#tbt: Neil and Claar in Speed Freaks

Neil Blender influenced skateboarding as much as Mark Gonzales. At least. He’s responsible for the lien air, the Coffee Break graphic, forfeiting a contest run to paint graffiti…he’s an artist, an enigma, and one of those tall dudes with awesome tall dude style. He’s also known for having some of the most glorious handplants ever. Oh, AND he pioneered half the lip tricks we all still do today. Or try to do. Pretty much just your run of the mill super genius. Steve Claar wasn’t quite all that, but he still ranks on the old timers’ lists as having one of the greatest frontside ollies on the pipe. In a tragic turn, he lost one of his legs due to a staff infection after his pro career was over. I’ve heard he still skates. Together their part couldn’t NOT be a classic. Two greats, skating the way we should all try to skate. And with the Dinosaur Jr. soundtrack it’s almost like you’re watching an Alien Workshop video. Three thumbs up on this. Gearing up for getting down indeed.

Firing Line: Anthony Schultz

Good homie and resident SPoT filmer Frank Branca just spent a weekend following Anthony Schultz around and the result is this Firing Line that Thrasher posted a couple days ago. Always good to see the Bradenton go-kart track being used in a video, and Anthony definitely rips it in his own way. Good job, Frank!

SPoT road trip: Jacksonville & Luke's Wedding

Growing up, getting married, having children and a family - it’s the American dream. Well, maybe not for all of us. It was however for two members of our SPoT family; Luke Pallone and his lovely wife Devin who have been a part of the Skatepark of Tampa for quite some time now. In light of their tying of the knot, we decided to pack up the van with our road crew and make a trip out of it. Along the way we had some fun, ran into some trouble, got to skate, party, and have one hell of a time together. Read more.

The damn am select series full breakdown!

Have you seen the love we’re getting on StreetLeague.com? Last week they launched a Damn Am Select Series micro site. If you’re an amateur skateboarder you might want to take a look at it. Read the rest here.

A Case of the mondays: lakai

Lakai is coming through this weekend for our Spring Roll All Ages contest, and we're checking in with the latest line of shoes to get you looking tight. Ronnie Sandoval, Jon Sciano and Riley Hawk will be here skating too, so don't miss it! Video: Frank Branca

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