SPoT Life: Damn Am Select Series Atlanta - Sunday Semis and Finals

These dudes all killed it in the final day of our Damn Am Select Series in Atlanta, but Yoshi Tanenbaum, Jack Olson and Jamie Foy just blew everyone away and got 1st, 2nd and 3rd. It was a great weekend for skateboarding. Thanks to these rad people for making it happen: C1RCA shoes, Independent Trucks, Santa Cruz, Bones wheels, Bones bearings, Transworld, Dakine, Ride Channel and of course, Hazard County Skatepark. Check out more photos here.

SPoT Life: How Yoshi Tanenbaum Won the Damn Am Select Series in Atlanta

Yoshi proved once again that he’s a total FREAK by taking the top spot out of over 100 ams at stop two of the 2015 Damn Am Select Series. Along with the first place trophy he gets a free trip and a Golden Ticket to the Tampa Am Semi-Finals. Stay tuned for a full SPoT Life episode from today's ripping, coming soon.

SPoT Life: Damn Am Select Series Atlanta, Saturday Qualifiers

We ripped through Qualifiers yesterday and now we're down to the top 28 in the Semi Finals, plus Yoshi Tanenbaum and Jamie Foy, who get to skip straight through to the Finals. It's gonna be a burner for sure. Check out the rest of the photos here.

Damn Am Select Series Atlanta: Friday Practice Photos

It's all registration, headshots, and practice the first day, but still...the level of skating is off the charts. We closed out the first day of the Damn Am Select Series here in Atlanta with a ripping bowl jam and good ol' Georgia hospitality. Check out the photos here.

#TBT: Stevie Williams "The Reason"

Stevie Williams made ledge skating and flat ground look better than anyone ever did or has since. In fact his entire career was built on it. This 1999 part is classic Stevie and classic Love Park. Throw in some beatboxing, cameo clips of Kalis and KT and you’ve got a masterpiece on your hands. Another TWS video in the heyday of TWS videos, pay special attention to the switch backside flip, the 4’ tall switch front nose, and the Kalis tre.

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