Damn Am Woodward West Presented by The Skateboard Mag


  • 12pm – Arrival, Registration, and Practice

Friday Night

  • Mini-Ramp Jam
    • Free for all Damn Am entrants
    • Jam format - details to be determined
  • 10pm – Skating closed for the evening

Saturday – Street

  • 9am – Practice
  • 11am – Qualifiers
    • This year it's on the outside plaza in Jam format
    • Three skaters per Jam, three minute Jams
    • 30 skaters advance to Semi-Finals, top two qualifiers go straight to Finals

Saturday Night – Vert

  • All Day – Practice
  • 7pm – Contest
    • Two, 45 second runs, best run counts, 2nd run used for tie breaker
    • 10 skaters advance to Finals
  • Finals
    • 30 minute jam, skate in order until you fall
  • Awards
  • 10pm – Skating closed for the evening

Sunday – Street & Best Trick

  • 10am – Practice
  • 12pm – Semi-Finals
    • Three skaters per Jam, three minute Jams
    • 10 skaters advance to Finals to meet top two from the Qualifiers
  • Finals
    • Three skaters per Jam, four minute Jams
  • Skullcandy Best Trick
    • 25 minute jam
    • Obstacle TBA
  • Awards for Street, Best Trick, and Zumiez Destroyer
  • Woodward closed for Damn Am following Awards

Meal Reservation Form

Woodward West is in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. You don't have to buy meals ahead of time, but if you don't, you'll have about a two hour adventure to leave and go get food. Fill in this meal reservation form and take care of that now. You cannot purchase meals on site. Food will definitely run out unless you reserve ahead of time for yourself and/or crew using this Woodward Meal Reservation Form.


EVERYONE has to sign a Woodward waiver. If you are under 18, your parents have to sign it. This rule is strictly enforced and there are no exceptions. Here is the Camp Waiver. There is also a separate Mega Ramp Waiver if you're going to skate that. We made Schaefer sign two!

Damn Am Woodward Skater Form

If you're under 18 and you want to stay at Woodward like a camper, you can fill in this Competitor Package Form.

Information From Woodward

Sorry, but there is no smoking or drinking on camp grounds.