Moat Shoe Dunk Mid | Skatepark of Tampa Photo

Moat Shoe Dunk Mid

Skatepark of Tampa's infamous Moat has earned legendary recognition through the traditional "Moat Race" at the Annual Tampa Am and Tampa Pro. Although stories vary on the origin of the "Race," it is rumored that Clyde Singleton used to regularly throw chicken bones into the murky waters to feed the The Moat's original inhabitant, the turtle. Although The Moat has been the receptor of diesel run-off and human blood for the last 15 years, it still threatens to flood Skatepark with every Tampa-style torrential downpour. The colors of The Moat-Inspired Dunk Mid, chosen by Barak Wiser and to be released on 4/25/08, truly tell the story of The Moat. By the way, this shoe does not smell anywhere near as bad.
Moat Shoe Dunk Mid


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