SPoT Gets a makeover 2014 (part two)

Pro Course construction is finished, but we still have to put the last touches on it today. Hold tight because it will be open tonight at 5pm and you can skate it for FREE. The crew loves beer and whiskey in case you want to pay them thanks (Big Russ especially loves weed). We'll also have some more photos of the Kiddie Course remodel coming soon... Click here for more photos.

Clive Dixon's new part on TSM

If you haven't checked out SPoT team rider Clive Dixon's new part over at The Skateboard Mag yet, drop whatever you're doing and go watch it. We'll even attach a link to make it easy. WATCH HERE. That wasn't so hard was it?

Booze Cruise 2014 recap

Well, another Booze Cruise is in the books and this year was even better than last. We rode for our fallen homie, Matt Woods (aka Bald Eagle) and kept his memory in tow the whole way. Check out the full edit + photos here, featuring a surprise parking garage bomb, Wes Box's fake birthday at Hooters, and lots of yelling.

Throwback Tuesday

The term "underrated" gets thrown around a lot in skateboarding, most of the time it's a little unwarranted. That being said, I can safely say Javier Sarmiento should always be included on the most underrated skater list. For years Javier has been quietly killing it, and apparently he's not done judging by yet another new part. Before you watch that go back in time and check out his part from The Firm's "Can't Stop" video and take notes.

SPoT Product Watch: It Came From the Moat

Up from the depths of the Moat's murky and rancid waters comes a creature so terrifying and disgusting, we had to make a graphic out of it. Presenting the "Moat Monster" SPoT boards and shirts. Get yours online today, or pick one up in-store tomorrow at both locations.

Video by Mikah Collins and Chris Preston

Instagram @SPoTTampa