SPoT Life: how Yoshi Tanenbaum won Damn Am NYC

Damn Am NYC was in Kevin Bradley's pocket until Yoshi's last run. Here's how he took first place.

Damn Am NYC Day 3: Finals & Best Trick

We've got a full SPoT Life episode coming up from this incredible last day in NYC. In the meantime, you can check out some rad photos that Alex Uncapher took. Wow - What a great weekend it's been.

Your top 3 winners of Damn Am NYC presented by Nike SB

Congrats to the top 3! From left to right: Antonio Durao (third), Kevin Bradley (second), and Yoshi Tanenbaum (first). Stay tuned for video of Yoshi's winning run, photos from Alex Uncapher, and a full edit of Day 3, including the Best Trick contest.

SPoT Life: Nike SB Damn Am NYC, Qualifiers

Qualifiers went down yesterday at LES Skatepark, with over 75 skaters battling it out and only 30 skaters advancing to the Semi-Finals. Congrats to Antonio Durao and Kevin Bradley for qualifying in the top two spots which put them directly into the Finals. Check #damnam for a collection of photos and stay tuned for the Finals and Independent Best Trick episode coming soon.

Damn Am NYC Day 2: Qualifiers

Getting a New York City Damn Am stop has been a long time coming, and now that it’s happening we wish we could have lined one up years ago. The Nike SB funded LES Skatepark in Lower Manhattan is where things are going down this weekend, and if you like butter ground, perfect ledges, tons of space, whippy transitions, and hanging with BA, (and who wouldn’t?) you might never want to leave. New York was also kind enough to import San Diego’s weather for the weekend, so it’s been almost too good. Read more.

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