Zaturdays: The Skate School of Hard Knocks

P-Rod. Theotis. Dylan. Alex Olson. Hosoi. Gonz. These are skaters that I’m going to refer to here as Easy Money. Sponsors’ dream type dudes who can do no wrong. But what about the 10s, 100s, 1,000s of skaters that might have the tricks to be counted among the ranks of professional skateboarders but that are missing that one (maybe more) thing that could make them Easy Money pros?

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Clive Dixon's "Surfing With Satan" Part

Always good to see a new part by our friend and team rider, Clive Dixon. He is the definition of Skate and Destroy, ripping everything that gets in his way and barely taking a breath between tricks. Spoiler alert for the new Birdhouse video?

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TBT Joe Pease, Following Joe

This part from Joe Pease, current video guru at TWS and filmed by John Rattray, a.k.a. The Predatory Bird was groundbreaking when it came out and still is today. It's probably less of a video part and more of a video project, but you should watch it again for all sorts of reasons.

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Schaefer and Paul Zitzer are flying out to New Jersey this weekend for the last stop of the 2016 SLS Nike SB World Tour to help out with announcing and heckling. The best seats in the house will be at The Bricks on Sunday, where they'll be showing the Finals on all tv's, with sound. So come eat, chill and have a drink while you watch some incredible skateboarding.

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Chicago Street Skating With The Nike SB Ams - SPoT Life

The SPoT posse takes a break from the Damn Am to hit the streets of Chicago with Mike Sinclair and some of the Nike ams. Watch as Robert Neal, Dylan Witkin, and Zion Wright get a taste of some of Bart Jones' original spots.

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