Copenhagen Pro Torey Pudwill Kickflip | Skatepark of Tampa Photo

Copenhagen Pro Torey Pudwill Kickflip

Copenhagen Pro 2009 Weekend
Way back in Tampa Am 2004, Torey Pudwill got 2nd. If he would have gone pro at that time, the only people that would have taken him seriously are his mom and dad and maybe his girlfriend. Unfortunately, those people don't matter in this situation. Torey did it right and had a great am career before moving up to being pro and entering pro contests last year. Kids are hyped on him, he will help sell the products from the companies that back him, his board won't rot on skate shop shelves from yet another garage company, and the overall health of the sketchy skateboard industry will stay strong. See how that works? Now if I could just figure out how to say that a few other languages
Copenhagen Pro Torey Pudwill Kickflip


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