Detroit: The Juxtapoz House | Skatepark of Tampa Photo

Detroit: The Juxtapoz House

After hearing the story of the artist houses and budding skate scene here, I couldn't be more proud to be a skateboarder and part of the culture of art and music that goes with it. This home was bought for $900 by Juxtapoz Magazine, which is in the High Speed family of mags that includes Thrasher Magazine. They raised a six figure sum of money to donate to a fund to get artists to turn the houses into beautiful productions like this one. Some artists ended up purchasing the home for $2,000 and now live here, continuing work on this house and others on the street. All of this is planting the seed here to one day make this a neighborhood with more style and real culture than your average cookie cutter suburb. These homes and the skaters contributing to them are a true diamond in the rough.
Detroit: The Juxtapoz House


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