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Hometown: Detroit MI
Stance: Goofy, Age: 25, Status: Am

Last Update: Wednesday, December 05, 2012

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the hardest part of life for me lately is seeing more and more how this world is run by people who have no compassion. I literally cannot hear anyone talk anymore about mike brown being killed, or the 300,000 detroit homes facing water shutoffs, or people asking for more for minimum wage. how many times have you felt what poverty is like? how many times did you wake up and leave for school while your mom is defeated and crying her eyes out on the couch because she's doing everything she can to provide for her seed, but REALLY cannot find a way? not everyone has help, not everyone was taught, or has a platform to bounce back from. until you've lived in an environment that seems hopeless in the long term, you can't understand what hopeless feels like. THERE ARE NO OPINIONS ON THAT, ITS FACT. YOU ARE TURNING OFF PEOPLE'S WATER, they literally CANNOT afford it or they would pay, it's required to live. are we forgetting there's infants in these homes that know nothing? and these are the ones you expect to grow and change their environment. how can you grow as a person when you don't even have the most basic of necessities. everyone is so busy crying about being single they cannot comprehend there's people living without basic human needs. I saw a quote on a trip to Arizona once that said "billions have lived without love, but not one without water" now I get it. same with these minimum wage workers, a lot of them have NOTHING to build from, they're just getting by. they don't have much options for better jobs, they're in poverty ALREADY. not to mention use your brain, you're stuck in THIS world, which is wrong. how much money does mcdonalds make? they can afford to pay more and not even notice a dent in their pockets. and why do you care if a fast food worker feels their time is worth more? guess what? it is... so is yours. its a spoiled brat mentality to complain about anyone trying to better their position whether you think they deserve it or not. were all in this together. if they're supposed to jump from lower to middle class, then why didn't you in the middle jump to upper? same logic. I'm done. I'm trying. #adetroitfilm is about this generation. EVERYTHING.

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