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SPONSORED Apr 9 2005 Results

1. Matt Giles
Age: 20. Sponsors: SPoT, Emerica. Hometown: Tampa
2. Patrick Daniels
Age: 14. Sponsors: 688 Skatepark, Monkey, Osiris, Elwood, Ninja. Hometown: Clearwater
3. Dylan Perry
Age: 16. Sponsors: Soul Trip. Hometown: Tampa
4. Matt Seeman
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
5. Ryan Dodge
Age: 21. Sponsors: Earth, New Blood, Popwar, Ipath. Hometown: Melbourne
6. Robby Kirkland
Age: 19. Sponsors: Es (flow), Zoo York (flow), Gravy Records. Hometown: Tampa
7. Chris Lehman
Age: 16. Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Osiris, Ogio (flow), Krew (flow), Gringo. Hometown: Tampa
8. Curtis Valentine
Age: 20. Sponsors: Stereo, Blank Cartel, PiF Bunch. Hometown: Tampa
9. Jereme Knibbs
Age: 13. Sponsors: Duffs Shoes. Hometown: Lithia
10. Kevin Coakley
Age: 17. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tarpon Springs
11. Corey Harper
Age: . Sponsors: Vans (flow), Billabong (flow), Aqua East. Hometown: Atlantic Beach
12. Jayson Colon
Age: 16. Sponsors: Clown, Board City Skate Shop. Hometown: Puerto Rico
13. Derrick Milan
Age: . Sponsors: Westside, BTS, LRK. Hometown: Sarasota
14. Chris Jata
Age: 18. Sponsors: "All In, Bitch!". Hometown: Spring Hill
15. Robby Morrison
Age: 17. Sponsors: Food. Hometown: Tampa
16. Chapin Atchison
Age: . Sponsors: Ebay, Hometown:
17. Ian Gow
Age: . Sponsors: 88, SPoT. Hometown:
18. PJ Castellano
Age: 18. Sponsors: Southern Boarder, Foolery Clan. Hometown: Tampa
19. Scotty Conley
Age: 22. Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Shaqueefa, Gravy, Nike SB (flow), Jenny Craig, Zoo York (flow). Hometown: Tampa
20. Anthony Sardo
Age: 17. Sponsors: West Side, Modern, Ninja, DC (flow). Hometown: Clearwater
21. Malcom Seaman
Age: 15. Sponsors: 688 Skatepark, Savant. Hometown: Clearwater
22. Jason Durbin
Age: 16. Sponsors: PIF Bunch. Hometown: Tampa
23. Brad "BBQ" Quogliotti
Age: 16. Sponsors: 688 Skatepark. Hometown: Clearwater
24. Pat Stiener
Age: . Sponsors: Traffic Skateboards, SPoT. Hometown:
25. Josh Lehman
Age: 13. Sponsors: M80's, Bic Lighters. Hometown: Tampa
26. Nate Humphrey
Age: 16. Sponsors: 688 Skatepark, Finesse, Circa, Hubba. Hometown: Clearwater
27. Max Peeters
Age: 16. Sponsors: 688 Skatepark. Hometown: Clearwater
28. Dark Jay
Age: . Sponsors: Hell, THC, The Color Black. Hometown: Hell
29. Dave Cruz
Age: 16. Sponsors: PIF Bunch. Hometown: Clairmel
30. Westley Durder
Age: 18. Sponsors: Timeline, Emerica, RDC. Hometown: St. Augustine
31. Spencer
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
32. Aaron Austin
Age: 18. Sponsors: Havoc. Hometown: Lakeland
33. Frank Branca
Age: 19. Sponsors: Havoc Skate Shop, Ninja, Modern. Hometown: Avon Park
34. Adam Isles
Age: 16. Sponsors: Havoc, Duffs. Hometown: Lakeland
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