SPoT Life: Tampa Pro 2015 Friday Practice

The second day of practice at Tampa Pro 2015 is over and I already can't believe some of the tricks that have gone down. I mean, it's TAMPA PRO, so it's not that unusual, but c'mon... Check out the SPoT Life edit and some photos by Bart Jones of the Industry / V.I.P. contest, how to violate the new course properly, and one hell of an ender by Grant Taylor. Today is Qualifiers and the Independent Best Trick contest, both of which will be playing LIVE on at 11am EST! Read more.

Tampa Pro 2015: Thursday Night Photos

In case you've been hiding in a cave for the last few weeks, Tampa Pro is here and in full force. Today is open practice and the T.M. / Industry V.I.P. contest, which is always interesting. Sunday is already sold out and there are still tickets available for today and tomorrow available in the shop. If you can't be here, make sure you follow us on Insta and Twitter @SPoTTampa for all the coverage. And definitely tune in Saturday and Sunday at 11am for the live webcast at Here are some photos from last night's Welcome to Town party at The Bricks, and the "Moat Definitely" photo show. Don't forget: Agnostic Front, Science and Coldside play TONIGHT at The Orpheum after today's ripping. You can still get tickets at the shop.

Tampa Pro 2015: the nighttime parties

After a long day of taking boards to the shin, sharkbites, primos, wheelbites and stingers to get that line as tight as possible, all you really want to do is party it out and start again the next day. We've got some great night time events happening during Pro this year: Friday is Agnostic Front (NYC hardcore), Science ft. Ed Selego of MIA skateshop, and Coldside at the Orpheum in Ybor. Saturday, Converse is putting on one hell of a Concrete Jam on our new course, open to those who rip the most (TBD) - PLUS Patman & Robin (that's Pat Duffy & Rob Welsh) will be blowing minds, followed by a Misfits cover band! How the hell can you top that? Oh wait, open bar courtesy of PBR, while it lasts. I feel better already. Details for Friday. Details for Saturday.

Tampa Pro 2015: welcome to town

Thursday's the day when all the Pros start coming to town, warming up, and getting settled in for the weekend. It's like a big family reunion, and the best part is that the park is open to the public. I mean, c'mon...when are you gonna be able to skate the same course with dudes like Brian Anderson, Manny Santiago, Shane O'Neill, and Kelvin Hoefler again? After you're done skating, pop over to The Bricks at 8pm for the "Moat Definitely" photo show, featuring work by Ed Templeton, Bryce Kanights, Mike Burnett, and more. Hope to see y'all out this weekend and let's make it the best Tampa Pro ever.

Leonard trubia's guide to surviving tampa pro

Leonard Trubia is an OG SPoT Lifer who was one of the first people to live here when everyone was sleeping under the old vert ramp, so he's been through enough Tampa Pros to know how to make it through the weekend intact. Especially if you're one of the Pros skating. Check out his Guide To Surviving Tampa Pro.

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