Packing it in the ASS | Skatepark of Tampa Photo

Packing it in the ASS

That's Lako and Kearley, Innetech champs, building a box fort with your orders. Picture the sounds of ignorant ass hip hop bumping while other Innetechnicians like Austin roll by with comments like, "Uhhh, this music is the same each time." Good times in the ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing). We're about a day behind in getting things out the door and should be fully caught up by tomorrow. A copy of The Skateboard Mag is going in each of these boxes and it has the DVD of Dylan Rieder's part. Insert, play, repeat. If you have any questions about your order, feel free to email me or Jeff ( and Thanks for using our site.
Packing it in the ASS


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