Shepard Fairey at Skatepark of Tampa

Shepard Fairey is here for the Beautiful Losers show at the USF Contemporary Art Museum. Since I'm not cultured enough to know my artists, here's a few words from Chapin Atchison. Chapin is my assistant now. I have an assistant? Damn, this website is getting out of control.

Graffiti artist Shepherd Fairey "Obey" is getting up by skirting the wheat paste poster techinique. He's had a huge influence on street art, as well as skateboard graphics over the years. By posting this on the side of the Skatepark, he's promoting his mass propaghanda to the public via I-4 as well as visually enhancing Skatepark of Tampa's aesthetics.

Shepard Fairey at Skatepark of Tampa


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