Carlos Ribeiro 360 flip

Copenhagen Pro 2009 Weekend
Many of the Brazilians were in the same situation as Oscar. I had such long, duplicate discussions with so many of them that I was getting migraines from over-explaining myself. Apparently the rules in Brazil are different. In the rest of the world, you film a few ripping video parts, get a ton of coverage in the mags, maybe enter some am contests over the years, get your name out there as much as possible, etc. Then when there's a demand for you to go pro and your board company is backing it, you go pro. In Brazil, they're very efficient. You simply say, "I'm pro" and you're pro. I had a rough time in registration. Anyway, who's Carlos Ribeiro? Another ripper from Brazil that took the shortcut to pro status by using a contest. They're all super nice guys, too. Unfortunately, just going about it the wrong way, in my opinion. Maybe Felipe Gustavo needs to give them some pointers. He won Tampa Am and isn't pro yet. He's still busy building his name up as a legitimate am and staying away from pro contests. Oh well, it was fun to watch you skate, Carlos. That's a 360 flip over the hip
Carlos Ribeiro 360 flip


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