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All Ages Contest Results

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1. Dustin Charlton
Age: . Sponsors: Safety First Award - wore a helmet during the anniversary party (he got hit in the head at last year's party with a toilet). Hometown:
2. Bill Party
Age: . Sponsors: Coolest Name of the Contest Award. Hometown:
3. Jeff Thrush
Age: . Sponsors: Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Vert Ramp You Dumb Ass Award. Hometown:
4. Danny Cerezini
Age: . Sponsors: Coming to America Award. Hometown:
5. Ryan Clements
Age: . Sponsors: Pro Tec Helmet Hair Cut Award, Bed Head All Weekend Award. Hometown:
6. Larry Perkins
Age: . Sponsors: Thanks for Showing Up Award, Thanks for Giving Up Your Car Award. Hometown:
7. Steve Fauser
Age: . Sponsors: Hardest Nut Sack Crack Award. Hometown:
8. Josh Maready
Age: . Sponsors: Best Trick of the Weekend Award (big gap to backside lip). Hometown:
9. Knox Godoy
Age: . Sponsors: Best Jacket Award. Hometown:
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