Nike Air Trainer 2 Shoes

- Air Trainer 2 Shoes - Nike SB has launched its new Nike Air Trainer 2. - The shoe uses a mix of materials. The toe box has perforated leather. It is surrounded by a boundary of rough leather. - A shoe strap straddles across the start of the shoe lace line. It has the Nike brand in bold, white letters on it. I think this strap is more for a fanciful look than for a functional purpose. The mi-section of the shoe upper has a panel that has a grid superimposed on its material. Over this, the Nike swoosh runs until it reaches the back stab. There are 2 layers of upper mid-soles, great for impacts and landings. - The bottom sole is divided into 3 sections. It even has a line of machine stitches running across the rounded circumference
Sorry, this product is currently not in stock. Below are colors we've previously had. Email with any questions.
OUT OF STOCK Color: Anthracite/ Black
OUT OF STOCK Color: Metallic Gold/ Reflective Silver
OUT OF STOCK Color: Black/ Royal Blue
OUT OF STOCK Color: Urban Haze/ Tweed
OUT OF STOCK Color: Anthracite/ Reflective Silver

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