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All Ages Contest Results

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1. Dylan Perry
Age: 18. Sponsors: Habitat, Innes, Etnies, Bones, SPoT. Hometown: Tampa
2. Mike Espinosa
Age: 18. Sponsors: Westside, Yellow, Satori, Nike. Hometown: Spring Hill
3. Taylor Foresman
Age: 16. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
4. TJ Sparks
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
5. Timmy Knuth
Age: 15. Sponsors: GSZ, Duffs, Ninja, Venture, Hometown: Palm Bay
6. Aaron Collier
Age: 16. Sponsors: . Hometown: Lake Mary
7. Christian Carlos
Age: 17. Sponsors: Southern Boarder, Circa, Innes. Hometown: St. Pete
8. Blake Mercer
Age: 18. Sponsors: Timeline, Factory. Hometown: Newman, GA
9. Brent Sowinski
Age: 17. Sponsors: Westside. Hometown: Clearwater
10. Joe Grant
Age: 20. Sponsors: GSZ, Fourth World Clothing, Hometown: Palm Bay
11. Johnny Payne
Age: 23. Sponsors: Ghetto Skateboards. Hometown: Cape Coral
12. Ryan Dillow
Age: 17. Sponsors: Crimson, Havoc Skateshop. Hometown: Plant City
13. Josoe Sanchez
Age: 18. Sponsors: Timeline, Aggro. Hometown: Orlando
14. Jereme Knibbs
Age: 15. Sponsors: Navigator Truck Co.. Hometown: St. Pete
15. Levi Combs
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
16. Blake Carpenter
Age: 14. Sponsors: Crown, Krux, Ducer Cruzer. Hometown: Flagler Beach
17. Yonis Molina
Age: 19. Sponsors: Westside, DC Shoes, Fury Trucks, Hubba. Hometown: Port Richey
18. Brian Adams
Age: 20. Sponsors: Chapter One, Brotherhood. Hometown: Cape Coral
19. Sean Jeffries
Age: 17. Sponsors: Etnie Flow, Timeline, Havoc Skateshop. Hometown: Lakeland
20. Pat Daniel
Age: 16. Sponsors: Finest Skateshop, Element, Ninja. Hometown: St. Pete
21. Dane Kovarik
Age: 17. Sponsors: GSZ, Timeline, Ninja, Destructo, Hometown: Palm Bay
22. Matt Giles
Age: 22. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
23. Jimmy Mastocolo
Age: 15. Sponsors: Westside. Hometown: New Port Richey
24. Chris Lehman
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
25. JJ Sharkey
Age: 15. Sponsors: Dacure, Solafide, Cross. Hometown: Tampa
26. Nick Vizzo
Age: 15. Sponsors: Brotherhood Skateshop. Hometown: Naples
27. Robbie Kirkland
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
28. Kevrick Evans
Age: 17. Sponsors: Westside, Adio. Hometown: Clearwater
29. Alex Pellegrino
Age: 12. Sponsors: Timeline, Havoc, Ninja, Destructo. Hometown: Tampa
30. Malcom Seaman
Age: 17. Sponsors: Westside. Hometown: Clearwater
31. Josh Bowser
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
32. Michael Manion
Age: 17. Sponsors: Hazard County Skatepark. Hometown: McDonough, GA
33. Scott Grimm
Age: 15. Sponsors: Southern Boarder. Hometown: St. Pete
34. Dalton Dern
Age: 14. Sponsors: Timeline, etnies. Hometown: Apopka
35. Jason Durbin
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
36. Ethan Clothier
Age: 8. Sponsors: Southern Boarder . Hometown: St. Pete
37. Brad Burgess
Age: 20. Sponsors: . Hometown: Sarasota
38. Johnathon Goheen
Age: 15. Sponsors: Southern Boarder. Hometown: St. Pete
39. Trevor Burke
Age: 15. Sponsors: Southern Boarder. Hometown: St. Pete
40. Michael Coskin
Age: 16. Sponsors: Worship Skateboards, Factory. Hometown: Newman, GA
41. Anthony Sardo
Age: 19. Sponsors: Westside, DC Shoes, Fury Trucks, Hubba. Hometown: Clearwater
42. Ian Bowers
Age: 17. Sponsors: TC Wake Skate and Surf. Hometown: Ft. Meyers
43. Scotty Conley
Age: 24. Sponsors: SPoT, Zoo, Nike SB, SHAQUEEFA, Gravy. Hometown: Tampa
44. Porpe
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
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