2016 SLS World Tour Tickets Available Now

Hey just a quick heads up from your bros at SPoT to anyone lucky enough to be in the vicinity of an SLS stop this year. Tickets are on sale now at StreetLeague.com. You know we’re going to be at all of them: doing the webcast, shaking hands, kissing babies, and hopefully getting in a little shredding.

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SPoT Product Watch: Theories of Atlantis

This week we're putting Theories in the SPoTlight with their Spring '16 collection, featuring an Area 51 / Studio 54 flip, a Sun Ra tribute, Rowdy Roddy Piper immortalized on a coffee mug, and an homage to the Twin Towers. Check the lineup:

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Eli Williams Gets the Bronson Speedkiller Award - Damn Am Atlanta

Bronson Bearings gave out their Speedkiller Award during Damn Am Atlanta to the fastest, most rippingest, high-octane shredder of the weekend, and that was Hazard County local, Eli Williams. Much deserved, Eli! Watch the video and you'll understand why.

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Zaturdays: Notes From A Former Hater

I used to hate on everything. Well maybe not everything, but at least the stuff that I didn’t really agree with in skating, or that I thought was less than cool. Where was all this hate coming from? I have no idea, but in my defense it was trendy to be a hater back then.

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Cons Triple C's: Episode 10

Night time is the right time for a Downtown Tampa session with Alejandro Burnell, PJ Castellano, Derick Wynn and Jack Loktu, laced up with four pairs of the Converse One Star Pro OX. Special rare appearance by Schaefer's legs. Check it.

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