipe Gustavo, and Alex Sorgente. Also, all Matix gear will be 15% off Saturday and Sunday. Check full details here and don't forget to dress up.

Get your Tampa Am 2014 tickets!

Here's some highlights from the Finals at last year's Tampa Am, including Jack Olson's winning run. It's going to be sick this year and the new course will be anyone's game. Don't forget we are hosting our 22 Year Anniversary Party at SPoT this year. We even have tickets available now on Will Call, since Sunday always sells out.

All This Mayhem (A Seriously Ripping Documentary)

If you haven't seen the documentary about Tas and Ben Pappas called "All This Mayhem", get it, find it, buy it, etc. Paul Zitzer saw it and wrote a little intro to shed some light on this incredible story of two brothers from Australia that lived here at SPoT back in the beginning. Check it out here and then check out the documentary on iTunes here.

Tas and Ben Pappas part in Mad Circle's "Let the Horns Blow"

Out with the old...

Ok - so admittedly, our website looks a little like some 1998 AOL / Geocities starter page and has for awhile. So now, after 13 years, we decided it's not ironic to be a dinosaur anymore and we're changing the whole look and feel of it. Here's a couple of teaser photos of what we're shooting for. Look for the new site coming soon...

Throwback Tuesday

I feel like Paul Shier's part from Blueprint's Lost and Found video flew under the radar. I never hear anyone mention it despite it being one of my favorite Shier parts. I know it's rare because it wasn't easy to find on youtube, not only that it had less than 400 views. I think it's about time to shed some light on this forgotten part.

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