Abdias Rivera - street plant | Skatepark of Tampa Photo

Abdias Rivera - street plant

MIA Skatepark Clash of the Crews 2007
Way back when vert was cool, it actually had an influence on street. Yes, I am not making this up. These things were called "street plants" or "inverts." In one fell swoop, Steve Rocco's mockery of street plants wiped them off the map for street skaters. You may remember his quote from an interview, "Sorry kids, inverts aren't skateboarding." Oh you don't? That's because you're not 65 like me. High five yourself. Getting old sucks. Anyway, Rocco's words actually upset some people back in the day. Then they realized how busted they were and quit doing them like the rest of the street skaters that joined the new cool guy contest we now know as the sketchy skateboard industry. Street plants then died quicker than jelly shoes, jean jackets, stone washed jeans, and roach clips with a feather on them. I say we bring these street plants back like all the other old guy tricks that are making a comeback. Here, Abdias Rivera goes at it all kinds of wrong. First of all, you can break a thumb by doing a street plant not on your palm like that. The form is not so hot either, but give him a break, he's new to this, and it's not even skateboarding anyway
Abdias Rivera - street plant


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