Travis Adams Be You DVD

Out of the sweltering desert heat in Arizona comes this new DVD from the lens and mind of Travis Adams. This DVD will leave you smiling, but not because of El Toro glory or Carlsbad carnage. These guys ain't about that. They skate original spots, do original tricks, and do it all to some great tunes from the likes of Biggie, O.D.B, and Natalie Merchant (yes, Natalie Merchant). Micah Hollinger kicks off the video with some creative combos such as the one-foot frontboard shove-it, and the frontboard to hippie jump to land back on the front board. Jerrod Saba is my homie and he rips in some of the craziest shants I have ever seen. Peter Gallagher can pole jam a 90 degree pole. Levi Brown and Jesse Plumb got some steez for ya while Brandon Walker shows why he was a one in a million finalist. Marty Murawski and Steve Chavosky close the video with some of the techest manual combos I have seen in a while. Also featuring tricks from Shaqueefa team riders Tyrone Banks and Grant Wilkes! I'm backing this video 100 percent, so purchase is encouraged. ENJOY!!!!!
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