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TAMPA_PRO-Friday_Street_PREQALIFYING Mar 16 2001 Results

1. Eric Koston
Age: 26. Sponsors: Girl, Es, Four Star, Royal, Quattro Wheels. Hometown: LA, CA
2. Rodrigo Tx
Age: 17. Sponsors: Firm, Es, Hurley, Ricta, Fury. Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil/Huntington Beach, CA
3. Kerry Getz
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
4. Ronnie Creager
Age: . Sponsors: Blind. Hometown:
5. Jeff Lenoce
Age: 20. Sponsors: Baker, Lakai, Indy, Spitfire, Skatepark of Tampa. Hometown: Clearwater, FL
6. Rick McCrank
Age: 25. Sponsors: Es, Girl, Matix, Royal, Momentum Wheels. Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
7. Fabrizio Santos
Age: . Sponsors: New Deal, Etnies, Crail, Split. Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
8. Justin Strubing
Age: . Sponsors: Foundation, Ezekiel, Spitfire, Emerica, Diakka, Skate Works, Halos, Silo, Indy. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
9. Scott Johnston
Age: 25. Sponsors: Chocolate, Stussy, Lakai. Hometown: LA, CA
10. Mark Appleyard
Age: 18. Sponsors: Flip, Circa, Ricta, Thunder, Volcom. Hometown: Toronto, Canada/Huntington Beach, CA
11. Kenny Anderson
Age: 24. Sponsors: Planet Earth, Adio, Mercury, Elwood, Active. Hometown: Redlands, CA
12. Kristian Svitak
Age: 26. Sponsors: Balck Label, Innes, Destructo, Speed Metal, Vans, Accel, Killing Machine. Hometown: Cleveland, OH
13. Joey Pulsifer
Age: . Sponsors: War Effort, Accel Wheels, Universal Hardware. Hometown: San Diego, CA
14. Eric Bork
Age: 20. Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Fresh Jive, Indy, Spitfire, Nixon, Emerica, Circle Sports. Hometown: Camarillo, CA
15. Malcom Watson
Age: . Sponsors: Arcade, Hurricane. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
16. Mike Maldonado
Age: 25. Sponsors: Baker, Axion, TSA, Swiss. Hometown: West Chester, PA
17. Charlie Wilkins
Age: 25. Sponsors: Maple, Etnies, Pig, Sessions, Movement, Universal, Oakley. Hometown: Boston, MA
18. Chany Jeanguenin
Age: 24. Sponsors: Expedition One, Droors, Orion, Speed Demon. Hometown: Encinitas, CA
19. Dave Hupp
Age: 24. Sponsors: Tribute Skateboards, Airwalk, Exit Real World. Hometown: Portland, OR
20. Chet Childress
Age: . Sponsors: Vans. Hometown:
21. Dan Pageau
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
22. Richard Mulder
Age: 22. Sponsors: Chocolate, Stussy, Monkey Grip, DVS, Thunder. Hometown: LA, CA
23. Tommy Budjanec
Age: 25. Sponsors: Media Skateboards, Duffs, Thunder, Pig, NC Clothing. Hometown: San Diego, CA
24. Karl Watson
Age: 26. Sponsors: Expedition One, I-Path, Orion. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
25. Daniel Lebron
Age: 22. Sponsors: Neighborhood, Tracker, Stamina, Lakai. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
26. Fred Gall
Age: 22. Sponsors: Habitat, Venture, Domestics, Lakai. Hometown: New Brunswick, NJ
27. Marcos Sieben
Age: 21. Sponsors: . Hometown: Brazil
28. Kevin Taylor
Age: 25. Sponsors: Aesthetics, dub, Axion, Stealth, Orion, Elite Skateshop. Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
29. Daniel Haney
Age: . Sponsors: Arcade. Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
30. Pat Duffy
Age: . Sponsors: Think, Venture, Lucky, Pyro. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
31. Reese Forbes
Age: . Sponsors: Element, Quiksilver, Vita, Spitfire. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
32. Stacey Lowery
Age: 25. Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Accel, Duffs, Indy, Hurley, Furnace, Universal, Movement Bearings. Hometown: Long Beach, CA
33. Biano Bianchinn
Age: 26. Sponsors: Volcom, Qix, Indy. Hometown: Brazil
34. Jamie Reyes
Age: 23. Sponsors: Rookie, Alphanumeric, Gallas, Swiss, Supreme. Hometown: Hawaii/NYC
35. Mike Vallely
Age: . Sponsors: Black Label, Destroyer, Speed Metal, Accel, Hurley, Oakley. Hometown: Long Beach, CA
36. Marcus McBride
Age: 22. Sponsors: Deca, Diamond, Stamina, Indy, Gold Wheels, PTC, Axion. Hometown: San Francisco, CA
37. Carlos de Andrade
Age: 23. Sponsors: World Industries, Volcom, Etnies, Venture, Oakley, Darkstar Wheels. Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
38. Matt Milligan
Age: 25. Sponsors: DNA, FKD, Skatepark of Tampa, Axion, Venture. Hometown: Ft. Myers, FL
39. Ryan Wilburn
Age: . Sponsors: Consolidated, Sessions, Emerica, Pig, Indy. Hometown:
40. Billy Rohan
Age: 20. Sponsors: Chapman, Venture. Hometown: Gainesville, Florida
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