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Hometown: Detroit MI
Stance: Goofy, Age: 26, Status: Am

Last Update: Wednesday, December 05, 2012

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I told myself I wasn't doing a New Years post. in 2015 I realized how meaningless/fleeting time is. if we lived on a timeline of forever, 80-100 years is the blink of an eye. 2015 was the fastest year ever. I woke up and saw all the posts and had to look back at 2015. overwhelmed, to take a brief second to see all that had been done and achieved. almost start of 2015 we dropped the first trailer for #adetroitfilm. literally been unimaginable how much I've had to learn/go through this year, the growth it forced me to endure as a person as an artist and on my path to becoming a man. starting to see my dreams come true with every email, interview, opportunity, magazine feature, tv appearance and everything else that has come my way. crazy we have more already lined up for 2016. i was a skateboarder with no help in these industries, and the insurmountable amount of things I learned through this process has taken me to a new level mentally and perceptionally. yeah accolades are cool, it's nice to be slightly looked at as what I know I am, but, it's harder than ever. I run on fumes creatively for months on end, I'm still carrying the normal pressures of life, I've lost all the important relationships in my life in the process, I'm still carrying the weight of other people's insecurities when they decide to hate out of the blue. I feel like it's me in this photo, young and dumb in a crazy world, just observing. I'm in like ten different industries trying to navigate people who either don't get it, or are too into money and success and not in touch with the culture and feeling like I am. it's insane. I guess with this post I just want to verbally confirm my growth to myself because it will happen so fast that I fear looking back and not knowing who I am or was. what a crazy year. I'll probably be sitting distant somewhere at midnight, hood up, looking for the next step. cuz I have a lot to live up to. hope it happens before this crazy world comes to an end. hope I find everything I need to by then. S/O everyone who made this year dope. been amazing to watch everyone grow. #adetroitfilm and much more being finished 2016🔺 @asdetroitsown @mtorresbg

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