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SPONSORED Nov 20 2004 Results

1. Evan Smith
Age: 13. Sponsors: Ezekiel, Red Bull, Covert. Hometown: Sanford
2. Abdias Rivera
Age: 16. Sponsors: Anti-Hero, SPoT, Volcom. Hometown: Tampa
3. Pat Stiener
Age: . Sponsors: SPoT. Hometown:
4. Robby Kirkland
Age: 19. Sponsors: eS (flow), Zoo Flow. Hometown: Tampa
5. TJ Sparks
Age: 17. Sponsors: New Blood, Alpha#, Savant Skateboards. Hometown: St. Pete
6. Dylan Perry
Age: 16. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
7. Robby Morrison
Age: 17. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
8. Jeff Hatcher
Age: 15. Sponsors: Graffiti Skate Zone, Duffs. Hometown: Palm Bay
9. Jereme Knibbs
Age: 12. Sponsors: Duffs, Bob Bulatowicz, Gravel. Hometown: Lithia
10. Jeffrey Marshall
Age: 12. Sponsors: Element, Billabong, Von Zipper, Osiris. Hometown: Huntington Beach
11. Devon Lynch
Age: 19. Sponsors: . Hometown: Ybar
12. Timmy Knuth
Age: 13. Sponsors: Graffiti, Monkey, Duffs. Hometown: Melbourne
13. Matt Giles
Age: 19. Sponsors: Emerica, SPoT. Hometown: Tampa
14. Kass Plummer
Age: 17. Sponsors: Globe, Apostle, Paradise, New Blood. Hometown: Merritt Island
15. Chapin Atchison
Age: . Sponsors: Jail Birds, Chipolte Hot, Sauce, Flip Whip Squad. Hometown:
16. Dan Little
Age: . Sponsors: Brotherhood Skate Shop. Hometown: Ft. Meyers
17. Yonnie Cruz
Age: 17. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
18. Tyler Tufty
Age: 25. Sponsors: DVS, Matix, Pit Crew. Hometown: DC
19. Paul Hurtado
Age: 20. Sponsors: Absent Skateboards. Hometown: Miami
20. Dark Jay
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
21. Brett Ambrasky
Age: 20. Sponsors: NC Skates, Matix. Hometown: NC
22. Shannon McFadden
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown: Ft. Meyers
23. Chris Lehman
Age: 16. Sponsors: Osiris (flow), SPoT. Hometown: Tampa
24. Curtis Valentine
Age: . Sponsors: LRK, Blank Cartel, Stoned P Apparatis. Hometown:
25. Shawn Frick
Age: 31. Sponsors: Chapeter 1 Skateboards, TC's, Vans. Hometown: Cape Coral
26. Mark Akiyama
Age: 29. Sponsors: Tampa Glass Division. Hometown: Panama City Beach
27. PJ Castellano
Age: 17. Sponsors: Southern Boarder. Hometown: Tampa
28. Joe Grant
Age: 18. Sponsors: Graffiti, Gravel. Hometown: Palm Bay
29. The Body
Age: 21. Sponsors: Gravy Records, Skatepark of Tampa, Shaqueefa, Nike SB (flow), Zoo York (flow). Hometown: Tampa
30. David Perry
Age: 16. Sponsors: Adio, Gravel, New Blood. Hometown: Vero Beach
31. Ricky Martin
Age: 17. Sponsors: Gravel, Adio. Hometown: St. Pete
32. Skeletor
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
33. Scotty Moore
Age: 20. Sponsors: NC Skates, DVS, Matix. Hometown: NC
34. Connor Champion
Age: 15. Sponsors: DVS, Matix. Hometown: NC
35. T4PREZ
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
36. Craig Lawrence
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
37. Ryan O'Connor
Age: 17. Sponsors: Vans (flow), Black Top Skate Shop. Hometown: Orange Springs
38. Chris Jata
Age: 18. Sponsors: Apple Crew. Hometown: Sugar Hill
39. Crackhead Craig
Age: 21. Sponsors: John Snider, Nattie Ice. Hometown: Ybar
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