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TAMPA_PRO-Sunday_Street_FINALS Mar 18 2001 Results

1. Kyle Berard
Age: 16. Sponsors: Chapman. Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
2. Steve Berra
Age: 27. Sponsors: Birdhouse, DVS. Hometown: CA
3. Eric Koston
Age: 26. Sponsors: Girl, Es, Four Star, Royal, Quattro Wheels. Hometown: LA, CA
4. Chris Senn
Age: 28. Sponsors: Adrenalin, Emerica, TSA, Destructo, Killing Machine Hardware. Hometown: Grass Valley, CA
5. Rick McCrank
Age: 25. Sponsors: Es, Girl, Matix, Royal, Momentum Wheels. Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
6. Chad Bartie
Age: . Sponsors: New Deal, Accel, Emerica, Billabong, Killing Machine Hardware. Hometown: Encinitas, CA
7. Mike Peterson
Age: 24. Sponsors: Illenium, Volcom, Nixon, Globe, Independent, Bones Wheels, Von Zipper. Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
8. Kerry Getz
Age: . Sponsors: . Hometown:
9. Aaron Suski
Age: 25. Sponsors: 5Boro, Volcom, Emerica, Independent, Satori, Killing Machine Hardware. Hometown: New York City, NY
10. Fabrizio Santos
Age: . Sponsors: New Deal, Etnies, Crail, Split. Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
11. Rob Dyrdek
Age: 26. Sponsors: Alien Workshop, Orion, DC, Dub, Reflex. Hometown: San Diego, CA
12. Cezar S Dal Poeqlo
Age: 18. Sponsors: Hideout, VCR, Freedom Fog. Hometown: Brazil
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