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9_TO_12 Apr 22 2007 Results

1. Ryan Burns
Age: 11. Sponsors: Ninga (flow), Hazard County Skatepark, X-factor Boards, Progressive Skatepark. Hometown: Stockbridge, GA
2. Jackson Davis
Age: 11. Sponsors: Fuel Clothing, Moster, Telcic Sk8, Freestyle Watches. Hometown: Morrisville
3. Kevin Sikes
Age: 12. Sponsors: Ducer, Krown. Hometown: Deltona
4. Clint Beswick
Age: 9. Sponsors: GSZ, Hometown:
5. Kanaan Dern
Age: 0. Sponsors: Ducer. Hometown:
6. Anthony Henderson
Age: 11. Sponsors: 688 Skatepark. Hometown: Clearwater, FL
7. Alex Sorgente
Age: 9. Sponsors: Globe, World, 187, Grind for Life. Hometown: Lake Worth
8. Dylan Durkin
Age: 12. Sponsors: CBS, Hometown:
9. Jonathan Morefield
Age: 11. Sponsors: CBS, Hometown:
10. Anthony Faiola
Age: 12. Sponsors: GSZ, Hometown:
11. Haze Miller
Age: 11. Sponsors: Surf Shack. Hometown: Port Richey
12. Sam Rooks
Age: 11. Sponsors: CBS, Hometown:
13. Storm Kovarsky
Age: 12. Sponsors: G-Ma, G-Pa. Hometown: Apollo Beach
14. Jacob Blue
Age: 10. Sponsors: The Yard Skateshop. Hometown: Bradenton
15. Jack Straiton
Age: 9. Sponsors: CBS, Hometown:
16. Zachary Lacour
Age: 9. Sponsors: . Hometown: Lithia
17. Josh Centkowski
Age: 12. Sponsors: GSZ, Hometown:
18. Dakota Hunt
Age: 10. Sponsors: GSZ, Hometown:
19. David Bailey
Age: 11. Sponsors: . Hometown: North Port
20. Michael Milito
Age: 10. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
21. Connor Janhonen
Age: 11. Sponsors: . Hometown: St. Pete
22. Ben Kellner
Age: 11. Sponsors: GSZ, Hometown:
23. Nick Allicock
Age: 10. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
24. Gavin Silva
Age: 9. Sponsors: . Hometown: North Port
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