Element Getting Nowhere Faster DVD Villa Villa Cola

Check out Rob Meronek's sketchy video review with a link to the trailer. In the past ten years the subculture of skateboarding has become a mainstream attraction receiving unprecedented attention. Yet somehow, niches of highly talented skaters intrinsically connected to the richness of the artform and its potential for creative expression have remained largely unknown. Getting Nowhere Faster, the new skateboard video project by the notorious Villa Villa Cola squadron, brings to light the elusive and mysterious underworld of female skateboarders and their craft. This cinematic pearl features peril & sass by the following experts: Vanessa Torres, Amy Caron, Cara Beth Burnside, Elizabeth Nitu, Faye Jaime, Alex White, Patiane Freitas, Nugget, Lauren Mollica, Van Nguyen, Lauren Perkins, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins, amongst many other shred getters. This project features skateboarding never seen at a level such as this before-it’s a brand new recipe- with a dash of the following ingredients: a villainous cupcake, a motorcycle gang, an invisible cosmetic predator, a cowboy, and a fantasy skatepark called Tiffanyland. Made entirely by female skateboarders, Getting Nowhere Faster is an authentic portrayal of these skaters and their unbridled talent and creativity. Presented by Element Skatboards, produced and distributed by 411VM.
Sorry, this product is currently not in stock. Below are colors we've previously had. Email info@skateparkoftampa.com with any questions.

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