Damn Am Costa Mesa 2014 Qualifiers Results

1: Tyson Bowerbank

Tyson Bowerbank
Sponsors: DC Shoes, Almost, Thunder, Spitfire, Bones Swiss, BC Surf and Sport,
Hometown: Salt Lake UT

2: Axel Cruysberghs

Axel Cruysberghs
Sponsors: Toy Machine, Bro Style, Independent Trucks, New Balance Numeric, Volcom Europe, Red Bull, SBQ, Electric, Skull Candy
Hometown: Poperinge Belgium

3: Franky Villani

Franky Villani
Sponsors: Black Label Skateboards, Spank Grip, Leftover Hardware, Thunder (flow), Spitfire (flow), Emerica (flow), Ambig (flow), Magic Wax
Hometown: Santa Ana CA

4: Yoshi Tanenbaum

Yoshi Tanenbaum
Sponsors: Nike SB, Stereo Skateboards, BONES wheels, Palace 5ive Skateshop, Silver, FKD, Mob Grip
Hometown: Silver Spring MD

5: Dominick Walker

Dominick Walker
Sponsors: Element, Spitfire, HUF, Grizzly, Diamond Supply Co., Glassy Sun Haters, Active, Thunder
Hometown: Costa Mesa CA

6: Chase Webb

Chase Webb
Sponsors: Pizza Skateboards, DC, Thunder, Spitfire, Glassy, Active
Hometown: Murrieta, CA

7: Kevin Bradley

Kevin Bradley
Sponsors: Supreme, Fucking Awesome, Spitfire, Nike SB, Crap Eyewear, Hardies Hardware, Thunder
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

8: Tre Williams

Tre Williams
Sponsors: Toy Machine, Dekline Footwear, RVCA, Stance, Ashbury, Independent, Spitfire Wheels, Active, Bro Style
Hometown: Riverside CA

9: Micky Papa

Micky Papa
Sponsors: Blind, RDS, Mountain Dew Canada, Venture, Bones, Nixon, Diamond, Markisa, Switchmade Productions, Lacorda Threads, Grizzly Griptape
Hometown: Vancouver, BC

10: Anthony Anaya

Anthony Anaya
Sponsors: Foundation Skateboards, Vans, Pig Wheels, Matix Clothing, Independent Trucks, Oneway Boardshop
Hometown: Santa Maria CA

11: Taylor McClung

Taylor McClung
Sponsors: Mystery, DC, AYC, Venture, Bones Wheels, Garage Skateshop
Hometown: Huntington Beach CA

12: Christian Sereika

Christian Sereika
Sponsors: Civilian Skateboards, Brooklyn Projects, Rockwell, Ethika, SkullCandy, Ogio, Right Eyewear, OC Ramps.
Hometown: West Point UT

13: Oscar Meza

Oscar Meza
Sponsors: Nike SB, Destructo, Mainline Skateshop, Autobahn, WESC, Vestal, Mob, FKD
Hometown: Los Angeles CA

14: Jamie Foy

Jamie Foy
Sponsors: Island Water Sports, Nike (Flow), Baker (Flow), Hurley (Flow), Stance, Vestal, Ramp48 Skatepark, Spitfire, Thunder
Hometown: Deerfield Beach FL

15: Alex Midler

Alex Midler
Sponsors: Thunder Trucks, SOVRN, Spitfire, Nike SB, Volcom, ValSurf, Skatelab, Bones Swiss Bearings, Red Bull, GoPro
Hometown: Calabasas CA

16: Jace Torkelson

Jace Torkelson
Sponsors: Surfside Sports, Alien Workshop (flow)
Hometown: Rochester MN

17: Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson
Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Adidas Footwear, Independent, Ricta, Crap Eyewear, Silika Glass, Bones Bearings, Mob Grip, DAF
Hometown: Venice, CA

18: Maurice Jordan

Maurice Jordan
Sponsors: Organika Skateboards, Warning Skateshop
Hometown: Los Angeles CA

19: Anthony Estrada

Anthony Estrada
Sponsors: Plan B (flow), Silver (flow), LRG (flow), Globe (flow), FKD, Kush Pops, Silika Glass, High Life USA
Hometown: Ontario CA

20: Derek Elmendorf

Derek Elmendorf
Sponsors: Grandeur Skate Shop, Quantum Hardware, Stelth Headwear, Do Good Skateboards
Hometown: San Diego CA

21: Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott
Sponsors: Pharmacy Boardshop, Happy Hour, Bones Wheels, Shake Junt, Nixon, Green Wax KR3W, Nike SB, Thunder Trucks, DGK
Hometown: Lancaster CA

22: Brendon Villanueva

Brendon Villanueva
Sponsors: Powell Peralta, Spitfire (flow), Fourstar (flow), Lakai (flow), Royal (flow), Bones Swiss, Active
Hometown: Poway CA

23: Gage Boyle

Gage Boyle
Sponsors: Real (flow), Thunder, Spitfire, Emerica (flow) Lurk Hard Skatelab, Filmbot Grip, Knowgood Hardware, Active Ride Shop, Bronson Speed Co, Glassy Sun Haters
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

24: Rene Serrano

Rene Serrano
Sponsors: Darkstar, Globe, Mainline Skateshop, Markisa, Kogi BBQ, Wreck Wheels, Diamond, Grizzly Grip, Rastaclat, BLKWKD, ACE Trucks
Hometown: Los Angeles CA

25: Mason Merlino

Mason Merlino
Sponsors: Lifeblood, CCS, Vans, Brixton, OJ Wheels, Independent Trucks (flow)
Hometown: Portland OR

26: Danny Corral

Danny Corral
Sponsors: Identity, Dema, sml
Hometown: Buena Park CA

27: Ducky Kovacs

Ducky Kovacs
Sponsors: Lurk Hard (flow), Blackgold Grip, Mates Brand, Programme Skate and Sound,Theeve (flow), Pizza Skateboards,
Hometown: Fullerton CA

28: Jonathan Henderson

Jonathan Henderson
Sponsors: Bridge to Skate, Bones Wheels, Civilian SKateboards, No Good Hardware
Hometown: South Central CA

29: Henry Gartland

Henry Gartland
Sponsors: 3rd Lair, DC (flow), enjoi (flow), Volcom (flow), OJ Wheels (flow) & Independent (flow)
Hometown: Minneapolis MN

30: Ryan Alvero

Ryan Alvero
Sponsors: Warco, LRG, Dummy Wheels, DVS, Active, Thunder, Grizzly, Diamond
Hometown: Hawthorne CA

31: Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson
Sponsors: Powell Skateboards, Authentic Board Supply, Killian Clothing, Sandbox Helmets, Gullwing (flow), Skull Skates (flow), DC (flow), Bones Wheels, Vulcan Bolts
Hometown: Vancouver Canada

32: John Sarna

John Sarna
Sponsors: Active Ride Shop, Lakai (flow), Choas Skateboards
Hometown: North Ridge CA

33: Maxim Habanec

Maxim Habanec
Sponsors: Redbull, WESC, Ambassadors, Theeve Trucks, Bones, Crown Apparel
Hometown: Prague Czech Republic

34: Kilian Zehnder

Kilian Zehnder
Sponsors: Nike SB, Thunder (flow), Spitfire (flow), 242 Skateshop, Real (flow), LRG
Hometown: Zurich Switzerland

35: Vincent Nava

Vincent Nava
Sponsors: Foundation (flow), Honey Brand, Emerica (Flow), Mainline Skateshop, Pig Wheels, Happy Hour Shades
Hometown: Downey CA

36: Dalton Dern

Dalton Dern
Sponsors: Theeve Trucks, Lifeblood, Tactics, Power Rider Wheels, Dakine
Hometown: Orlando FL

37: JP Oliveira

JP Oliveira
Sponsors: Theeve Trucks, Fourstar Apparel, Team BK, Lakai footwear, Diamond Supply Co., Flypaper Griptape, Nixon
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

38: Dylan Perry

Dylan Perry
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, etnies (flow), Dakine (flow), Bones (flow), Altamont (flow), Stance (flow), OFFTHATWET, SHAQUEEFA OG
Hometown: Tampa FL

39: Zach Saraceno

Zach Saraceno
Sponsors: Girl, Lakai, Fourstar, Spitfire, Independent, GoPro
Hometown: Encinitas CA

40: Adam Emery

Adam Emery
Sponsors: The Santa Cruz Boardroom, ACE trucks, Supra (flow) and Kr3w (flow), Assembly Skateboards
Hometown: Modesto, CA

41: Zander Gabriel

Zander Gabriel
Sponsors: Focus Apparel, 3043 Boardshop, Sensitive skateboards, Bloodnoseballerina.com, Skate sauce Wax Co., Localized movement, Monster Energy, Mini Logo
Hometown: Ojai CA

42: Dylan Witkin

Dylan Witkin
Sponsors: Expedition One, Nike SB, Focus Skate Shop, Pig Wheels, Independent, Bronson Speed Co.
Hometown: Lake Forrest CA

43: Tislam Smith

Tislam Smith
Sponsors: Val Surf, Chocolate, Lakai, Autobahn
Hometown: Los Angeles CA

44: CJ Collins

CJ Collins
Sponsors: Volcom, Pocket Pistols, Vans, Bones, Independent Trucks, Spank Grip, SoCal Skateshop, S-One, 187 Killer Pads, Black River Ramps
Hometown: Anaheim CA

45: Jonny Hernandez

Jonny Hernandez
Sponsors: *AMMO* Skateboards, LRG, Diamond Supply Co. , Grizzly Griptape, Bliss Wheels, Mainline Skateshop, Ethika, Andale Bearings, MSA, DC Shoes
Hometown: Huntington Park CA

46: Diego Najera

Diego Najera
Sponsors: Primitive Skateboards, Diamond Supply Co. , Grizzly Grip tape,, Gold Wheels, 9Five Eyewear,eS' Footwear,
Hometown: El Centro CA

47: Mike Piwowar

Mike Piwowar
Sponsors: Lakai (flow), Nixon (flow), Filmbot Grip (flow), Bones Wheels (flow), Venture (flow) Uprise Skateshop, Switchmade Productions, The Rat Cheese Gourmet Wax
Hometown: Chicago IL

48: Thalente Biyela

Thalente Biyela
Sponsors: LRG, Element, Spitfire, Thunder Trucks, Rastaclat
Hometown: Durban South Africa

49: Daan Van Der Linden

Daan Van Der Linden
Sponsors: Vans, Anti-Hero, Spitfire, Volcom, Independent, Modus Bearings
Hometown: Veldhoven Netherlands

50: Jayden Ty Bono

Jayden Ty Bono
Sponsors: Volcom Family, Element Canada, Nixon (flow), HUF (flow), Independent (flow),The BaitShop, Cj Skate Park, Knowgood Hardware, Dakine
Hometown: Toronto Ontario

51: Nick Rios

Nick Rios
Sponsors: Active Ride Shop Brea, JSLV(flow), HUF(flow)
Hometown: Yorba Linda CA

52: Gunner Frazier

Gunner Frazier
Sponsors: BC Surf and Sport
Hometown: Grand Junction, CO

53: Shay Sandiford

Shay Sandiford
Sponsors: Onethirtythree Skateshop, ├ęS Footwear, Independent, Bones Wheels, FP Insoles, Darkstar (flow), LRG Clothing
Hometown: Courtenay British Columbia

54: Jerry Neumann

Jerry Neumann
Sponsors: Val Surf, Santa Cruz, Adidas, Royal, The Hundreds
Hometown: Santa Clarita CA

55: Zach Taverrite aka Troll

Zach Taverrite aka Troll
Sponsors: Welcome Skateboards (flow), Mission Belt Co., Volcom (flow), The Fort Skateshop
Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA

56: Yuto Horigome

Yuto Horigome
Sponsors: DVS shoes, HIBRID Skateboards, INHABITANT, Triple 8, Custom Trucks, LowtownSkateClub
Hometown: Tokyo Japan

57: Desmond Billie

Desmond Billie
Sponsors: FTC Skateshop, Western edition Skateboards, Venture Trucks, Benigold
Hometown: East Bay Area CA

58: Fabian Herrera

Fabian Herrera
Sponsors: Girl, Royal, Fourstar, Active Ride Shop, Lakai, Diamond, Grizzly Grip, Nixon, Spitfire Wheels
Hometown: Huntington Park CA

59: Alec Jamir

Alec Jamir
Sponsors: Etnies, Fly Society, Cliche, Furnace Boardshop
Hometown: Cypress CA

60: Mason Silva

Mason Silva
Sponsors: Element, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire, Nike SB, Sock Posse
Hometown: Manhattan Beach CA

61: Miles Lawrence

Miles Lawrence
Sponsors: Chocolate Skateboards (flow), Lakai Footwear (flow), Asphalt Yacht Club (flow), Thunder (flow), Spitfire (flow), FTC Skateshop
Hometown: Elk Grove CA

62: Adrian McCoy

Adrian McCoy
Sponsors: Zoo York, Pharmacy Boardshop, official genius, nation essentials
Hometown: Las Vegas NV

63: Cody Laboy

Cody Laboy
Sponsors: Embassador Skateboards, One Way Boardshop, stealth headwear
Hometown: Santa Maria CA

64: Daniel Yeager

Daniel Yeager
Sponsors: Industrial Skatepark, Endurance Skateboards, Monster Energy, Bombas Socks, Varsity Shades
Hometown: Guthrie OK

65: Noe Solis

Noe Solis
Sponsors: Primitive, Warning Skate Shop, Bones Wheels, Markisa, Emerica, Downtown Patients Group
Hometown: Paramount CA

66: Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt
Sponsors: The Mission Belt Co. , Powell Peralta (flow), Bones (flow), Ramp 48
Hometown: Huntington Beach CA

67: Austin Heilman

Austin Heilman
Sponsors: HUF ,Enjoi, United Boardshop, Grinderz
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

68: Tyler Mattingly

Tyler Mattingly
Sponsors: Silver (flow), Boulevard (flow), FKD (flow), Tree House Productions Clothing
Hometown: Colorado Springs Colorado

69: John Oskvarek aka Ozzy

John Oskvarek aka Ozzy
Sponsors: Roller Horrer, RVCA, Silver Trucks, Switchmade Productions, Stance, Harmony Skateshop, Lacorda Laces
Hometown: Chicago, IL

70: Mason Coletti

Mason Coletti
Sponsors: Industrial Skate Shop, C1RCA
Hometown: Edmond OK

71: Jonathan Perez

Jonathan Perez
Sponsors: Lakai, FTC, Skate Mental, Spitfire, Thunder, Abstract Habit Co, Stance, Black Gold grip
Hometown: San Francisco CA

72: Matt Beaton

Matt Beaton
Sponsors: Cliche (flow), Emerica (flow), Altamont (flow), Roughneck Hardware, BlackGold Grip
Hometown: Sacramento CA

73: Tyler Amucha

Tyler Amucha
Sponsors: Supra (flow), KR3W (flow), Silver Trucks (flow), Nomadic Skateboards
Hometown: Seattle WA

74: Iago Carrasco

Iago Carrasco
Sponsors: Posso! Skateboards, Gnarly Foot, Remind Insoles, Premier Fits, BC Surf n Sports
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

75: Caio Notaro

Caio Notaro
Sponsors: Trashgnar Skateshop, Gold, C1RCA, Flypaper grip, Shapes Wax
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

76: Tre Moore

Tre Moore
Sponsors: Pharmacy Boardshop, EXBTN Clothing
Hometown: North Hollywood CA

77: Caleb Bagley

Caleb Bagley
Sponsors: Foundation skateboards ,volcom , sock posse, quickiemart skate shop
Hometown: Tulsa OK

78: Austin Lenahan

Austin Lenahan
Sponsors: Silver Trucks, FKD Bearings, Grandeur Skateshop, Filament Brand, Stelth, Vibe Tribe, Blind (flow)
Hometown: San Marcos CA

79: Olivier Lucero

Olivier Lucero
Sponsors: Utility Board Shop, Filament Brand Footwear, Stone Wheels, TMDK Skateboards, Frenemy Clothing, Pop Headwear, and Rooftop.Inc
Hometown: Claremont CA

80: Gilbert Estrada aka Lil Gee

Gilbert Estrada aka Lil Gee
Sponsors: Plan B, LRG, Silver, FKD, Globe, Mainline Skate Shop
Hometown: Ontario CA

81: Damien Alzidan

Damien Alzidan
Sponsors: Monster, Underground wheels, Quickie Mart skateshop
Hometown: Tulsa OK

82: Christian Wood

Christian Wood
Sponsors: Backdoor Skateshop
Hometown: Columbia SC

83: Kanaan Dern

Kanaan Dern
Sponsors: Zero (flow), Fallen (flow), GSZ, Spitfire (flow), Thunder (flow), FootPrint Insoles
Hometown: Orlando FL

84: Tyler Hunger

Tyler Hunger
Sponsors: The Compound Board Shop, Payne Skate Park/Sk8Skool
Hometown: Sarasota, FL

85: Kevin Miranda

Kevin Miranda
Sponsors: Toy Machine (flow), Mainline Skate Shop
Hometown: Lakewood CA

86: Collin Gile

Collin Gile
Sponsors: Civilian Skateboards, Terrace Skateshop
Hometown: Whittier CA

87: Augie Lerma

Augie Lerma
Sponsors: FKD bearings, Silver trucks
Hometown: Phoenix AZ

88: Tanner Lawler

Tanner Lawler
Sponsors: Team BK Skateboards, United Boardshop, Filmbot Grip, Nike SB, Rat Cheese Gourmet Wax
Hometown: Long Beach CA

89: Brian Baca

Brian Baca
Sponsors: Brixton (flow), Etnies (flow), BLVD (flow), Jivaro wheels, shrunkenhead skate shop, bolts premium, sizzle pie, OutdoorTech
Hometown: Portland OR

90: Tiago Lemos Soares

Tiago Lemos Soares
Sponsors: DC Shoes Brazil, BLVD, Silver, Afnt Skateshop, FKD
Hometown: Jaguariuna Brazil

91: Abner Jacques

Abner Jacques
Sponsors: Mishka NY Clothing, Dema Skateboarding, Identity Board Shop, Token Piff
Hometown: Dominica West Indies

92: Darren Feather

Darren Feather
Sponsors: PHOQUE Skateboards, Theeve Trucks, Krew Apparel(flow), Supra Footwear (flow), Carlsbad Pipeline
Hometown: Carlsbad CA

93: Austin Zito

Austin Zito
Sponsors: Foundation, Pig, Dekline, Ashbury, Hanger 94, ourCaste Clothing
Hometown: San Diego CA

94: Dylan Williams

Dylan Williams
Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Lakai, Independent Trucks, Ricta, Mob Grip, Active, Glassy Sunhaters, Bronson Speed Co.
Hometown: Bakersfield CA

95: Jereme Sneath

Jereme Sneath
Sponsors: FA Skates, Wellborn, Deep Dish
Hometown: Elk Grove Village IL

96: Cam Sedlick

Cam Sedlick
Sponsors: Enjoi (flow), Thunder (flow), HUF (flow), Grizzly (flow), Fourstar (flow), Active, Remind Insoles (flow)
Hometown: Oceanside CA

97: Connor Askew

Connor Askew
Sponsors: Catalyst Skateshop, Duvin Clothing, Vendetta Grip, Almost (Flow), VonZipper (flow), Dakine (flow)
Hometown: Orlando FL

98: Nick Truscelli

Nick Truscelli
Sponsors: The People
Hometown: Colorado Springs CO

99: Jordan Norwood

Jordan Norwood
Sponsors: Almost (flow), DVS (flow), Illegal Civilization, Gold Wheels
Hometown: Los Angeles CA

100: Ricky Chavez

Ricky Chavez
Sponsors: Blindside Boardshop, BKInc
Hometown: Salt Lake City UT

101: Luis Medina Alvarez

Luis Medina Alvarez
Sponsors: Zarape Skateboards, Vans, Terma Skateshop
Hometown: Mexico City MX

102: Yariel Melendez

Yariel Melendez
Sponsors: Famous, Flat Fitty, Wave Rebelz Skate Shop, MSA
Hometown: Bayamon Puerto Rico

103: Jacob Sandin

Jacob Sandin
Sponsors: Adrenaline Obsession apparel, Route44, Cliche Skateboards, Globe shoes, Theeve trucks, Dizm eyewear, Deuce brand
Hometown: San Diego CA

104: Shea Cooper

Shea Cooper
Sponsors: Vagrant skateboards, Pig wheels (flow), Prestige Skateshop
Hometown: Vista CA

105: Omar Parraga

Omar Parraga
Sponsors: Red Bull, Casta, Zenit
Hometown: Jalisco Mexico

106: Travis Harrison

Travis Harrison
Sponsors: Santa Cruz Skateboards, Krux Trucks, Oj Wheels, Leftover Hardware, Shady Griptape, Active Ride Shop, Sk8rats
Hometown: Anaheim Hills CA

107: Shaun Elam

Shaun Elam
Hometown: Compton CA

108: Ryan Rodriguez

Ryan Rodriguez
Sponsors: Royal Trucks, Active Ride Shop
Hometown: Upland CA

109: Kevin White

Kevin White
Sponsors: Mighty Healthy, Crap Eyewear, HUF, The Ampal Creative, Hardies Hardware, Illegal Civ
Hometown: Los Angeles CA

110: Felipe Gouveia

Felipe Gouveia
Sponsors: Brooklyn Projects, Hurt Life
Hometown: San Paulo Brazil

111: Nate Perkins

Nate Perkins
Sponsors: 1031 Skates (flow), Landshark Wheels (flow), Negative One griptape
Hometown: Tupelo Mississippi

112: Gerardo Bejarano

Gerardo Bejarano
Sponsors: WESIskateboards, Dateplay Shoes, Mezcal El Conjuro, Bloodline Skateshop, Blood Bones Skate Shop
Hometown: Oaxaca Mexico

113: Tyler Mumma

Tyler Mumma
Sponsors: Black Label, OJ Wheels, Brixton, Independent, Iron Horse Grip, Joker Skateshop, Volcom Skatepark Janitor
Hometown: Dana Point CA

114: Carlos Lastra

Carlos Lastra
Sponsors: elephant brand skate boards, Flik grip tape, active ride shop (HB), Ssur plus clothing, team bk, subliminal wheels, Ethika
Hometown: Long Beach CA

115: Caylan Kipers

Caylan Kipers
Sponsors: Buko Skateboards, Monster Energy, Grpfly Apparal, Industrial Skatepark
Hometown: Oklahoma City OK

116: TJ Harris

TJ Harris
Sponsors: Expedition (flow), LRG (flow), DC (flow), Midtown Skatepark, Gold Wheels (flow), Grizzly Grip, Diamond Supply Co, Stance, Remind
Hometown: Orlando FL

117: Tony Juarez

Tony Juarez
Sponsors: Dema
Hometown: Buena Park CA

118: RJ Gohr

RJ Gohr
Sponsors: Civillian Skateboards, Duck Tape Grip
Hometown: San Clemente CA

119: Jay Fairman

Jay Fairman
Sponsors: DC, Heartland Hardware
Hometown: Chicago IL