Ipath Footwear Scherling Shoes

Scherling Shoe is similar to an Ipath Cat with an extra (optional) hi-top and extended tongue with a synthetic sheep wool lining. Is it a boot? Is it a shoe? Does it still have the hidden pocket in the tongue? Yes, yes, and yes! Fold the extension down for a new look, put it up for a boot. This harvest season requires a boot for hard labor and a stylin' shoe for good times. Giving a whole new look to skateboarding, Ipath has stepped it up with this one. Go skate or go hit the tundra….uh, just go skate.
Sorry, this product is currently not in stock. Below are colors we've previously had. Email info@skateparkoftampa.com with any questions.
OUT OF STOCK Color: Green Suede
OUT OF STOCK Color: Black Suede
OUT OF STOCK Color: Brown Suede
OUT OF STOCK Color: Light Brown Suede

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