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Rune Glifberg Photo Sponsors: Flip, Volcom, Indy, Ricta, Mob, Converse, Oakley, Burn
Hometown: Copenhagen Denmark
Stance: Regular, Age: 40, Status: Pro

Last Update: Thursday, July 18, 2013

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#throwback to my first international coverage as a kid in 1990. Intro aka check-out from RAD Magazine out of the UK. The photo is a nose-bonk from Romford skatepark in London and the interview is pretty funny looking back at it now😜 Stoked to still know all the people mentioned. It's been a long and wild ride. Home Town: Copenhagen. Age: 16 Sponsors: Death Box and Etnies Who do you normally skate with: Casper Plass, Rasmus Skousen, Mark Fowlie, Nicky Guerrero and Søren. Where do you usually skate: Fælledparken or Klubben. What tricks are you working on: Pivot grind to lipslide, disasters to the extension, lipslides to channel, smithgrind channels, ollie to smith faster. What's your current set-up: A Rocker giant, Gullwing magnesium Street Shadows, Whirly-birds and CroBar rails. Favorite video at the moment: G&S Footage. Favorite film: Naked Gun. Music: African music. Do you go to competitions: I'm thinking of going to Dublin and I was just in Eindhoven. Favorite season: The start of the summer. Is skateboarding a crime: No What do you eat for breakfast: Kelloggs Crunchie Nut. Other food: Pizza's my favorite food. Raddest thing seen: Chris Livingston doing frontside nose-bone head high to disaster in Eindhoven and at the Powell warehouse. Think of someone you've never met who you'd like to skate with: Danny Way, John Schultes and Steve Caballero. And where: The Blockhead mini-ramp. Are you into stickers: I collect them - they're funny I think. What's your favorite one: Pete Dosset with the big nose. Where do you keep your stickers: I stick them on things, give them to my friends, things like that. Tricks that you hate: One foot tricks are scary.... I like to go fast

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