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TAMPA_PRO-Friday_Vert_PREQUALIFYING Mar 16 2001 Results

1. Bob Burnquist
Age: 23. Sponsors: Es, Firm, Fury, Ricta, Diamond, Hurley, Oakley. Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil
2. Rune Glifberg
Age: 25. Sponsors: Flip, Axion, Ricta, Fury, Volcom, Diakka, Digital, Oakley, CCS. Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark/Costa Mesa, CA
3. Lincoln Ueda
Age: 26. Sponsors: New Deal, Crail, Hurley, Etnies. Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
4. Bucky Lasek
Age: . Sponsors: Birdhouse. Hometown: CA
5. Brian Howard
Age: 27. Sponsors: Planet Earth, Duffs, Venture, Accel, Dragon. Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
6. Mike Frazier
Age: 28. Sponsors: Vans, Santa Cruz, Mountain Dew, Counter Culture. Hometown: Clearwater, FL
7. Neal Hendrix
Age: 27. Sponsors: Vans, Black Label, Split, Oakley, Pig, Network 17. Hometown: NC
8. Jake Brown
Age: 26. Sponsors: Dragon Optical, ATM Skateboards, Diakka. Hometown: San Diego, CA
9. Buster Halterman
Age: 29. Sponsors: Lib Tech, Redsand, Reef, Smith, TSG, Hurricane, Eastern Board Shop, Randoms. Hometown: Wellsville, PA
10. Sandro Dias
Age: 25. Sponsors: Reef Brazil, Red Bull, Rusty, Oakley, SSS, Connexion. Hometown: Brazil
11. Jesse Fritsch
Age: 22. Sponsors: Zoo York, Etnies, Krux, Accel, Jones. Hometown: PA
12. Jay Steve
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
13. Renten Miller
Age: 24. Sponsors: Think, Globe, Split. Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
14. Juergen Horrwarth
Age: 24. Sponsors: Etnies, Volcom, TSG, Red Bull, Eastpak, Trap. Hometown: Germany
15. Anthony Furlong
Age: 22. Sponsors: Chapman, Etnies, Counter Culture. Hometown: Tampa, Florida
16. Phil Hajal
Age: 23. Sponsors: Fahrenheit, Red Bull, Grind King, Padeia, Tribal, Randoms. Hometown: Ocala, FL
17. Adil Dyani
Age: 28. Sponsors: 55DSL, PTS, Ericsson, Auto Zentrum, Bones. Hometown: Redondo Beach CA
18. Max Dufour
Age: . Sponsors: Vans. Hometown:
19. Christiano Mateus
Age: . Sponsors: SSS, PTS, Billabong, Coup, Smith, Conexion Wheels. Hometown: Brazil
20. Micael Simao
Age: . Sponsors: Vans, Elevate, Nicotine Wheels. Hometown: Brazil
21. Pierre Luc Gagnon
Age: 20. Sponsors: Vans, Bones Wheels and Bearings, Premium, NFA Clothing, Nixon, Oakley, Orion. Hometown: Montreal
22. Sergio Negao
Age: 38. Sponsors: Vans, Serial Killer, Mantra, Brasi Point. Hometown: Brazil
23. Danny Ehara
Age: 26. Sponsors: Seraphim, Vans, 187. Hometown: Daytona, FL
24. Rodney Mead
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
25. Igcio Neguinho
Age: . Sponsors: Brasil Point, Margsia, Reef. Hometown: Brazil
26. Greg Hiler
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
27. Paul Zitzer
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
28. Joe Gratzer
Age: 24. Sponsors: Tracker, Red Sand, Bokosmo. Hometown: Idaho
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