Vans Downtown Showdown

Top Pro and Am Team Contest on team designed obstacles at Paramount Studios.

Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, California 90038

Friday, September 25th
4pm - 8pm - Registration, Practice, pizza, and beers

Saturday, September 26th
1pm - Practice/doors open for industry
4pm - Doors open for spectators
5pm - Contest begins

  • Teams can bring as many Team riders as they want
  • Only three skaters from each Team are permitted to skate each Jam
  • At least one Pro must skate each obstacle
  • Top two scores for each Team are averaged to get the Team's final score
  • At least one Pro's score must be used in the final result, even if it is the lowest of the three scores
  • Overall Team results are calculated by adding each Team's individual obstacle place
  • If only one skater from a Team skates, the second score will be a zero, which will likely put the Team in last place
  • For best results, have at least two skaters on each obstacle, with at least one being pro
  • Alternates are permitted, but the removed skater will not be scored
Video Highlights from Last Year