BTS Clearance Sale / Tax Free Days at SPoT

IT'S ON Y'ALL! SPoT Tax Free Days start today. Don't sleep on these discounts because they only run until August 16, 2015. Walk out with a fresh kit and still have some paper in your pocket. Or if you like to sit at home in your tighty whiteys, you can grab this stuff online at and let Brown do the work for you. (All sale items final).

Street League's True Skate App - SPoT Style

If you haven't downloaded Street League's official skateboarding app, True Skate, you're sleeping on one of the best virtual skate games out there. You're sitting around, depressed after getting folded on a gnarly gap and all you have is old skate videos to watch? Nah, son. Get this app and keep skating. It's only $1.99 and you can upgrade to SPoT's 2015 Pro Course now for $0.99. They've even got a slow-motion add-on that's super rad. Check out the demo video below and decide for yourself.

#TBT David Reyes Color Theory

David Reyes is way underrated. But what gives? He’s been around forever already, delivering top-notch media of inspirational shred, time and time again. Is he too nice? Maybe his smile has been distracting you from his kickflip front crooks. Or hey, maybe you have suspect taste and just prefer double laser flip style skating. We can let it slide this time, but in preparation for his visit to Tampa this weekend, take another look at a classic D-Rey part. It’s time to wake up to what he’s been putting down.

Paul Zitzer's Damn Am Select Series Round Up

This weekend we're heading to Costa Mesa, CA for the next Damn Am Select Series stop: Volcom Skatepark. Prepare to rip their course a new one and start narrowing down the contenders for Damn Am of the Year, because we only have a few more of these left. Our boy Paul Zitzer recently broke it down for in an interview that explains the stakes and how this year's Damn Am contests are "Way Damn Bigger" as a result of our new partnership with them. Read the full interview here.

SPoT Product Watch Bonus: Skatepark of Tampa 6-Panel Unstructured Hats

Hitting you with a bonus Product Watch this week because we just added our new black unstructured 6-panel strap back hats to the mix. These are premium, lightweight and breathable for that Florida Summer heat, but sturdy enough to withstand your sweaty dome after a long sesh. They feature the classic "City Star" logo embroidered into the front, a leather strap back with press closure and our "Est. 1993" branding on the inner sweatband. Pick one up in-store, or right here.

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