Zaturdays: Cool Vs. Not Cool

You are cool, and everything you like is cool, and everything you don’t like is not cool. I know because it’s the same way it’s always been all along. The only difference is what people like and what people don’t like is always changing. So what’s cool today isn’t cool tomorrow. Read more.

Boards For Bros Delivery Day 2015

The 2015 Boards for Bros Annual Holiday Distribution was a huge success. Santa and his helpers killed it all day handing out skateboards, giving lessons and showing the new skaters what it means to hang with friends and have fun. More.

TBT Ed Selego "One Step Beyond"

Before his on-board skills had fully developed, a young Ed Selego showed up at SPoT with a bottomless pit full of stoke. He was always down to rip, and he built his reputation on going for anything and everything with a make-it-break-it approach. Pretty soon he’d taken down all of Tampa’s hottest spots, especially the ones that no one else would step to. There was a lot of “Did you hear what Ed did?” going on back then. He grew into his skating soon enough and his part in One Step Beyond offers a great example. [On a side note, we have Josh Stewart to thank for the filming and editing here]. Ed is heavy in the game to this day, doing things up over at MIA, and we’re happy to report he’s still got the pit full of stoke. Yeah Ed!

Zion Wright at Venice Beach Skatepark

All the locals know him, but if you didn't catch 16 year old Zion Wright at Tampa Am this year, you missed out on some serious ripping. Here's some recent footage from Venice Beach skatepark in LA to drive the point home. Glad you're on the team, Zion.

SPoT Broke-Ass Christmas 2015

Another year of booty shakin', naughty elves, trashy costumes and booze...lots of booze. It's the SPoT 14th Annual Broke-A$$ Christmas party at The Bricks in Ybor City and here's how it went down. Thanks to PBR for keeping the sauce flowing all night. Watch the video.