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SPONSORED Nov 19 2006 Results

1. Ryan Dillow
Age: 16. Sponsors: Havoc. Hometown: Plant City
2. Chris DeFrancesco
Age: 22. Sponsors: Havoc, I-Path, Sessions, Ninja, Ghetto, Silver. Hometown: Plant City
3. Taylor Foresman
Age: 15. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
4. Pat Daniels
Age: 16. Sponsors: The Finest Skateshop, Silver, Ninja. Hometown:
5. Spencer Lau
Age: 11. Sponsors: Skatelab, Globe, Nixon, Flatline, Ninja, Smith, 187 Pads, Ollie Pop Gum. Hometown: Neptune Beach
6. Dylan Perry
Age: 18. Sponsors: Habitat (flow), Skatepark of Tampa, etnies (flow), Innes (flow), Bones Wheels. Hometown: Tampa
7. Sean Jeffries
Age: 16. Sponsors: Pig, Havoc, Osiris, Innes, Timeline. Hometown: Lakeland
8. Robby Morrison
Age: 19. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
9. Charlie Nicol
Age: 0. Sponsors: Splinter, Ducer. Hometown:
10. Ricky Martin
Age: 19. Sponsors: The Finest Skatebhop, Sessions, Adio, Ninja. Hometown:
11. Jordan Price
Age: 12. Sponsors: Fox, Blind, DNA Energy Drink, Nixon, 187 Pads. Hometown:
12. Mike Manyan
Age: 16. Sponsors: Hazard County Skate Park. Hometown: McDonough, GA
13. T4PREZ
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
14. Brandon Berry
Age: 0. Sponsors: Ducer. Hometown:
15. Christian Carlos
Age: 0. Sponsors: Southern Boarder, Circa. Hometown:
16. Robby Kirkland
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
17. Scotty Conley
Age: 23. Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Zoo York, Nike SB, Gravy Records, Shaqueefa. Hometown: Tampa
18. Steve Otero
Age: 0. Sponsors: Zero, Fallen, Hurley, Plus. Hometown:
19. Cesar Fernandez
Age: 0. Sponsors: Supra, Ezekiel, Timeline, Mesh. Hometown:
20. Dave Cruz
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
21. Trevor Burke
Age: 0. Sponsors: Southern Boarder. Hometown:
22. Chris Jata
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
23. Chris Rothrock
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
24. Aaron Collier
Age: 0. Sponsors: Ducer. Hometown:
25. Daniel Mele
Age: 19. Sponsors: . Hometown: Olney, MD
26. PJ Casellano
Age: 0. Sponsors: Southern Boarder, Nuggest. Hometown:
27. Nate Humphrey
Age: 17. Sponsors: The Finest Skateshop, Osiris, Hubba, Venture. Hometown:
28. Jan Michael
Age: 19. Sponsors: Krown, Ducer Cruzer Bike & Skate. Hometown: Port Orange
29. Brad Qualiotti
Age: 0. Sponsors: Gulf Coast. Hometown:
30. Nick Heidenrich
Age: 0. Sponsors: Southern Boarder, Circa. Hometown:
31. Brendan Yul
Age: 11. Sponsors: DC, 8103 Clothing, Crown Skateboards, Chapter One Wheels, Skatelab, Scoff Skate Laces. Hometown:
32. Justin Pelland
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
33. Taylor Holcomb
Age: 16. Sponsors: Vert Skate Shop (flow), Expedition One. Hometown: Leesburg
34. Scott Grimm
Age: 0. Sponsors: Southern Boarder. Hometown:
35. John Goheen
Age: 0. Sponsors: Southern Boarder. Hometown:
36. Dan Harper
Age: 0. Sponsors: Southern Boarder. Hometown:
37. Frosty
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
38. Alex Vontevnar
Age: 0. Sponsors: Ducer. Hometown:
39. Rayshad Williams
Age: 21. Sponsors: ABG Skate Crew, Larson Skateshop, Iron Horse. Hometown: New York, NY
40. Jeff Lako
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
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