Statistics on Skateboarder Ages Over The Years | Skatepark of Tampa Photo

Statistics on Skateboarder Ages Over The Years

So I pulled out three years in the above charts to compare, which naturally makes you ask the question of how skate sessions year by year have looked. Once again, I can't give you the total numbers themselves, but I can show you the line graph representing the change. I hope the downward trend is just us and not skateboarding overall. I'd like to think it's all the parks opening up around here being built by local cities. Don't worry about us business-wise, though. We are very diversified with everything we do here, especially with all these events we put on. Plus, when there's more skateboarders in the area, our retail benefits of course, although we have felt the dent from the big chain skate shops I think. Thanks for checking out my nerdy numbers analysis. I'm going to try to do more of these on all kinds of other categories and topics I record data about. Signing off in the words of Jim Thiebaud, "thank you skateboarding."
Statistics on Skateboarder Ages Over The Years


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