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SPONSORED Jun 14 2008 Results

1. Jereme Knibbs
Age: 16. Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa. Hometown: Tampa
2. Matthew Town
Age: 18. Sponsors: Compound. Hometown: Sarasota
3. Timmy Knuth
Age: 16. Sponsors: . Hometown: Melbourne
4. Dylan Perry
Age: 19. Sponsors: Alien, SPoT, Etnies, Emerge, Innes, Bones, Destructo. Hometown: Tampa
5. Nico Mitsakos
Age: 18. Sponsors: Pistol Grip, 688. Hometown: New Port Ricky
6. Jacob Portillo
Age: 17. Sponsors: xlr8 shop. Hometown: Tampa
7. Dalton Dern
Age: 15. Sponsors: Timeline, Etnies, Steaz Energy Drink, 187 Pads. Hometown: Orlando
8. Raymond Feaste
Age: 16. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
9. Buddy Reed
Age: 19. Sponsors: Southern Boarder, DGK (flow). Hometown: St. Pete
10. Nick Cramer
Age: 23. Sponsors: Westside. Hometown: Dunedin
11. Dustin Eggling
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
12. Dan Harper
Age: 18. Sponsors: Southern Boarder, Listen (flow), Venture (flow). Hometown: St. Pete
13. Ethan Clothier
Age: 9. Sponsors: Southern Boarder, Pistol Grip. Hometown: Tierra Verde
14. Brad Quagilotti
Age: . Sponsors: Ergophobia, Gulf Coast Skateshop. Hometown:
15. Ryan Burns
Age: 12. Sponsors: Hazard County Skatepark, World Industries, Ninja Bearings, DNA Energy Drink. Hometown: Stockbridge,GA
16. Justin Atchley
Age: 14. Sponsors: Es(flow), Compound. Hometown: Sarasota
17. Paul Torrento
Age: 16. Sponsors: RVCA(flow), Vans(flow), Force(flow). Hometown: Sanford
18. Pee Wee Kirks
Age: 22. Sponsors: Krew, SPoT, Es . Hometown: Tampa
19. Chris Jata
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
20. Sean Jefferies
Age: 18. Sponsors: Havoc, Osiris. Hometown: Lakeland
21. Brent Sowinski
Age: 18. Sponsors: Westside Skateshop, DC (flow). Hometown: Clearwater
22. Tommy Wray
Age: 32. Sponsors: Southern Boarder, Pistol Grip, Enlight . Hometown: St. Pete
23. Markus Jalaber
Age: 13. Sponsors: 688, Pistol Grip, World Industries. Hometown: Clearwater
24. Scott Grimm
Age: 16. Sponsors: Southern Boarder, . Hometown: St. Pete
25. Ichabod Crane
Age: 20. Sponsors: AwG's Psychiatric Ward, Wizard Smoke Plantation . Hometown: Valrico
26. Jonathan Goheen
Age: 16. Sponsors: Southern Boarder. Hometown: St. Pete
27. Anthony Sardo
Age: 21. Sponsors: Westside Skateshop. Hometown: Clearwater
28. Keverick Evans
Age: 18. Sponsors: Westside Skateshop. Hometown: Clearwater
29. Michael Wolfe
Age: 17. Sponsors: . Hometown: Melbourne
30. Malcom Seaman
Age: . Sponsors: Westside Skateshop. Hometown:
31. Ricky Martin
Age: . Sponsors: Southern Boarder, Supra, Krew, Pistol Grip. Hometown:
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