Christopher Columbus Saved By An Eclipse

February 2008 Lunar Eclipse
Way back in 1504, Christopher Columbus was stranded with his homies off the coast of Jamaica. They were running out of food and getting desperate. The local spear chuckers were pissed and refusing to provide them with any more supplies and food. Captain America had this astronomical almanac he got from his German math geek friend. It indicated that a lunar eclipse was going down on February 29, 1504. So, Columbus called a meeting with the far less knowledgeable spear chuckers and told them that if they didn't give him food and supplies, he'd make the moon disappear. Of course, it came true on February 29 and the terrified natives begged him to bring back the moon, which he did, in return for as much food as he needed for his men. He and his crew were then rescued on June 29, 1504. If it was a cloudy night like tonight in Tampa, Columbus would have been stressing out pretty bad. Luckily, the clouds went away for a few hours
Christopher Columbus Saved By An Eclipse


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