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All Ages Contest Results

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1. Pyro
Age: 0. Sponsors: Westside. Hometown: Unknown
2. Solomon Mosley
Age: 22. Sponsors: . Hometown: Atlanta
3. Justin Atchley
Age: 16. Sponsors: Circa (flow), compound boardshop. Hometown: Sarasota
4. RayRay Feaste
Age: 17. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
5. Ryan Parrott
Age: 15. Sponsors: Hate City Skateboards. Hometown: Woodstock, GA
6. Joey Pellegrino
Age: 14. Sponsors: Given skate boards, Globe, Fuel Clothing, Dark star wheels , Ninja bearings Neff , Progressive skate park . Hometown: Atlanta
7. max catasus
Age: 16. Sponsors: Viera Ride Shop,. Hometown: melbourne
8. Josiah Portillo
Age: 17. Sponsors: La Chupacabra Hot Boards. Hometown: Tampa
9. Johansi Cruz
Age: 21. Sponsors: Atnalta Skateboards, Shaqueefa, New Gen. Hometown: Atlanta, GA
10. Caio Notaro
Age: 17. Sponsors: . Hometown: Atlanta, GA
11. Billy Birk
Age: 20. Sponsors: Food Clothing, Hurricane Skate Shop. Hometown: Bradenton
12. Mike Espinosa
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
13. Jacob Portillo
Age: 18. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
14. Jake Sykes
Age: 18. Sponsors: Kona Skatepark, Kayo (flow), 8103 Clothing . Hometown: Jacksonville
15. Eric Chevere
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown: Tampa
16. Chris Symmes
Age: 18. Sponsors: TNT Skateboarding . Hometown: Georgia
17. Body
Age: 0. Sponsors: . Hometown:
18. kevin sikes
Age: 15. Sponsors: Factor54, Go Skate Shop, Stone Edge, Lakai (flow), Think (flow). Hometown: Deltona
19. Bong Gause
Age: 13. Sponsors: World Industry, Lakai, Matix, Force, Elm Hats, Red Bull. Hometown: Bonaire, GA
20. Sam Bianchini
Age: 23. Sponsors: Gatorboardshop, Ergophobia clothing. Hometown: Orlando
21. Doug Snider
Age: 22. Sponsors: Dekline, TNT Skateboarding . Hometown: Georgia
22. Mikey Lopez
Age: 16. Sponsors: Progressive Skatepark. Hometown: Canton GA
23. Chris Barker
Age: 17. Sponsors: The Finest Skateshop. Hometown: St. Pete
24. Skyler Clark
Age: 16. Sponsors: Ninja, TNT, Skateboarding. Hometown: Georgia
25. Clint Beswick
Age: 12. Sponsors: GSZ, Origin Trucks, Factor 54 CLothing. Hometown: Palm Bay
26. Gio Georgallis
Age: 15. Sponsors: . Hometown: Jacksonville FLa
27. Shane Mullins
Age: 16. Sponsors: The Finest Skateshop. Hometown: St. Petersburg
28. David Hubert
Age: 16. Sponsors: TNT, Hate City, Vans (flow). Hometown: Atlanta
29. Jordan Lucas
Age: 18. Sponsors: Atnalta Skateboards, New Gen. Hometown: Lawrenceville
30. Jonathan Reece
Age: 20. Sponsors: Gator Board Shop. Hometown: Wauchula, Fl
31. Yonis Molina
Age: 0. Sponsors: Westside, Cons (flow), 8103, Force, Bones. Hometown: Unknown
32. T-Ray Gipson
Age: 17. Sponsors: Gator Board Shop. Hometown: Okeechobee
33. Matt Zetts
Age: 19. Sponsors: Brotherhood Skate Shop. Hometown: Fort Myers
34. Ricky Vipperman
Age: 17. Sponsors: The Finest Skateshop. Hometown: St. Pete
35. Davelle Seay
Age: 25. Sponsors: The Finest Skateshop. Hometown: St. Pete
36. Troy Anderson
Age: 19. Sponsors: Vans, TNT Skateboarding . Hometown: Georgia
37. Cris Lesh
Age: 14. Sponsors: The Finest Skateshop. Hometown: St. Pete
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