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Sent in by Shady Glasses Man. He wrote this essay:

The people a skateboarder meets during the trials and tribulations of life are amazing. With no unified attitude or style skateboarders are some of the most unique people on Earth. I have met all types of people ranging from hair farmer to skinhead, health freak to addict, and everything in between. If it weren’t for skateboarding I would have never met many of the extraordinary people that I have. A lot of it reflects on the sport itself. Let’s face it, if you are completely stupid or lame you can’t skate. Skateboarding takes lots of talent, mental ability, and practice. You’re not going to meet the average smuck riding a skateboard. Why? Because they probably wouldn’t even be able to stand on the thing. A lot of skateboarders take life and skateboarding for granted. They shouldn’t. Every time I take life or skateboarding for granted I usually end up getting hurt. Then when I’m out with an injury I get a reality check of how fun and precious the sport and the people involved with it are. If you stick with skateboarding you will meet some of your life long friends. Friends with such a great bond they could be your brothers and sisters. The main bond keeping them together, skateboarding. Think of all the crazy experiences you have had while skateboarding. You would have never crossed paths with those experiences if you didn’t love the sport that you do. What about all of the fun, hilarious stuff your skater friends and you have accomplished over time that would have never happened If you didn’t decide to pick up a board and dedicated yourself to riding. To all of you who love skateboarding. Never quit. Nothing you find in life will compare to the fun and amazing times you will endure while riding your board. You are part of something special. Something that no other human being could experience. Go rip. Try your hardest. Never quit. Cherish every moment. It may be your last.
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