Tijuana, Mexico

ASR September 2006 – eS Game of SKATE
I’ve heard stories for years on how sketchy Tijuana is. Schaefer and I have been hanging out in San Diego all week so last night we decided to give it a try. After figuring out the $5 trolley ride, half an hour later, we’re at the border. You pretty much just walk in through these gates with no security anywhere to be found and that’s it. You’re in Mexico. While walking in, we met an American named Gary who took us to some local bars. One section of town we walked through had literally about five hookers lined up every 20 feet. They would reach out and grab your shirt, your ass, whatever, and throw out “five dollars” and other prostitution sales pitches like that. Other than that, that’s really the only sketchy thing we found. Coming back was pretty much just as easy as leaving. Show your driver’s license to the Custom’s guy (no passport needed), he glances at it, and you’re in. I’ve had bouncers at a club that are harder to get by than Customs was. If you have the opportunity, I recommend you check out TJ for sure.
Tijuana, Mexico


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