Transworld Magazine Right Foot Forward DVD

For the last ten years plus Transworld has been at the forefront, leading the way, raising the bar, and setting the standard for what today's "skate video" has become with not only progressive skating from the best pros of their particular time but also by combining cutting edge videography, captivating editing, and breath taking creativity spawning some masterful film making. Thus the platform for their newest masterpiece Right Foot Forward. With a very diverse and prominent cast including Matt Beach, Corey Duffel, Joey Brezinsky, Kellen James, and Bobby Worrest this video is sure to be as ground breaking and influential as its predecessors. The DVD also comes with added bonuses including a sheet of MOB griptape, a 50 page behind the scenes photo booklet, a Right Foot Forward poster, and an Independent Trucks patch no charge.
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