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TAMPA_AM-Vert_PREQUALIFYING_Results Jan 19 2001 Results

1. Jussi Korhonen
Age: 25. Sponsors: Vans, Dope Clothing, Bolle, Trap Skateboards. Hometown: Finland
2. Craig Whitehead
Age: 21. Sponsors: Worco, Pacific Drive, Randoms. Hometown: State College PA
3. Trevor Ward
Age: 22. Sponsors: World, Reef, Swatch, Skatepark of Tampa. Hometown: Aussie Bloomin Onion
4. Chad Shetler
Age: 23. Sponsors: Illenium, Reef Shoes, Sessions, Dragon Optical. Hometown: Tahoe CA
5. Steve Workman
Age: 25. Sponsors: KBC. Hometown: Cocoa Beach FL
6. Mattias Nylen
Age: 22. Sponsors: Clown Skateobards. Hometown:
7. Peder Mewis
Age: 25. Sponsors: Vision, Es, Fobia Skate Shop. Hometown: Minneapolis MN
8. Benji Gallaway
Age: 22. Sponsors: KBC. Hometown: Charleston SC
9. Dale Busta
Age: 22. Sponsors: Village Boards, Seppica Skates, Etnies . Hometown: Litchfield OH
10. Jeff Thrush
Age: 28. Sponsors: Birdhouse, Hurley, Reef, Arnette, Pro-Tech, McGills, FKD. Hometown: Encinitas CA
11. Travis Ochab
Age: 20. Sponsors: KBC, 187. Hometown: Jacksonville FL
12. Tim Johnson
Age: 22. Sponsors: KBC. Hometown: Jacksonville FL
13. Jimmy Marcus
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
14. Brian Fick
Age: 25. Sponsors: Two Things (Jack Shit). Hometown: Mississippi
15. Garrett Wintz
Age: 24. Sponsors: Fugit. Hometown: Daytona FL
16. Mike Haugen
Age: 27. Sponsors: Fobia Skate Shop, Etnies, Iota Skateboards. Hometown: Minneapolis MN
17. Kevin Coss
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
18. Scott Taylor
Age: 26. Sponsors: . Hometown: San Diego CA
19. Ben Andrews
Age: . Sponsors: Smith, 151. Hometown: Tallahassee FL
20. Ty Cabaya
Age: 26. Sponsors: Globe Shoes, Vision, Eisenbergs. Hometown: Dallas TX
21. Rodney Geiger
Age: 23. Sponsors: . Hometown: Florida
22. Willy Akers
Age: 14. Sponsors: Switch, Scum Skateboards, Converse. Hometown: Wilmington DE
23. Brannon John
Age: 22. Sponsors: Switch, Planet Earth, Adio. Hometown: Newark DE
24. Ben Ritacco
Age: 27. Sponsors: Powell, Es, Intense Energy. Hometown:
25. Chris Guilfoose
Age: 25. Sponsors: . Hometown: West Palm Beach FL
26. Adam Taylor
Age: 11. Sponsors: Rusty, Quiet Flight, Termite Skateboards, Osiris. Hometown: Cocoa Beach FL
27. Olaf Hans Gilbertson
Age: 27. Sponsors: Fobia Skate Shop. Hometown: Minneapolis MN
28. Dane Carter
Age: 10. Sponsors: Lib Tech, Hawk, Osiris, S One, Method Skate Shop. Hometown: Philly PA
29. Travis Jackson
Age: 29. Sponsors: . Hometown: Huntington Beach CA
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