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TAMPA_AM-Sunday_Street_SEMIFINALS Jan 19 2001 Results

1. Dennis Busenitz
Age: 19. Sponsors: Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Emerica, Volcom. Hometown: Newton KS
2. Colt Cannon
Age: 18. Sponsors: Element, Circa, Alphanumeric, Tilt Mode Army, Oakley, Krux, Ricta. Hometown: Los Altos CA
3. Dai Kato
Age: 19. Sponsors: Chapman, Spitfire. Hometown: Japan
4. Greg Lutzka
Age: 15. Sponsors: Beer City Skateboards, Phase II. Hometown: Milwaukee WI
5. Patrick Melcher
Age: 23. Sponsors: Black Label, Killing Machine, Push, Innes. Hometown: Chicago IL
6. Chris Cole
Age: 18. Sponsors: World, Ezekiel, Tensor, G-Spot Skateshop, Darkstar Wheels, Circa. Hometown: Langhorne PA
7. Caswell Berry
Age: 17. Sponsors: Powell, Bones, Venture, Volcom, Etnies, Tilt Mode Army. Hometown: San Jose CA
8. Bastien Salabanzi
Age: 15. Sponsors: Flip, Vans, Rusty. Hometown: Paris, France
9. Chris Kendall
Age: 21. Sponsors: Billabong . Hometown: Jacksonville Beach FL
10. Ricardo Carvalho
Age: 20. Sponsors: Chocolate, S One, Droors. Hometown: Brazil
11. Tosh Townend
Age: 15. Sponsors: Element, Emerica, Destructo. Hometown: Huntington Beach CA
12. Allen Russell
Age: 25. Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, Think, Adio, Venture. Hometown: Tampa FL
13. Howard Cooke
Age: 23. Sponsors: Vans, Consolidated. Hometown: Liverpool UK
14. Ryan Scheckler
Age: 10. Sponsors: World, Etnies, Volcom, Oakley, Grind King, Darkstar Wheels, Shorty's Hardware. Hometown: San Clemente CA
15. Clint Peterson
Age: 21. Sponsors: Consolidated, Vans, Fobia, Elwood, Indy. Hometown: Stillwater MN
16. Daniel Castillo
Age: 24. Sponsors: Chocolate, DVS, Freshjive, Venture. Hometown: LA CA
17. Graham Bickerstaff
Age: 16. Sponsors: Oakley , Es, Thunder, Spitfire, DLX, Stratosphere. Hometown: GA
18. Gary Collins
Age: 24. Sponsors: Sessions Clothing, Krux, Spitfire. Hometown: Cincinnatti OH
19. Jereme Rodgers
Age: 16. Sponsors: Chapman, Coliseum. Hometown: Boston MA
20. Ruben Garcia
Age: 21. Sponsors: Illenium, Nixon, DVS, Utility, Tracker. Hometown: Spain
21. Anthony Shetler
Age: 18. Sponsors: 5boro, The Skate Shop, Es, Elwood. Hometown: Wareham MA
22. John Allie
Age: 19. Sponsors: Osiris, Pacific Drive. Hometown: San Diego CA
23. Chris Dobstaff
Age: 19. Sponsors: Enjoi Skateboards, Osiris, Tracker, Avalanche Skate Shop. Hometown: San Diego CA
24. Josh Maready
Age: 21. Sponsors: 5boro, NC Skates, Randoms. Hometown: NC
25. Pete Eldridge
Age: 20. Sponsors: Thunder, Spitfire, DVS, Ezekiel, Fairmans. Hometown: Philadelphia PA
26. Pat Rakestraw
Age: 22. Sponsors: War Effort, Endless Grind. Hometown: San Diego CA
27. Ariel Stagni
Age: 21. Sponsors: Nixon, Split, Full Tilt, Etnies, Gring King, Dakine Bags. Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Canada
28. Dan Heassler
Age: 24. Sponsors: Arcade, Osiris, Tracker, Elenex Clothing. Hometown: San Diego CA
29. Chad Albert
Age: 20. Sponsors: Media Flow, DVS, West 49, Prodigy Wheels. Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Canada
30. Ricky Espinoza
Age: 19. Sponsors: Black Label, Tilt Mode Army. Hometown: San Jose CA
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