Red Bull Manny Mania

Captions from top to bottom:
  • This is the hotel that Red Bull put us up in. What was even better is what I found once I got in there. Editor's Note: What was even worse was when Jorge had to pay $300 for damages to the room
  • Thank you Ryan King for the care package
  • The event took place at Friendship Fountain in downtown Jacksonville. I spy a nose manny by Pee Wee Kirks with Josh Stewart in tow
  • Ryan Dodge from Nike and Cullen Traverso from Black Box were on the mic. Dodge accidentally called Jacksonville “JOKEsonville” while announcing the Results. The crowd was not too hyped
  • Danny Supa, Joey Brezinski, and Kevin Graver were judging the event
  • The “Wiiings Team” was there making sure everyone in the crowd was hyped on Red Bull. I know I was
  • When all was said and done, Matt Fink took home 1st and $1500, Steve Webb got 2nd along with $1000, and Manny Santiago got 3rd and $500. Thanks for the good times, Red Bull, and make sure to keep this event alive because it is definitely a fun one
Red Bull Manny Mania


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